50 Modern Living Room Ideas for 2020

How often do you look at your living room decor and wish you would have gone in a different direction? With so many unique design styles it’s difficult to resist a complete overhaul. Not to mention, most modern living rooms serve more than one purpose. This makes it perfect to mix and match design styles for a contemporary feel.

From the natural sunlight found in coastal decor to the statement rugs and bold colors found in bohemian styles, there is something for everyone. With 50 different living room ideas you will be inspired to make subtle upgrades to your own space or explore vibrant modern living room decor ideas that will enchant guests. You can simplify your search by using our filters that sort based on your living room size and furniture or decor ideas.

Once you’ve found the perfect modern living room design, discover various home decor accents like pillows, blankets and wall art to complete your look.

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Add shades of blue to your decor to give your living room a fresh and clean look.

Photo Credit: A House Full of Sunshine

An exposed brick wall is the cornerstone behind every industrial living room design.

Photo Credit: Adam Krauth

Love rich patterns, but don't want to go overboard? Opt for a statement rug with bold colors.

Photo Credit: Alana Range

If space is an issue, find an airy bookshelf that functions as both a decorative and organizational piece.

Photo Credit: Amelia Tatnall

All decor does not have to match. Add personality to your living room with contrasting colors and patterns.

Photo Credit: Anna Routh

Looking for an easy DIY project? Create a wall collage that showcases artwork you love.

Photo Credit: Art Cream

Create a relaxing and positive atmosphere by incorporating natural sunlight into your living room color scheme.

Photo Credit: Becki Owens

Make your guests comfortable by using antique pieces to create a rustic and homey feel.

Photo Credit: Bryarton Farm

Use pieces you already own to transform your living room and add a personalized touch.

Photo Credit: Bryarton Farm

Let the past meet the present by curating pieces that are sure to spark conversation.

Photo Credit: By Tezza

Use mirrors to balance a fixed color scheme while adding a polished look to any modern living room.

Photo Credit: Crazy Chic Design

Instead of adding too much art, stick with one large piece that becomes the main focal point.

Photo Credit: Dabito

Add an eclectic mix of pillows to draw attention to a couch that is naturally simple in design.

Photo Credit: Dabito

Experiment with color by adding bright flowers that complement the original color scheme.

Photo Credit: Designs by Molly Hannah

Keep small spaces clutter-free with a minimalist's approach to decor and neutral foundation colors.

Photo Credit: Elements of Ellis

If you have space to fill, find a sectional sofa that also serves as a nice decorative element.

Photo Credit: Fieldstone Hill Design

Refined lines, natural silhouettes and geometric shapes are key in achieving a modern style living room.

Photo Credit: Hailey Wilson

Sometimes less is more. A stylish area rug is one way to add a contemporary touch.

Photo Credit: Heather Telford

Don't have enough space to decorate the walls? Incorporate a patterned rug with a bold design.

Photo Credit: Interiors by Kenz

Bring nautical decor into your home with artwork that is reminiscent of life at sea.

Photo Credit: It All Started With Paint

Find inspiration from nature and build from there. A couple of plants should do the trick.

Photo Credit: Janae Hardy

Built-in book shelves create a clean look that allows you to add more pieces while saving space.

Photo Credit: Jeanne Campana

A little glam can be accomplished with a well-decorated coffee table that showcases beautiful flowers.

Photo Credit: Jennifer Hillstead

You can never have enough pillows, and they're an effortless way to transform an entire look.

Photo Credit: Jylare Smith Photography

You don't always need a couch. Opt for non-traditional pieces that create a retro vibe.

Photo Credit: Kayla Snell

Use offbeat styles of lamps to add the same level of sophistication found in this living room.

Photo Credit: Kiss Me Darling

Encourage a social atmosphere by having furniture face each other instead of the TV.

Photo Credit: Laura Sumrak

Going for effortless style? Consider these plush mid-century modern living room chairs.

Photo Credit: Light and dwell

Make your living room a DIY project by experimenting with different wood pieces to add to your decor.

Photo Credit: Little Vintage Nest

Tree stump coffee tables are a welcome alternative to the traditional rectangle design.

Photo Credit: Liz Vidyarthi

Bring a level of zen to your design by invoking nature with a couple of green plants.

Photo Credit: Megan Klein

Wall collages do not have to be complicated. Simple artwork will create a relaxing atmosphere.

Photo Credit: Melyssa Griffin

Keep things less formal and fun with a bean bag chair that has a creative design.

Photo Credit: Monica Wang

Pair dark brown with light, contrasting colors for a warm and sophisticated feel.

Photo Credit: Nyla Free Designs Inc.

Keep your color scheme consistent and subtle like this yellow, white, and grey living room.

Photo Credit: Relocated Living

Two showstopping pieces is all it takes to keep your coffee table decor elegant and chic.

Photo Credit: Antar Hanif

Create a comfortable and homey feel by placing pillows throughout your living room. The couch is not the only place they can be used.

Photo Credit: Seeking Lavender Lane

Go for a minimalist modern and glamorous chic look by only including the necessities and adding a pop of color.

Photo Credit: Stash of Panache

Build off of natural sunlight with beige and white foundation colors to create a relaxing atmosphere you won’t want to leave.

Photo Credit: Stephanie Russo

Everyone loves an inspiring message. Incorporate this into your decor with rustic wall art or canvas signs.

Photo Credit: That Nordic Feeling

Distressed wood is not out of style. Save your antiques and pair them with upholstered furniture for cabin-inspired decor.

Photo Credit: The Country Farm Home

If you can't choose one decor style, mix it up! Distressed wood pieces and throw blankets create an eclectic look.

Photo Credit: The DIY Mommy

Refresh your modern living room decor with vibrant accent pieces that bring the space to life.

Photo Credit: The Sweet Escape

Dive into the nautical theme while incorporating subtle elements that do not make your decor over the top.

Photo Credit: The Wicker House

There's no better way to add some glam to your decor than by finding a one-of a-kind chaise lounge.

Photo Credit: Thou Swell

There's no rule that says you have to stick to one pattern. Mix it up by combining chevron, floral and stripes.

Photo Credit: Hey There, Home

Use decorative accents like pillows and wall art to go from Plain Jane to an artsy and creative lair.

Photo Credit: Valentina Fussell

Don't be afraid to blend bold patterns and vibrant colors. The key is to stick to the same color tones and intensities.

Photo Credit: Whitney J Decor

Pink, brown and gold are the perfect complementary colors for a modern and chic living room.

Photo Credit: withHEART

Complete a rustic look with wooden elements like woven baskets, a wood-based lamp or wall art.

Photo Credit: Yellow Prairie Interior Design

Go for modern decor pieces like this bar cart and end table to complete a glamorous chic look.

Photo Credit: Zeke Ruelas

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