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75 Refreshing White Living Rooms

Don’t think of it as absence, think of it as the perfect blank canvas for your most wonderful decoration ideas. White is a way to create expanse and clean lines for modern furniture, to give focus to specific artistic pieces that you want to highlight, and allows the elegance of accents to gain prominence. Whether looking to make a message pop on a throw pillow or to give a distinctive lighting fixture it’s fair say, here are over 75 white living room ideas to make you feel calmer, cooler, and more collected.

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Crisp white pieces like this sofa make accoutrements like ceramic decorations pop perfectly on gray walls.

Photo By: 12th and White

When using whites in your living room it's imperative to take advantage of texture. This expressive rug gives the feeling of comfort even in a stark white.

Photo By: 2 Ladies and a Chair

A large white lamp in the living room seems to add extra illumination.

Photo By: A Well Dressed Home

A white couch is the perfect receptacle for expressive throw pillows to show off your personality.

Photo By: AKA Design

Patterns like the ones that adorn this white couch and loveseat add distinction to a living room.

Photo By: AKA Design

A wonderful white living room idea is to use slim gold accents like the legs of this marble coffee table to add elegance to the space.

Photo By: Alexa Dagmar

Via: The Every Girl

These dramatic white lighting fixtures look like puffy clouds illuminating the living room.

Photo By: Amelia Tatnall

White on walls and ceilings expands a living space, and using white built in shelves gives an airy quality to the room, even to your book collection.

Photo By: Bethany Nauert

Having a white walled living room accented by a gray piece, like this wardrobe, is a great way to highlight your furniture.

Photo By: Birgitta Wolfgang

Create a sense of balance and fun by matching a white living room with healthy pink and gold accents like throw pillows and candelabra.

Photo By: Bodil Bergqvist

Via: The Design Chaser

Colorful fabric designed throw pillows tell a wonderful story of life being lived on this white couch.

Photo By: C'est Christine

Greenery is made more lush when surrounded by a white walled living room.

Photo By: Carley Summers

Via: The Glitter Guide

White living rooms just call out for gilded pieces. Here a gold framed mirror looks gorgeous perched on a white mantelpiece.

Photo By: Christina Shields

A white and light gold patterned wall paper can be a treat for the eye in an otherwise white living room - like in this trendy example.

Photo By: Claire Esperros

A bead patterned throw pillow adds textural dimension to a white couch.

Photo By: Copycat Chic

This white bookshelf helps highlight precious wooden pieces and makes the books feel light as air.

Photo By: Emily Henderson

To properly adorn a white mantelpiece, one idea is to use thickly white matted photographs.

Photo By: Esther Sun

White really brings a modern living room down to it's essentials. The clean lines of the furniture here bring out the minimalist appeal.

Photo By: Fantastic Frank

Via: My Domaine

Wicker and earthtones work so well with a white living room - and these hanging lighting fixtures add so much to this space.

Photo By: Hannah Blackmore

Via: Coco Kelley

Add to the sumptuousness of your white living room with a gold framed mirror. The example here is lovely and dramatic.

Photo By: Harper Howey Interiors

Via: House of Turquoise

Here's a wise idea for your white living room. Turn your books so that the pages, rather than spines, are exposed, it allows you to keep the white theme without losing your literature.

Photo By: Historiska Hem

Via: Coco Lapine Design

Light pinks are perfect to accent a white living room. The subtle hue of this couch gives this space balance and beauty.

Photo By: HomeGoods/ Harry Van Gorkum

An expressive wrought iron chandelier is made more majestic when surrounded by a white walled living room.

Photo By: How to Decorate

A cool off-white couch works well with the exposed brick of this fireplace and also balances the light wood stained walls.

Photo By: How to Decorate

By matting your photos with a significant white border, multiple images still look clean when displayed altogether on a white wall.

Photo By: I Heart Organizing

Don't be afraid that matching silver and white will have a cold vibe. As you can see with the silver trimmed accents here, the effect is elegant rather than cooling.

Photo By: Janis Nicolay

Via: Arianna Belle

The wood grain in this lamp and side table are perfectly highlighted when matched with a white armchair.

Photo By: Janis Nicolay

Via: Jillan Harris

A white long shag carpet can give a feeling of walking on clouds in your living room.

Photo By: Jessica Kirby

Via: Prosecco and Plaid

If a flamingo looks right at home against the white walls here it's because pinks play perfectly with white, as you can also see with the lovely throw pillows here.

Photo By: Jillian Goulding

Via: Style Me Pretty

These distressed white wooden shutters give a sense of texture and the sentiment of home to a white living room.

Photo By: Junk Chic Cottage

Via: For Creative Juice

Adding natural elements like these decorative acorns to a white living room is a great way to focus on one artistic feature.

Photo By: Kelley Nan

Feel free to give animal print rugs a chance when considering an otherwise white living room.

Photo By: Kim Frost

Via: Laura Trevey

Crisp white features can make a modern and minimalist room pop. Add a singular piece of black and white art to one wall to give an air of modern panache.

Photo By: Kristin Sundberg

Via: My Scandinavian Home

The lavender rug in this room gives the white living area a foundation that makes it feel like a spring meadow.

Photo By: Lauryn Evarts

Via: Style Me Pretty

There is a true sweeping elegance to the way the simple spread out branches of the greenery live in this white living room.

Photo By: Lincoln Barbour for JH Interior Design

Via: Apartment Therapy

The rustic touches in this white living room include a distressed whitewashed ladder as a unique accent piece.

Photo By: Little Farmstead

Via: Town and Country Living

Hints of green in throw pillows and (of course) plants add a fresh feeling to a white living room.

Photo By: Meghan Klein

Via: Coco Kelley

Keep the lines of your white living room clean with a clear glass or plastic coffee table like this one. Just don't forget where it is!

Photo By: Michael Wiltbank

Via: My Domaine

The thin wooden legs of this credenza give it a sense of lift that travels through the white living room and up into the uniquely shaped wall art.

Photo By: Monica Wang

Via: The Style Editrix

An alabaster marble tray for your coffee table is a perfect way to accent the white walls of a living room.

Photo By: Monika Hibbs

When working on a white wall, express yourself with black and white artwork for a modern feel.

Photo By: My Full House

Choose one large dramatic and textured piece of modern artwork to perfectly dress a white living room. No need for anything further.

Photo By: Nina Holst

Via: Nina Holst

Working in a white marble coffee table is a sound idea for a light colored living room.

Photo By: Nina Holst

Via: My Domaine

Giving gray backgrounds to the shelving area of this white walled display area keeps the lightness of a white themed living room while allowing individual pieces to pop.

Photo By: Park and Oak Interior Design

Via: Decor Pad

A white stone fireplace add grounding to a living room without feeling overpowering.

Photo By: Place of my Taste

If you can bare it - these white exposed brick walls are beautiful without any adornment at all.

Photo By: Post Architecture

Via: Home Design Lover

Thin lined gold pieces positively glow when surrounded by a white living room.

Photo By: Preciously Me

This tiny manicured topiary is all the greenery it takes to give life to this entire white living room.

Photo By: Proverbs 31 Girl

A dark stained wooden top on an otherwise white coffee table gives gravity to a white living room.

Photo By: Starfish Cottage


The pale blue accent pillows in this white living room attract the eye and add a cool breezy quality.

Photo By: Taryn Kent

Via: Style Me Pretty

Say it with silver - this lovely lamp gives an elegance to a white living room.

Photo By: The Cheerful Home

The gold trimmed and monogrammed throw pillow here is a delightful touch.

Photo By: The Cheerful Home

The added texture of a small fur accent rug ties this white living room together.

Photo By: The DIY Playbook

A white sectional sofa is a made more inviting with textured throw pillows in cool grays.

Photo By: Thrifty & Chic

The bright white ceramics that perch serenely on the shelves give mystery to this white living room.

Photo By: Tracey Ayton

Via: Arianna Belle

Simple angular pieces of art fit nicely in the display shelves - see how they mostly house just one artistic piece? That cleans up any clutter in a white living room.

Photo By: Usual House

A pure white globe light fixture is an elegant way to illuminate your white living room.

Photo By: Valentina Fussell

Via: A Girl Named PJ

Don't be afraid to put white pieces in a white living room - the piece of white coral here gives texture and serene beauty to the space.

Photo By: Velvet Leaf Photography

The rustic wooden frames on the artwork here gives dimension to the black and white pieces.

Photo By: Wife in Progress

The slim legs on this white sofa and coffee table give lift to the room and a strong succulent like this large cactus is a great way to keep a modern feel while adding greenery.

Photo By: Yellows

Via: Italian Bark

White and silver add simple beauty and elegance to any living room. In this case, elaborately framed mirrors are the "wow" factor.

Photo By: Zeev Beech

Fill a ceramic white pitcher with plants to add life to your white living room.

Photo By: Jennifer Holmes of Dear Lillie

These white and gray curtains with large stripes allow the window treatments to breath without being boring.

Photo By: Jennifer Holmes of Dear Lillie

A white wall is a creative space for both color and black & white photographs and the addition of cool vibrant ceramics here is enchanting.

Photo By: Shutterfly

Expressing style with throw pillows is easier on a white couch. Tell the tale of your love for travel, for example, without it getting lost on your sofa.

Photo By: Shutterfly

A white wall is a perfect canvas for large expressive photographs like these.

Photo By: Shutterfly

When shelving is white it can support more of your family photos without feeling cluttered.

Photo By: Shutterfly

Frameless canvas photos look like they live perfectly together here - even if they have many disparate colors and themes.

Photo By: Shutterfly

This amazing photo web is an excellent idea for capturing moments in a white living room - also it means you don't muss the walls.

Photo By: Shutterfly

A white wall accents any color scheme, especially neutrals. Complement your wall by adding an indoor plant and an oversized clock to create the ultimate rustic feel.

Photo By: In My Own Style

Soft cream florals provide an elegant addition to a white sofa.

Photo By: This Place I Call Home

Pair your couch with a fun, detailed pillow. This blue and green pop of color pillow stands out against a white sofa.

Photo By: Designs by Laila

Let you creativity run wild white all white walls and colorful furnishings.

Photo By: Little House On The Corner

For a rustic Scandinavian living room, use the outdoors as your decor! DIY or purchase painted tree trunks and use as end tables.

Photo By: Life is a Party

This mostly white living room allows for blue accents to really pop.

Photo By: One Small Blonde

An all white couch looks luxe in this living room—just watch out for the red wine!

Photo By: Letters of Fashion

Find white striped accents like this blanket for a modern nautical feel.

Photo By: Annie Reeves

The girly white birdcage adds whimsy to this living room.

Photo By: Dainty Dress Diaries

The classic white paint in this living room allows for even the simplest decor to stand out, like wood logs for the winter.

Photo By: Thrifty & Chic

Pick a classic white wash vase and add baby's breath for timeless decor.

Photo By: A Southern Drawl

The all white walls in this living room make for the perfect backdrop for a modern tropics theme.

Photo By: The Leslie Style

This fun white pouf is a great accent piece that still blends in.

Photo By: Style Weekender

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