50 Rustic Living Room Ideas for 2020

A rustic design can make any home feel like a cottage nestled in the countryside. From vintage coffee tables to handmade decor, there are many ways that you can incorporate rustic pieces into your living room. If you want turn your room into a country retreat, these rustic living room design ideas will help you.

We’ve collected 50 rustic living room ideas featuring DIY decor, lovely vintage furnishings and more. Use the filters below to help you find the right rustic living room decor for you. With your idea in hand, you can begin designing your cozy rustic living room. You can even browse our home decor line to find customizable items like pillows, canvases and more.

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Create your own beautiful side table by sanding down a tree trunk, covering it in wood stabilizer and painting it with a glossy topcoat.

Photo Credit: 17 Apart

A large white faux fur rug makes every rustic living room feel cozy and warm.

Photo Credit: 2 Ladies and a Chair

A distressed wooden tray is the perfect way to add a rustic touch to your coffee table.

Photo Credit: A Blissful Haven

If you're looking for a way to fill a small space between your couch and window, use a thin table filled with rustic decor.

Photo Credit: Aimee Weaver Designs

Add a rustic element to the space above your couch by hanging up small wooden decorations, like these cute arrows.

Photo Credit: AKA Design

A wood pallet coffee table is a classic piece of rustic living room furniture, and it looks beautiful paired with a wicker tray.

Photo Credit: AKA Design

Small details can make a rustic living room truly pop, like the subtle rose handles on this cabinet.

Photo Credit: Bright Yellow Door

Feel free to use eclectic decor in your rustic living room, like the antler decoration on this coffee table.

Photo Credit: Chris Loves Julia

Make a lovely sign for your mantel by stenciling your favorite saying onto a wood pallet. Finish with a little bunting decoration.

Photo Credit: Colors and Crafts

Wire baskets and vintage lamps can make any sideboard into a beautiful piece of rustic living room decor.

Photo Credit: Craftsman Drive

Create a lovely rustic photo display by making a ladder from long branches. Then add some colorful decor, like red berries.

Photo Credit: Creative Ambitions

Make your own vintage ladder by staining pieces of wood. Use this ladder to display some of your favorite blankets.

Photo Credit: Dream a Little Bigger

A galvanized tub is the perfect place to store extra blankets in your rustic living room.

Photo Credit: Farmhouse 5540

Give your living room a cohesive look by using a matching wood side table and coffee table.

Photo Credit: Hello Lidy

Create a beautiful fireplace display by mixing and matching pieces of vintage decor, like lanterns and ceramic jugs.

Photo Credit: Home with Lo

If you don't have a lot of space for a side table, consider using a wooden stool.

Photo Credit: Honey n Hydrangea

Place flowers in Mason jars and hang them up with brown string for a fun piece of DIY decor.

Photo Credit: It all Started with Paint

Use a vintage trunk in place of a coffee table to add a rustic element to your living room.

Photo Credit: Janis Nicolay

Create your own rustic ottoman by placing a piece of fabric-covered foam on top of a classic wood milk crate.

Photo Credit: Jennifer Decorates

Paint planks of wood white and place them on the back of your shelves to easily add a rustic look to your living room.

Photo Credit: Jill Hinson

We love all the little details in this rustic living room, from the white ceramic jug on the coffee table to the sweet 'Home' sign.

Photo Credit: Little Vintage Nest

A distressed side table is a great choice for a rustic living room. You can also place some vintage decor on it, like a metal wire basket.

Photo Credit: Little Vintage Nest

This mustard yellow buffet is the centerpiece of this rustic living room. It also works perfectly as a TV display.

Photo Credit: Lolly Jane

Fill your mantel with pieces of cute decor, like a little metal pail and a wreath made out of branches.

Photo Credit: Love Create Celebrate

Create your own shiny basket by hot gluing rope around a laundry basket. Then, paint the rope with metallic copper paint.

Photo Credit: Lydi Out Loud

Floating wood shelves are easy to make, and they're fun to decorate. Fill the shelves with family photos, vintage decor and bright plants.

Photo Credit: Making it in the Mitten

A vintage white frame and a classic wreath are wonderful statement pieces for your fireplace mantel.

Photo Credit: Marley and Lockyer

This DIY barn door display is a great choice for any rustic living room. To add some color and texture to the piece, attach a wreath to it.

Photo Credit: Nesting on Oleander

Use birch wood to make lovely candle holders. You can also tie the candles together with burlap twine.

Photo Credit: Oleander and Palm

Don't be afraid to use colorful pieces in your rustic living room design. For inspiration, take a look at this fun lime green cabinet.

Photo Credit: Orphans with Makeup

For a unique wall decoration, attach coat hangers to planks of wood. Then, hang Mason jar lanterns to the coat hangers.

Photo Credit: Rae Dolan

We love this living room's vintage coffee table. It pairs perfectly with the woven brown rug.

Photo Credit: Rustic and Woven

Go all-natural with your living room decor by creating a wreath out of pinecones and branches.

Photo Credit: Satori Design for Living

Make any wooden mirror look rustic by using distressed paint. For another vintage touch, place lanterns next to the mirror.

Photo Credit: Savvy Mom 2 Mom

Using PVC pipe and wood planks, you can make your own unique shelves for your rustic living room.

Photo Credit: Sawdust 2 Stitches

Floating shelves are a great choice for a small space in your living room, like the corner next to your stairs.

Photo Credit: Simply Organized

The space above your couch is the perfect place for a gallery wall featuring wooden decor, inspirational sayings and family photos.

Photo Credit: Stacey Embracing Change

A large wicker basket is a great choice for a coffee table. To add different textures to the table, lay down a piece of fabric and use a metal tray.

Photo Credit: The Crazy Craft Lady

To make your side table look shabby chic, use white chalk paint and latex wax.

Photo Credit: The DIY Mommy

Add a rustic flair to the decor above your couch by using a whitewashed window mirror.

Photo Credit: The Hamby Home

This TV console shows a great example of how small rustic details can go a long way. Take a look at the lovely wicker baskets and distressed photo frame.

Photo Credit: The Moon and Me

Create an out-of-the-box tray for your coffee table by using the top of a wine barrel.

Photo Credit: The Pink Tumbleweed

Create a lovely rustic living room wall display using antique accents, a vintage wreath and a distressed white shelf.

Photo Credit: The Quaint Sanctuary

Add some color to your coffee table by using a painted vintage lantern. You can also display flowers in the lantern.

Photo Credit: The Rugged Rooster

Plaid decorative pillows make any living room feel more rustic. The pillows also look wonderful with this room's antler and candle coffee table display.

Photo Credit: The Wicker House

Brighten up your living room with a DIY greenhouse terrarium. To make it, simply glue together vintage lightweight photo frames.

Photo Credit: The Wicker House

Attach hanging illustrations of plants to a vintage metal ladder for a fun piece of rustic living room decor.

Photo Credit: Whimsy Girl Design

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