Fun 4th of July Cookout Decorating Ideas

The following guest post was created by Karin from Karin’s Kottage.

Hosting a fun 4th of July bash in my backyard is one of my all-time favorite things to do. In this post, I am going to share some inexpensive and clever ways of how to host your 4th of July bash that you and your guests will always remember. To get started, here’s a few fun 4th of July cookout decorating ideas that everyone will love.

Decorations on the front of the house for a 4th of July cookout.

1. Decorate the front of your house

The first place I start to decorate for the 4th of July is the front of the house. It tells your guests that there’s going to be a party! I purchased the red white and blue banners years ago at one of the big box stores. They have withstood the elements for years now. Plus, I love how easy I can attach them to the house.

Additionally, I created the triangle banners shown above and below using red white and blue fabrics. Then I sewed them to white double-faced bias tape to hang over the porch.

4th of July cookout decoration ideas and flags.

2. 4th of July Backyard bash decorations

Stringing garlands from trees adds a festive 4th of July bash feel. You can string them from the edge of your house to a fence or other creative places in your yard.

4th of July garlands in the backyard.

Using some of the banners as a backdrop makes for creative and fun 4th of July photos. I like to use these summer pictures to create keepsake books, mugs, and even aprons to keep the memories alive long after the holiday is over.

4th of July decor and family.

When the family gathers for our 4th of July bash in the backyard, we make sure we take pictures like this four generation photo that will truly be a keepsake. Family is so important, so take the time to record history.

3. 4th of July bash table decorations

Try using a blue and white patterned sheet for a tablecloth for a unique 4th of July party look. Find red, white, and blue paper goods to flow with your design on your sheet. Create a simple centerpiece idea using mason jars filled with cute greens and flowers from your yard. Adding in a couple of American flags complete the 4th of July look and feel.

4th of July cookout decoration ideas and table setting.

Another fun way to decorate the table is using a white sheet with a piece of red white and blue fabric down the center. Using Mason jars again filled with fresh herbs, greenery and or flowers from your yard to make a pretty centerpiece. Layer your paper goods and wrap your silverware in a napkin to complete this look.

4th of July cookout decoration ideas and table setting.

For a more prominent centerpiece– use a red cake plate for height and place a simple white vase filled with all white flowers on top. Then, add one large American flag to complete the look.

4th of July cookout decoration ideas with centerpiece.

4. 4th of July bash outdoor games

We love to play all kinds of outdoor games during our 4th of July bash in the backyard. Everyone, no matter their age, gets to have a chance to play croquet. You can find more of our hysterical outdoor games on my website.

4th of July family games.

Parachute rides are truly one of the little kids’ favorite things to do! They love flying high in the air and feeling free. Honestly, I think we should invent one for us adults.

4th of July games with kids.

Of course, silly minute to win it games like putting vaseline on your nose and running to a chair that has cotton balls on it and trying to get as many cotton balls to stick to your nose is hysterical. Therefore, taking as many photographs of your 4th of July bash in the backyard is a must! Using Shutterfly to order those photograph memories helps them last forever.

4th ofJuly minute-to-win-it-games.

5. 4th of July Bash BBQ

What is a 4th of July bash in the backyard without a BBQ? I created this super cute apron for my hubby and me to wear on the 4th of July with a photo from one of our favorite 4th of July parties. To create this apron for your own simply visit Shutterfly and choose any one of their premade templates to quickly upload a favorite photo and customize it. It was so easy to create and made a great gift idea too!

BBQ apron for the 4th of July.

Watermelon, pineapple, fresh green salad, grilled corn on the cob, yummy crackers and dips, chips and guacamole…. are you drooling yet? We love to put out a spread! Then, of course, we BBQ hot dogs for the kids and either chicken or burgers for the adults. So much good food!

4th of July BBQ food.

There is just something so special about gathering your family together to celebrate the precious freedom that we have in this the United States of America.

4th of July BBQ food plate.

May yours be wonderful, safe, and memorable.

– Karin