50 Simple Living Room Ideas for 2020

To create a memorable living room, you don’t have to use a complicated design. With just a few carefully curated pieces, you can create a beautiful living room. If you’re looking to make a statement with just a few pieces of furniture and decor, these living room decorating ideas will help you.

We’ve gathered 50 living room decor ideas that all feature simple but elegant furnishings and decor. These ideas include classic couches, colorful decor, stunning coffee tables and more. Use the filters below to find ideas that work perfectly for you, and then begin designing your dream living room with personalized home decor pieces.

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Add brightness to your living room design by using a colorful and uniquely shaped coffee table.

Photo Credit: A Kailo Chic Life

Make your fireplace's mantel pop by using a few bright pieces, like this room's mirror and silver candlestick holders.

Photo Credit: A Thoughtful Place

Don't be afraid to go for a bold-colored couch, like this fun lime green couch. You can also add decorative pillows in complementary colors.

Photo Credit: Advice from a Twenty-Something

Make a statement with patterned decorative pillows on your couch and eclectic wall decorations.

Photo Credit: Alexandra Wallace

If you're looking to fill a small space between your wall and sofa, make your own sofa table. Fill the table with bright green plants and unique lamps.

Photo Credit: Always Never Done

If your living room is small, use a loveseat in place of a couch. Complement that with small unique side tables.

Photo Credit: Bess Friday

Make your living room feel like a seaside retreat by using a tan and blue color scheme with a few pieces of nautical decor.

Photo Credit: Breezy Designs

If you have a white fireplace, try placing decor pieces with black, green and silver on your mantel for contrast.

Photo Credit: Camille Roskelley

You can easily add brightness to a brown couch by decorating with colorful pillows, like these pink and white pillows.

Photo Credit: Crazy Chic Design

These stunning tile floors look wonderful paired with a beige couch and a simple wood pallet coffee table.

Photo Credit: Design Improvised

Everything in this living room is beautifully light and airy, from the bright white couches to the white trim around the windows and door.

Photo Credit: Designing Vibes

These cozy armchairs perfectly match the curtains behind them. The simple plant illustrations beautifully fill in the space between the windows.

Photo Credit: Elish Phares Moon

This living room shows a great example of how to use a white couch against a white wall. For contrast, they use colorful decorative pillows and black framed illustrations.

Photo Credit: Elissa Crowe

We love how this living room pairs bright pink stools with a Lucite coffee table. The gold trimmed side table adds a glam touch to the room too.

Photo Credit: Erik Melvin

Don't be afraid to go for a bold rug in your living room design. This rug goes well with a simple couch and coffee table.

Photo Credit: Evolution of Style

Look for a unique coffee table to make your living room design stand out, like this round table with a three-dimensional pattern on the sides.

Photo Credit: Feast and Dwell

If you're looking for unique living room decorating ideas for your coffee table, try using a table with shining copper legs.

Photo Credit: For Me, For You

For an easy decoration for your fireplace, simply hang a string of lights across the mantel.

Photo Credit: Garvin and Co

Need a side table that will fit in a small space? Create your own table using a plank of wood and thin steel harpin legs.

Photo Credit: Going Home to Roost

By matching decorative pillows with the blankets on your couch, you'll be able to create a cozy and lovely space.

Photo Credit: Golden Boys and Me

For a unique couch design, use decorative pillows in all different patterns. For a consistent look, use pillows that are all the same color.

Photo Credit: Gracie Blue

Take inspiration from France for your side table. Create a vintage look by painting the table white, and then stenciling on your favorite French saying.

Photo Credit: Honey Bear Lane

Make your living room feel like spring by using a green and blue color scheme and decorating with fresh flowers.

Photo Credit: Honey We're Home

We love how this living room uses different patterned decorative pillows on the two matching wingback chairs.

Photo Credit: Honey We're Home

The chevron pattern on this armchair makes it pop, while the decorative pillows nicely match the chair.

Photo Credit: House of Jade Interiors

Build small shelves into one of the corners of your living room to display a few of your favorite photos or small items.

Photo Credit: House of Rose

This living room design is bursting with color, and all the pieces go together perfectly, including the blue armchair and black and white pillow.

Photo Credit: I Heart Organizing

Light up your living room with a bold geometric lamp featuring a gold base and a white lamp shade for contrast.

Photo Credit: Idle Hands Awake

The minimalistic design on this couch allows the cute cat decorative pillow to be the star of the show.

Photo Credit: Idle Hands Awake

Add your own unique spin to a side table by painting stripes in your favorite colors.

Photo Credit: It all Started with Paint

Add a colorful touch to a mostly white living room by displaying your favorite bright objects on corner shelves.

Photo Credit: Janae Hardy

Create a cozy sitting area in the corner of your living room by using an upholstered chair and a small side table featuring bright flowers.

Photo Credit: Jennifer Decorates

Don't be afraid to go for bright and bold patterns for the decorative pillows on your couch.

Photo Credit: Jessica Kettle

Take a minimalistic approach to your fireplace by decorating with just a small plant or two on your mantel.

Photo Credit: Julia Brenner

If you're looking for monochrome living room decorating ideas, take a look at this modern black and white coffee table featuring black candleholders.

Photo Credit: Katherine Dima

If you're a fan of bold patterns, consider using a striped couch in your living room design. It pairs wonderfully with a simple white coffee table.

Photo Credit: Laurel Bern Interiors

Decorating with navy and white stripes is an easy way to give your living room a beachy feel.

Photo Credit: Lemon Stripes

The beige patterned rug in this living room ties the room together nicely. It pairs perfectly with the tan couch and white coffee table.

Photo Credit: Love of Family and Home

Make a big impact in a small space by using bold-colored chairs, like this blue armchair.

Photo Credit: Manuel Rodriguez

A piece of patterned fabric is a great wall decoration idea. It will look perfect on any white wall.

Photo Credit: Marisa Vitale

Gold trim adds a modern twist to a classic glass-top coffee table. The coffee table also looks lovely with a few pieces of simple decor.

Photo Credit: Money Can Buy Lipstick

Create a bold look in your living room by using a bright red chair, blue rug and gold decor.

Photo Credit: Monica Wang

Matching bright pink lamps are a great choice for your living room design. You can also place a fun abstract painting between the lamps.

Photo Credit: My Old Country House

If you want to add a little golden touch to your living room design, consider using a small gold side table.

Photo Credit: Oleander and Palm

We love how everything in this living room is perfectly symmetrical, from the decorative pillows on the couch to the two standing lamps.

Photo Credit: One Artsy Mama

You can easily add a vintage touch to your living room design by using a wood trunk as a coffee table.

Photo Credit: Refreshed Design

In this living room design, the gold decor on the mantel perfectly matches with the gold trim on the fireplace.

Photo Credit: Restyle it Wright

Create a fun Bohemian look in your living room using small wicker coffee tables and abstract illustrations.

Photo Credit: Rustic White

If you can't find a striped rug that you like, try making your own. Pair the rug with brightly colored decor and furniture.

Photo Credit: Sarah M. Dorsey Designs

Create a fun and customizable wall decoration by hanging up desk drawers and displaying your favorite pieces of decor inside.

Photo Credit: Shades of Grey

Pair a classic beige couch with bright decorative pillows, like these pink and green patterned pillows.

Photo Credit: Sobremesa Stories

Love the look of vintage suitcases? Create a DIY side table using a suitcase and vintage table legs.

Photo Credit: Stars for Streetlights

Looking for a piece of furniture that will add contrast to an all-white room? A bright orange armchair with gold legs is just what you need.

Photo Credit: Sugar and Cloth

Make a unique side table display by using a hollow table and placing decor in the center.

Photo Credit: Sugar and Cloth

Create a beautiful night sky in your living room by decorating your walls with wood stars.

Photo Credit: That's My Letter

The gold buttons on this couch pair beautifully with the gold-rimmed mirror and the gold side table.

Photo Credit: The Chronicles of Home

A few potted plants and flowers add liveliness to this lovely beige and white living room.

Photo Credit: The DIY Playbook

If you're using a patterned rug, pair it with a solid print couch and armchair for contrast.

Photo Credit: The Golden Girl

If you're using a table and decor that are the same color, use different textures to provide contrast.

Photo Credit: The Painted Drawer

Add some fun eclectic pieces to your living room design, like this room's ladder and large feather illustrations.

Photo Credit: The Shabby Creek Cottage

Bold chevron decorative pillows pair beautifully with bright yellow pillows on a gray couch.

Photo Credit: The Sweetest Digs

A patterned tray is a great choice for a glass coffee table. You can also use a bold black candleholder.

Photo Credit: These Four Walls

This living room is full of eclectic details, from the quirky chandelier to the skull decoration over the fireplace.

Photo Credit: Tyler William Parker

Use the same frames for all your illustrations to create a lovely cohesive living room design.

Photo Credit: View Along the Way

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