75 Inspiring Blue Living Rooms

It is amazing how the color blue can transform the feel of a room. A light blue ceiling mimics the daytime sky, creating a vast feeling of space. A dark navy blue can elicit the cozy feeling of sitting under the night’s stars. You can also get the nautical beach house look if you choose the right shade of blue for your living room walls. If you’re stuck somewhere in the middle, not to worry. We have compiled 75 blue living rooms, from paint to decor choices, to help you choose the right color. After you decide, don’t forget to pick up a piece from our home decor collection to help complete your new room.

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In this living room the Christmas season shines in blues and whites.

Photo By: The Inspired Room

Use blue pieces on white walls for a clever way to open up a living room space.

Photo By: Tom Stringer

A solid blue ottoman is a perfect place to keep an inviting coffee table book.

Photo By: Viva Fashion

This blue living room matches a leather easy chair and velvet sofa in similar hues to play on textures.

Photo By: Zoe Feldman Design

A simple blue glass vase brings out the hues of a geometric patterned throw pillow and velvet chair.

Photo By: Stacey Bradford

Via: Sarah Richardson Design

The striking blue patterned coffee table in this living room adds color and coordinated beauty.

Photo By: Pretty Handy Girl

A blue rug matched with green furniture lends an earthy and cozy quality to your living room.

Photo By: My Interior by Karin Lowney-Seed

Via: Houzz

The blue lampshade, loveseat and blue-themed gallery wall create a unified color scheme.

Photo By: Shutterfly

A royal blue patterned rug is a solid base for the calmer grayish blue of the easy chair in this living room.

Photo By: Lia Griffith

The white stairwell and sconces give a crisp feeling to the room when matched with blue walls.

Photo By: Earnest Home Co

Built-in blue bookshelves is a smart use of space for that collection of books in a living room.

Photo By: Greg Premru Photography

Via: LDa Architecture & Interiors

Match pale pink curtains with dark blue walls to create both depth and lightness in the same living room.

Photo By: Making it Lovely

This blue wall creates a sense of space when matched with a white mantelpiece.

Photo By: Reader & Swartz Architects - Photographer Ron Blunt

Strong blue horizontal lines give drama to a stark white mantel.

Photo By: The Homes I Have Made

The coral colored pillows and accents act as attention grabbing elements in this pale blue living room.

Photo By: My Old Country House

One piece of bright abstract art can create its own space against a strong blue accent wall.

Photo By: Busy Bee Philly

A pale blue wall gives the silver lamps that adorn this living space improved definition.

Photo By: The Decorologist

Use a snow themed landscape to feel right at home in this blue walled living room.

Photo By: Jennifer Holmes of Dear Lillie

By splitting this outdoor photographic scene into three panels, the blue wall acts as a continuation of the sky.

Photo By: Shutterfly

This gold frame almost glows against the pale blue walled backdrop.

Photo By: Shutterfly

Choose a secondary color to go with your main choice. This blue living room chooses shades of brown to help support the heavy navy blue.

Photo By: Annie Santulli Designs

This small baby blue living room also has built-in bookshelves with blue backs.

Photo By: Tradition Homes

Blue upholstered chairs with matching throw pillows are a great way to open up your sitting room.

Photo By: McMullin Design Group

The blues in the furniture here ground the space while letting the white walls open the room.

Photo By: Studio Marcelo Brito

These zigzag lined blue chairs brighten the wicker table and give this beach house breadth.

Photo By: McMullin Design Group

A tie-dyed blue custom throw pillow is a groovy way to keep your living room swinging.

Photo By: Shutterfly

This blue patterned easy chair plays off the classic blue ceramic vase to create a vibrant living space.

Photo By: Krystine Edwards

A white lofted ceiling and pale blue walls give lightness to this living room.

Photo By: The Happy Housie

A rustic art piece like this one rests comfortably on a pale blue wall.

Photo By: Lisa Teague

A turquoise sofa plays on the water-related themes in the blue living room of this beach house.

Photo By: Cara McBroom, Licensed Interior Designer

Via: House of Turquoise

An undersea scene is made more magical when placed on blue walls.

Photo By: Shutterfly

Frameless photographic pieces are given perfect geometric definition by a blue wall.

Photo By: Shutterfly

Use different hues of blue to create a stylish modern living space. Blue walls compliment the furniture and the drapes here.

Photo By: Cardea Building Co

An architectural blueprint of a classic building makes an elegant wall hanging for any living space.

Photo By: Style Mutt Home

The vibrant blue patterned curtains and table are dramatic accents that really grab the eye.

Photo By: Stacey Bradford

Via: Sarah Richardson Design

A layering of stylish throw pillows, themed in blue, makes this couch into a conversation piece.

Photo By: Shutterfly

Use all shades of blue in your exotic pillow collection. Don't be afraid to get creative!

Photo By: Shutterfly

Mixing textured blue furniture, like this velvet couch, with other blue elements, give a living room a naturally cool feel.

Photo By: McMullin Design Group

Blue and white walls like these give the illusion of lengthening the living room.

Photo By: Melissa Lenox

Bring out the blue in traditional porcelain vases by placing them in front of a blue textured wall.

Photo By: Verandah House

The modern artistic motif of this blue living room matches the walls with pillows and furniture.

Photo By: Amy Lau Design

The vibrant blues in this living area are paired with bright pink pillows and gold fixtures, illuminating the room from within.

Photo By: Hi Sugarplum

The peacocks in these blue wall patterns tell a story of elegance.

Photo By: Simplified Bee

In this modern living room, the blue ceiling and white walls create a sense of expansive space.

Photo By: St. Frank

This blue wall is well-dressed in gold and mirrored accents.

Photo By: SuzAnn Kletzien

A blue themed living room can use upholstery, ceramics, and curtains to create the feeling of bright spring sunshine.

Photo By: Lee Ann Thornton

Baby blue walls match the pair of chairs to give this room an airy feeling.

Photo By: Karen B Wolf Interiors

The thin gold line of this shelving unit are cleanly defined against a bold blue wall.

Photo By: David Leong

Via: The Every Girl

A modern blue patterned carpet is a perfect underpinning for the slim lines of this modern coffee table.

Photo By: Kate Miss

Coordinating blue easy chairs and carpeting with gold accents makes for a room that glows with elegance.

Photo By: Cory Connor Designs

Bold blue vertical lines in the carpeting create a sense of space while the matched blue walls give an architectural feel to the room.

Photo By: It All Started With Paint

This pinstriped blue sofa gives the living room an anchor for the eye.

Photo By: Kelsey Wilson

Via: Kimberly Schlegel Whitman

Classic patterned blue ceramics tucked under this table give gravitas to a simple signature style.

Photo By: Max Burkhalter

Via: Paloma Contreras

A crushed velvet blue couch adds luxurious texture to any living room.

Photo By: Thou Swell

This gold braided carpet really plays beautifully off of the blue sofa in this modern living room.

Photo By: Tony Murray Photography

A smart blue couch makes this living room feel grounded.

Photo By: Shutterfly

The deep reds of an oriental rug contrast perfectly with a blue walled living room.

Photo By: Jen Kay

Via: The Every Girl

A blue patterned rug creates a sound foundation for deepening the feel of this living room

Photo By: Abby Jiu

Via: Cline Rose Designs

Pale blue walls with bracketless bookshelves give a living room a calming atmosphere.

Photo By: Dan Duchars

The blue walls here accentuate the coloring of a tall plant and red leather sofa.

Photo By: David Leong

Via: The Every Girl

In a space with pale blue walls like this one, a dramatic lighting fixture can make the room.

Photo By: Designed By Krystle

This blue-walled living room creates color depth with a green sofa and violet accents.

Photo By: Dotter Solfjeld Architects

This minimalist glass table and a pair of white chairs allows these blue walls to breathe.

Photo By: Jana Bek Designs

Robin's egg blue walls give an airy lightness to this well appointed living room done up in whites and pinks.

Photo By: Judith Balis Interiors

A simple gold light fixture pops when placed on a blue wall.

Photo By: Milou Nieuwenhuis

These blue walls give coral colored accent pieces some flair.

Photo By: Scott Weston Architecture and Design

This velvet sofa in royal blue has exposed legs to give it a sense of lift.

Photo By: The Crafted Life

White furniture and molding in this living room are given bright contrast when cast against blue walls.

Photo By: The Makerista

A modern gold and black light fixture perfectly agrees with a blue living room ceiling.

Photo By: Thou Swell

The blue walls in this ultramodern living room add an airy atmosphere to the sleek lines.

Photo By: Winder Gibson Architects

Use white ceramics to bring out the luster of a blue wall in the living room.

Photo By: Shutterfly

The navy blue wall here makes the wood grain of this cabinet really stand out.

Photo By: Lobster and Swan

The high ceilings in this living room give it an extra sense space.

Photo By: Savvy Interiors

This classic beach style family room has a lovely gallery wall above the couch.

Photo By: Savvy Interiors

Blue chairs and a blue couch give the feeling of a blue living room, even if the walls are white.

Photo By: Savvy Interiors

The patterns on your furniture can tell a story and set the mood for the decor in your living room.

Photo By: Nancy Beale of Studio This Is

Use exotic decor and blue patterned pillows to give your living room a global look.

Photo By: Nancy Beale of Studio This Is

Brighten up a neutral ottoman with a colorful storage box on top. This adds a pop of color to the center of the room.

Photo By: Mrs. Hines Class

Incorporate coral pieces to the living room to create a "nautical chic" vibe.

Photo By: Yes Please Blog

The assorted light blue pillows and ocean pieces make this living room into a calm coastal escape.

Photo By: Tuft and Trim

This trending color scheme of blue and yellow creates a lively space. Try an array of blue hues for a relaxing living room.

Photo By: Egg Shell Home

Love plants but don't have enough surface space? Install wall shelves and place succulents in light blue planters to complement a white wall.

Photo By: Design Evolving

This velvet blue couch only adds to the luxury of this living room.

Photo By: South Shore Decorating

Find blue accents pieces like these speckled vases for an ocean feel without going overboard.

Photo By: La Vie en Color

Blue can work as a neutral too, like the light blue walls in this living room.

Photo By: Bryarton Farm

Try blue vases that will allow any green plants to pop.

Photo By: Lisa Comfort

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