31 Office Wall Art Ideas For An Inspired Workspace

No matter whether you work in a small and up-and-coming startup, a large corporation, or you work from your home office, it’s never a bad idea to spruce up your walls with some inspirational, motivational, or even minimalist wall art. We understand the importance of productive space, so choosing office wall decor is key for setting the tone that works best. Whether you choose emotional themes, or wall art designed to convey a message, or simply something that fits with the rest of your decor choices, there’s plenty of office wall art ideas out there. Below you’ll discover 31 office wall art ideas for an inspired workspace that offers a unique way to express any profession, passion, and personality through signature designs and beautiful artwork.

Thoughtfully decorated offices can have a positive impact on your motivation and overall mood. Comfortable furniture, plenty of light, a few touches of green, and room to add personalized wall decor are key elements in creating a work environment that you don’t mind spending all day in. Regardless of interior design style, taste, and office size, there is always a little room for personalized office accessories.

1. The Spice of Variety

office wall art frame variation

Source: Shutterfly

Combining different frame styles for your photos and artwork creates a unique display for your office wall. This example also combines different ways to present your art with the addition of clipboards and hanging pockets.

2. Industrial Strength Art

Once again, bold is beautiful. The strong, heavy lines of the husky furniture and the floor’s brave checkerboard pattern create the perfect showcase for the wall’s unique decoration. The genius decorator used pieces from one of the company’s products (a wire bristle brush) to add flair and flavor to this conference room.

3. Life’s Moments

office wall art taped photos

Source: Shutterfly

Displaying the important moments of your life is easy when you create a gallery wall of various sized photos and artwork. Hanging the pieces in a circular shape helps tie them together for a cohesive presentation.

4. See The Music

office wall art music sheets

Source: Mia Mia Mine

A tidy collection of sheet music forms an artistic wall display when stored in an oversized cupboard with dozens of cubbyholes. The dark wood creates a lovely backdrop for the white pages while it also contrasts nicely with the light-colored wall behind it.

5. Simply Squared

office wall art square grid images

Source: Shutterfly

You would have to be a square if you can’t see the appeal of these square prints in a grid formation. The uniform size and shape allow you to arrange and then rearrange your display. There is no wrong way to put these fun pieces of art on your office wall or any other room you choose.

6. Classic Comfort

office wall art framed color match

Source: Justin Stum

The large framed artwork in this office gives the eyes a pleasing spot on which to land. The colors in the prints coordinate with the walls, carpet and furnishings and emphasize the comfort and classic feel of the room.

7. A New View

office wall art clipboard kitsch

Source: Shutterfly

A different view of a previous example allows you to see how the photos and artwork can be showcased. Using alternative ways to hang the photos while keeping the same feel ties the display together for a uniform look.

8. Modern And Minimal

Sparkling mirrored art is what anchors this modern office. The lovely framed artwork is especially appealing in this minimalistic setting but would be equally at home as bedroom art. The simple lines and reflected light make it a stunning addition to any decor.

9. Pretty Protrusions

office wall art protruding frames

Source: Shutterfly

When you create a mini-gallery of photos that jut out from the wall, you will have an interesting and eye-catching display. Clean edges and the uniform size of these square prints allow you to mix and match both subject and style.

10. Make An Impact

Black and white photographs can produce a big impact. When you have a particularly powerful image blown up and put on an unframed canvas, the impression on your visitors will be a lasting one.

11. The Simplicity Of Words

Art doesn’t necessarily have to be something painted or created. The simple act of placing words on a blank wall becomes a form of art. When these words form meaningful phrases or inspire the reader, they become a masterpiece.

12. Easy Elegance

office wall art opulence

Source: Quintessence

This room screams elegance and glamour. While it does look like it may be hard to replicate, following some basic design rules can help you get the same feel. Make a statement when you fill a wall from floor to ceiling with oversized framed prints and photos. Choosing one large piece for an opposing wall helps anchor the room and create excitement.

13. Unique and Useful

It is fun when you can combine useful and utilitarian items into a decorating theme that is both attractive and functional. This example pairs a large, vintage calendar with the antique cubbyhole cabinets on the wall to create a pleasing place to work. The combination of modern electronics with the aged wall art and furnishings is a winner in every book.

14. The Wall Of The World

Another example of the beauty of being bold, this world map covering a large wall becomes an instant statement. Whether you choose to display this at home as exciting living room wall art or as an attention-grabber for your office, it will definitely give your guests something to talk about.

15. Serve Up Some Style

Beautifully painted serving trays offer a unique and attractive way to add interest to your office walls. The black trays are handpainted with different floral motifs that add a punch of color to contrast the white shelves and walls. Kitchen art isn’t just for the kitchen anymore.

16. Be Bold

Once again, words become art. In this example, a bold statement in a large format is further emphasized with a bright paint color. No other artwork or decor is needed to get this message across. Boring office wall art is a thing of the past.

17. Simple Style

office wall art photo runs frames

Source: Olivia Rink

Basic white frames give structure to this series of black and white photographs. The panoramic view is divided into three sections that draw your eyes from left to right and give it an illusion of movement. The simplicity of the display gives this particular office wall art power.

18. Cute Canvas

This simple, unframed canvas is a perfect example of DIY wall art for the office or the home. There are no limits to what messages you can share or how you choose to share them. Continual customizability is the key with this fun and creative display.

19. Black And White And A Little Bit O’ Green

office wall art hats calendar

Source: Lee Vosburgh

It’s hard to go wrong when your office wall art ideas center on black and white. The contrast between light and dark is always eye-catching. When you add splashes of color such as the green in this example, the interest factor multiplies. The large format calendar is both attractive and useful while the hat collection adds pizazz.

20. You Are Here

office wall art photo map

Source: Mr P ICT

A photo wall doesn’t have to be the same as everyone else’s. This fun and exciting way to showcase your world travels can be adapted to fit any office decor as well. Use it as a unique way to get to know colleagues and coworkers from around the globe.

21. The Beauty Of Birds

office wall art minimalist wall art

Source: House Mix

This lovely trio of large framed bird pictures makes an attractive display over a long, narrow desk. The varying shades of gray and white of the frames, mats and prints contrast well with the darker walls. Crisp, clean lines and soothing colors make this office both inviting and soothing.

22. Framed Frames

Beautiful artwork can be framed as simply or as ornately as your imagination allows. In this example, the painting of a buck is framed and matted in several shades of white. When it is placed on the black wall and surrounded by contrasting corkboard, an entirely different display is evident. It appears that the frame is actually the entire wall.

23. Taupes And Tones

office wall art floral panels

Source: Carla Aston

This pleasing display is not an example of the most typical office wall decor ideas. The muted tones combine to create a pleasant and soothing effect. Large, framed prints echo the color scheme to further evoke the sense of calm.

24. Shelves As Art

These attractive shelves could be considered office wall art all by themselves. The symmetrical placement of the brackets and shelving combine to form a pleasing display. Adding framed artwork and other decorative pieces completes the entire picture.

25. Minimal Monochrome

office wall art clean minimalist

Source: Rrayyme

Black and white decor and furnishings are the stars again in this example of a clean and uncomplicated design. The simple black shelves with open brackets allow the artwork and treasures to shine against the bright white walls.

26. Make A Date With Art

Once again, calendars are grabbing the spotlight as office wall art. Oversized clipboards hold three months worth of oversized calendar pages. The simple lines and minimal design create a clean, crisp display that combines function and style. Unique lamps add an interesting touch to the picture.

27. Plates And Mirrors

Plates aren’t just for the dinner table anymore. This creative display works equally well as kitchen art or as shown here framing a decidedly more feminine office space. The delicate mirror invites and reflects large amounts of light. Instead of sentencing your favorite dishes to a lifetime in the cupboard, bring them out and enjoy their beauty on a daily basis.

28. Photo Gallery Wall

Floating shelves are a handy way to create a gallery wall without making it look like an art gallery. When set against a lovely wallpaper, the shelves make it easy to showcase items of various sizes and styles. Use them to create a unified display, especially when your treasures won’t hang on the wall.

29. Simple Strength

The heavy floating wooden shelves add warmth to a room full of black and white artwork and decor. From the brightly striped floors to the oversized framed fingerprint on the wall, this office grabs your attention and keeps it.

30. Gorgeous Gallery

Gallery, library or office — this design could fit for any of these rooms. The clever use of shelving surrounding the desk area creates a unique spot for a lovely gallery. Touches of gold in the various types of frames tie them all together while adding elegance to the display.

31. On The Grid

A unique display of achievements and awards is at the top of the list for cool office wall ideas. Going “off the grid” may be popular, but this use of an actual metal grid as a showcase wins for creativity and freshness.

Wrapping Up

Choosing the type of office wall art that fits your style and budget doesn’t have to be hard. Whether you decide to use some of the cool office wall ideas from above or strike out on your own, there is inspiration all around you. Make the space your own and create an office that welcomes you every day and inspires you to create and be your best.

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