DIY Clothespin Plant Markers and Other Cute Garden Ideas

The following guest post was created by Barb Webb from Rural Mom.

Butterflies, buds and lady bugs – the first signs of Spring are here and it’s nearly time for gardening season! One thing every great gardener knows, it always pays to plan ahead, and this includes your garden décor.

With a little DIY and Shutterfly you can easily create oodles of cute garden ideas and décor to ensure a successful and bright season.

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cute garden ideas with notebook and mug

Design Your Own Garden Journal

A garden journal is an invaluable resource and often key to a bountiful growing season year after year.  Prior to starting your garden, or just as you begin planting, begin keeping a garden journal.

Record information like frost dates, types of seeds you plan to plant, planting dates, rainfall amounts, harvest dates and produce yields. These journals are ideal for recording thoughts and ideas you have for current and future gardens, too.

cute garden ideas with notebook

Personalized notebooks are not only terrific reference guides for your future gardens, they start you day with a smile and reminder of things to come.  Plus, they make lovely keepsakes.

Use photos from your prior gardens, quotes that bring you joy, or any other ideas that will inspire you.

cute garden ideas with notebook

Make Clothespin Plant Markers

Once you have your seeds and plants ready, it’s always a smart idea to clearly mark your seedlings after they are planted.  While there are tons of options for field planting, there are not as many for container gardening.

cute garden ideas with clothespins

Container gardening is a perfect solution for herb gardens and for enjoying fresh fruits and vegetables throughout the year.  It’s also a handy for those who have limited gardening space available.

cute garden ideas with clothespins

To easily keep track of what you have growing in each container use clothespin plant markers.  They are a quick and cute solution that will help liven up your garden.

cute garden ideas with clothespins and supplies

All you need are wooden clothespins, permanent markers and/or paint, and your imagination!  If you want to take things a step further, you can find a variety of wooden shapes and craft glue at your local craft store to help embellish your plant markers.

cute garden ideas with clothespins

Spruce Up Your Containers

If you are truly going for a cute garden look, you certainly don’t want plane ol’ run of the mill containers.  Look for bright colored containers or use outdoor paints to perk up the containers you already have.  Add some polka-dots or hand-painted flowers to embellish them further.

cute garden ideas with planter

You can quickly create a custom look with a personalized flower pot.  The carved heart flower pot is an adorable way to combine your love of gardening with a daily celebration of your love, too.

Mark Your Path

One of the easiest ways to add personality to your garden is to embellish with statues, garden stones and other whimsical permanent decorations.  These create interest and focal points all year ‘round, so even when the flowers aren’t blooming, you still have a cheerful, attention-getting décor to enjoy.

cute garden ideas with garden stone

The Live, Laugh, Love garden stone is a fun option to help you set the tone while letting everyone know immediately whose garden they are admiring.

Refresh Yourself

While you’re watering your plants and admiring all the cute garden ideas you’ve implemented, enjoy a refreshing beverage with a stainless steel travel mug you customized with photos from your garden.

cute garden ideas with travel mug

These are great vessels to have while you’re gardening as the vacuum seal helps keep your beverage cool to refresh you throughout your chores.

Wine Glass Terrarium Craft

Looking for more cute garden ideas?  Share your garden celebration with friends with this super cute craft idea and make a few for yourself!   The felt “soil” and “plants” are easily removed to use the wine glass for your favorite libations.

You can find felt flower kits at your local craft supply store or simply cut out shapes on your own.

cute garden ideas with wine glass

Wine glass terrarium craft materials you’ll need:

  • personalized wine glass
  • brown felt for the “dirt” and felt in the color of your choice for the flower
  • sewing needle and thread

Using the felt color of your choice, cut a 2-foot long and 1 to 2-inch wide strip of felt.  If you are using an 8-inch by 11-inch felt sheet, start by cutting around the perimeter of the sheet and then continue cutting inward until you have a 2-foot-long strip of felt.  The felt strip will not be perfectly straight as you will have corner marks and that’s a-okay.

On one side of the length of the felt strip, cut ½-inch marks (for 1-inch strips) or 1-inch marks (for 2-inch strips), like small triangles, evenly spaced along the entire length.  You can also opt to scallop the edge, cut out petal-like shapes or use any other edge trim you think might look good for your flower.

cute garden ideas with wine glass

Using a pencil (or pen or your finger) as a base, wind the felt strip around in a continuous circle.  Use a needle and thread to tack the layers of felt together with a few stitches.  Tie off the stitch and cut any loose ends.

Using the brown felt, cut a 2-inch circle for “dirt.”

Place the brown felt circle inside the wine glass.  Position it to cover the bottom of the wine glass.

Fluff out your felt flower a little and place it atop the brown felt circle to complete your terrarium look.

You can also take this craft a step further and plant a real terrarium in your wine glass.  Use it as a cute accent for your kitchen or bar area.

Final Thoughts on Cute Garden Ideas

However you decide to create your garden space, I wish you healthy blooms, an abundant harvest and many sun-shine filled days! And if you’re looking for related content, make sure to check out Shutterfly’s DIY ideas and Contributor hub.