How to Make DIY Fall Wreaths for Front Door Decorations

The following guest post was created by Melissa from The Farm Girl Gabs.

There is nothing more welcoming to a home than having DIY fall wreaths for front door decorations. The fall season is quickly approaching and I have been busy prepping for my favorite season. Living on a large fruit and vegetable farm, the fall season is fun-filled and hectic at the same time. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. It is so cool to see families and kids in our pumpkin patches and apple orchards creating those precious family memories.

DIY fall wreath for your front door.

How to Make a Fall Memories Burlap Wreath

Now that my kids are older, I created this fun Fall Memories Burlap Wreath for my front door. I love how it turned out. As the parent of a teenager and a young adult, it is bittersweet that my kids no longer are running around in our pumpkin fields or deciding which Halloween costume they will wear.

A DIY Fall Memories Burlap Wreath is the perfect way to preserve those special family memories of days gone by. Since I love Shutterfly so much, I was able to order reprints of some older photos of my kids that I had stored in my account. I chose several of my favorite fall photos of my kids and decoupaged them on wood slices. 

Burlap is a pretty popular trend right now. You see it all over the craft stores in various shapes and forms. Burlap is also symbolic of the fall months. It has a rustic appeal that makes the perfect backdrop for a fall DIY wreath. Add a few fall flowers and you have a beautiful and welcoming wreath for your front door.

Supplies for a DIY fall wreath for your front door.

Find Your Supplies

Before you get started making your own DIY Fall Memories Burlap Wreath, you will need a few supplies. These can easily be found at your local craft store.

Step 1:

Start by anchoring the burlap with some craft wire to the back of the wreath. Flip the ring over and pull the burlap through the center of the ring. It should look like a fluffy ruffle.

Making the Burlap in a DIY fall wreath for your front door.

After each pull through, wrap the wire around each time. When you have finished looping the burlap around the wreath. Trim off any excess and secure with wire, tightly securing to the back.

Tying the burlap on a DIY fall wreath for your front door.

Step 2:

Once you have completed wiring the burlap onto the wreath, now you can start adding some pretty fall flowers. I decided to give this wreath an asymmetrical look and only glue the flowers onto one side. If you want, you can certainly amp up your creativity and glue flowers all the way around the wreath. I used pretty fall hues of yellow, red and orange. I also added a little bit a white for that extra pop.

Gluing the photos for a DIY fall wreath for your front door.

Step 3:

The next step is to cut out your photos in a circle to fit the wood slices. To keep with the fall theme, I choose some fun fall photos of my kids on our farm when they were young. I had them reprinted from Shutterfly into wallet size photos so they would better fit the wood slices.

Paint a layer of Mod Podge on the wood slice.

Painting on the photos for a DIY fall wreath for your front door.

Place your photograph on top and then add another layer of the decoupage over the picture. (P.S. These make great Christmas tree ornaments too.)

Let the wood slices dry completely.

Step 4:

Gluing on DIY fall wreath for your front door.

Once the photo wood slices are dry, you can begin gluing them onto your wreath. There is really no science to it. I just placed mine where I thought they looked good, filling in any holes I left.

This is such a fun idea to help preserve those special family memories. And, this easy craft project can very easily be tailored to any time of the year. Just choose old family photos to represent the season. Then change the flower colors to represent the season.

Close up of a DIY fall wreath for your front door.

This easy DIY project can easily be created in about an hour. The most time-consuming step is waiting for the Mod Podge to dry once it is applied to the wood slices. 

Cherish your family memories by making one of these DIY Fall Memories Burlap Wreaths for your home. As you start to plan your fall decorating ideas, this is a fun fall craft is the perfect DIY fall decor inspiration.

DIY fall wreath for your front door.

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