30+ Plant Wall Art Ideas To Invigorate Your Home

Plants have an almost magical quality to them: they relax us and put us at ease. And with indoor plant decor, you can enjoy the beauty and benefits of Mother Nature in your home each day. Whether with a hanging garden or painting of a palm tree, you’ll enhance the aura of any space.

To offer you inspiration, we put together 34 plant wall art ideas for your home. You’ll find decor for your bedroom, living room and other favorite spaces. Breathe fresh life into your home by choosing one of the options below.

Besides wall decor, add a personal touch with a custom flower pot. Fill your pot with a perennial like a philodendron or an herb like basil to add something special to your space.

1. 3D Wall Art

Design a tropical garden out of green foam material. Cut out the shapes of leaves and arrange them in a frame. This art offers an edgy, 3D effect that adds dimension to any room.

2. Air Plant Wreath

Add color to a grapevine wreath by gluing an air plant to the edge. Incorporate other green elements like moss, leaves and shamrocks for more texture.

3. Basket Shelves

Repurpose baskets to create shelves for your potted plants. This simple, timeless decor is perfect for a living room or office wall art. You’ll end up with a cool, modern design with unique textures and angles.

4. Boxed Wall Plants

plant wall art boxed wall plants

Source: Shutterfly

Create an eclectic spread with DIY wall art. Orient your plants in different directions, with some draping downward and some growing vertically. You’ll end up with a cool, modern design with unique textures and angles.

5. Brass Plate Wall Planter

Adhere a sheet of brass to a wooden board. Create brass cylinders to resemble metallic pots, then secure them to your board. Fill the pots with succulents for a modern vertical garden.

6. Cactus Painting

Try your hand at painting cacti. Blend green tones to craft a desert display for your living room or bathroom decor. Consider hanging your painting near real cacti plants in your home for a coordinated look.

7. Colorful Leaf Prints

Pull out your watercolor paints for this project. Stamp leaves in a variety of colors onto a canvas for vibrant DIY art. Choose colors that complement the other decor in your space, or opt for bold tones that make a statement like orange and teal.

8. Copper Hanging Planter

Drill holes into the side of a copper bowl then hang it from the ceiling using leather cord. Your copper bowl will be transformed into a stunning plant hanger and the bold metallic will add character to any space.

9. Decorative Leaves

Enhance green tree leaves with colorful puffy paint. Arrange your leaves to form a garland or frame them for festive wall art. You can change out your leaves seasonally. For example, consider using red and orange leaves in the fall time.

10. DIY Photo Board

plant wall art diy photo board

Source: Shutterfly

Clip a collection of photos to a homemade photo board. Include prints of plants, flowers and other outdoor scenes like mountains and rivers for a well-rounded display. Your board will bring favorite places to life and add style to your space.

11. Dried Flowers

Preserve vibrant flower petals by carefully drying them. Frame them by securing the flowers to chicken wire. You can admire the beauty of this wall art all year long.

12. Eucalyptus Hanger

Breathe life into your wall decor with eucalyptus—greenery known to contain healing elements and calming scents. Secure the greenery to a piece of curved wood for modern, chic plant wall art.

13. Floral Bowls

These painted floral bowls offer color and design to your wall decor. They bring a splash of energy without it being overpowering, plus serve a practical purpose.

14. Flower Hanger

plant wall art flower hanger

Source: Demetres

Collect pieces of your favorite plants, leaves and flowers to design your wall art. Clip your plant art to clothespins, then hang them from a wooden dowel using string. This delightful wall decor is fresh, simple and green.

15. Framed Tropical Print

Have a photo of a palm tree or garden? Print and frame the image to create wall decor that gives off a relaxing vibe and lets you dream of your next vacation.

16. Fruit Painting

Put your artistic side to use by painting your favorite fruit. A hand-crafted rendition of lemons, oranges or strawberries can enhance a wall in your living room or kitchen.

17. Green Wreath

Loop greenery around a foam or wire hoop to form a beautiful wreath. Attach your wreath to a painted window shutter for a rustic display. Opt for a hoop size that adequately fills the space, such as a large wreath for above your living room mantel and a smaller one for your bathroom wall.

18. Hanging Herbs

Your hanging garden can serve two purposes: beauty and function. Plant a selection of herbs—from chives to basil—and hang the pots from a wooden dowel. Great for kitchens of all sizes!

19. Hanging Terrarium

plant wall art hanging terrarium

Source: Shutterfly

A hanging glass terrarium floats in the air, bringing instant charm and greenery to your home. Build your own floating garden with glass spheres and jute rope to incorporate both modern and natural elements.

20. Leaf Artwork

plant wall art leaf artwork

Source: Club Crafted

Plant wall decor doesn’t always require water and sunlight. Find a leaf print that complements the other decor in your room to build a serene scene. Add other relaxing components to the space, like an essential oil diffuser and a vase of flowers.

21. Leaf Stamp Painting

plant wall art leaf stamp painting

Source: Bliss Makes

Find large leaves, like the ones from a palm tree. Dip the leaves in paint and stamp them onto a canvas to create plant wall art for your living room or bedroom. Choose pastel tones like pink and mint green, or go bold with shades like maroon and bronze.

22. Macrame Herb Garden

Construct a hanging garden out of macrame cord and mini pots. Instead of house plants, choose herbs like thyme and mint. These would be great hanging in a kitchen near a window for instant ingredients and gorgeous decor.

23. Macrame Plant Hanger

plant wall art macrame plant hanger

Source: Hello Nest

Add a hanging wall planter to your decor with a macrame cord design. Your plant will look peaceful swaying in the breeze when you open the window and it’s sure to add depth to your decor.

24. Mounted Faux Succulents

plant wall art mounted faux succulents

Source: Kreativ K

Build a succulent wall out of wood and faux plants. Intermix the type of succulents for an edgy, visually appealing spread.

25. Photo Wall

A gallery wall infuses a room with color and character. Include plant-related photos like lily pads and leaves for a natural ensemble and coordinate with other colors in the room.

26. Photo Wreath

plant wall art photo wreath

Source: Shutterfly

Display photos of loved ones and favorite places in a photo wreath. Consider including family portraits and vacation snapshots. Add greenery—like eucalyptus leaves—to bring in a natural element.

27. Plant-Inspired Display

plant wall art plant inspired display

Source: Shutterfly

Design a plant-inspired shelf for your hallway or living room. Arrange a potted plant next to a decorative candle and a photo book with a floral cover.

28. Pop-Up Canvas Planter

plant wall art pop up canvas planter

Source: Shutterfly

Opt for quirky wall art by constructing a vase out of canvas. Fill your vase with fresh blooms and exchange them out to match the season. Decorate your canvas planter with watercolor paints, sequins or stickers.

29. Pressed Flowers

Turn your favorite flowers into wall decor. Press and dry the flowers and frame them in glass. Include a variety of blooms for an eclectic spread or keep them all the same.

30. Rope Hanger

plant wall art rope hanger

Source: Hello Nest

Looking for plant wall art that’s simple yet eye-catching? Hang an indoor plant near a window to bring extra energy to your favorite spot in the house.

31. Springtime Wreath

Add fresh energy to your home decor. Combine spring flowers with greenery to form a beautiful arrangement that will charm you and your guests. Swap out your wreath when the seasons change, like with fall flowers or winter greenery.

32. Stencil Art

Fill in an outline of flowers or trees with colored stencils. Frame your artwork and hang it above your bed or living room couch. Not only will your artwork be beautiful, you can take pride in putting your creative side to use.

33. Succulent Frame

Bring life to your wall decor with a mini succulent garden. Construct a planter box out of a wood frame, then fill it with soil and your favorite succulents. These beautiful plants are easy to care for: they only require a little water and sunlight.

34. Vertical Rope Garden

Looking for cute garden ideas? Build a vertical garden by placing your potted plants in wood pallet holders. Connect the holders using sturdy ropes. Your pots can feature low-maintenance indoor plants and herbs.

When you fill your home with nature and greenery, the mood is calmer and happier. Consider a framed print of a forest or garden to add to the joyful aura. As the months change, swap out your artwork to reflect what’s happening outdoors. You’ll have a personalized space that’s in tune with the seasons, and you can reuse your beautiful decor year after year.