DIY Fall Decor Ideas For a Cozy Gathering

The colors are changing and leaves are falling, do you know what that means?

Time for fall! Toasty tea, cookie baking, pumpkin-spice everything and warm, colorful decor are just some of the amazing things about this time of year. Family and friend gatherings are plentiful during this cozy season, which means you may be starting to think about your fall decor.   

If you are looking for ways to spruce up your home this year, there are many DIY fall decor ideas you can create. A quick visit to the craft store, some eager loved ones willing to help, cheerful tunes and you’ve got yourself a crafting party!

Chalk Pumpkins

Pumpkins always hold a special place in fall’s heart. If you are looking to steer away from the classic orange colors, chalk paint is great for giving your orange pumpkins a bit of life! You can give fall a fresh feel by concentrating on pretty blue hues. Luckily, this project only requires three items and is super easy to make.

Items needed:

  • Pumpkins
  • Paint Brushes
  • Chalk Paint

How to Make Chalk Pumpkins

  1. Before you begin any painting project, it’s best to lay a towel or plastic sheet on the surface where you will be working on to avoid damage.
  2. Hold the stem of the pumpkin and start by painting the top, then work your way down.
  3. Once you are done, set aside to dry and begin the next. Each should take approximately two hours to dry.
  4. Apply a  second coat for a more polished look.

Twine-Wrapped Glass Bottles

Glass bottles are inexpensive to upgrade and give any setting an earthy tone, especially when combined with other organic textures and colors. Any beer or wine bottle will work for this project and both are perfect for capturing the feel of fall. The good news is that you can also switch up the flowers for any other season and keep these decorations all year long.

Materials needed:

  • Thick twine
  • Beer bottle
  • Craft glue

How to Wrap Amber Bottles

  1. Begin by removing the label from your bottle. An easy way to do this is to place the bottle under hot, running water or steam and carefully scrub off with a sponge. Once that is done, dry the bottle.
  2. Take your craft glue and apply it to the area where you want to place your twine.
  3. Place the piece of twine at the very top of the glued section and start wrapping it around the bottle.
  4. Once completed, cut off the remaining twine with scissors.

Mason Jar Candles

Oh the many things you can do with our mason jars! This project is perfect for a sweet candlelit dinner and the straw ribbon gives your table a nice rustic vibe. When paired with additional candles, it gives the table a more warm, inviting feel.

Materials needed:

How to Make Mason Jar Candles

  1. Grab your ribbon and wrap it around the top of the mason jar.
  2. Next, gather your pebbles and place them inside the bottom of the jar and fill with water. Note: the more pebbles you place, the less they will float around.
  3. Finalize by adding the candle. Make sure the candle is settled before you light it as it tends to move around.

Pinecone Turkey Feathers

Setting a kid’s table is always fun because it allows for more playful colors. While it’s a bit more informal than the grown-up table, adding fall elements will create a perfect space for kids to gather. Pinecones are very versatile and really easy to find. This project is perfect for kids to color and create.

Materials needed:

  • Pine Cones
  • Printable Feathers
  • Markers
  • Scissors

How to Make Pinecone Turkey Feathers

  1. First download and print our turkey feather printable.
  2. Once printed, color each feather with a marker. It’s ok if you don’t stay within the lines as these will be cut out.
  3. Next, take your scissors and cut out the feathers carefully.
  4. Place each feather inside the pinecone. These will stay secure without glue, but you can also add a dot of glue to the bottom of the feather in case little hands want to play with it!

Burlap Utensil Holder

Burlap is great to use because of its versatility. It can be made into a table runner, wrapped around candles and vases and even used as placemats. For this project, we made it into  a utensil holder using our very own printables to make the chevron pattern.

Materials needed:

  • Burlap
  • Brush
  • Acrylic paint
  • Glue gun
  • Chevron stencil
  • Scissors

How to Make a Burlap Utensil Holder

  1. Take your piece of burlap and wrap your utensils with it to figure out how much you will need. Ideally, you’ll want it to cover your plate. Make sure you measure the fold as well.
  2. Cut out a large vertical rectangle from the burlap, the one above is approximately 12 in long by five inches wide.
  3. Download and print the printable. There are three different looks: chevron, straight and squiggly lines. Choose one or combine several.
  4. Cut out the gray area of the printable
  5. Once it’s cut out, place the printable over the top of the rectangle.
  6. With your white paint, brush along the inside hollow part of the stencil. Repeat as desired.
  7. Take your glue gun, fold up the burlap (enough to cover the bottom of the utensils) and seal the left and right sides.

Metallic Pears

Pears are used in many fall dishes. While pears are beautiful in color by nature, our project requires you to paint them white. This will give your decor a boost of elegance and allow you to incorporate shiny metallics.

How to Create Metallic Pears

  1. Cover your table with dropcloth or newspaper.
  2. Place your pears upright on the drop cloth.
  3. Begin spraying the white spray paint to the top of the pear about six to eight inches away and work your way down until the pear is covered in white. Allow that to dry for about two hours and then spray another coat if needed.
  4. Once the pear is dry, grab your metallic paints.
  5. With a slanted brush, draw a metallic triangular outline of where you want to paint.
  6. Fill the space in with a thicker brush and the same colored metallic paint.
  7. Set aside to dry for approximately three hours.

As you can see, sprucing up your fall decor is quite easy. It just takes a little time and patience to allow things to dry, but it’s well worth investing the time to do so! Don’t forget to check out our glass plates for a beautiful personalized finish to your fall table this year.