25+ Unique Corner Decoration Ideas For Your Living Room

As you select your living room decor, it’s important to design a space that’s functional but also represents your personal style. Whether you’re rearranging your entire living room or looking for something to fill a corner spot, there are plenty of options. To help, we put together 28 corner decoration ideas for your living room. From indoor plants to reading nooks, we have something for every style and personality.

If you have a simple living room, a personalized piece can make a big impact. Consider mounted wall art with a family portrait or a vacation photo to take your living room to the next level.

1. Gallery Wall

corner decoration ideas for living room gallery wall

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Design a wall of photos representing favorite memories, such as a road trip or date to get ice cream. Print each photo in the same size and hang them symmetrically for an appealing, professional looking spread.

2. Tall Chest

Amplify the storage space in your living room by selecting a tall chest to place in the corner. Choose a distressed look for a rustic or farmhouse feel. Store everything from linens to board games inside.

3. Photo Gallery

corner decoration ideas for living room photo gallery

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Choose a color scheme for your living room decor, like a simple one comprised of black, white and gold. In the corner, create a gallery wall of photos that incorporates your color scheme. Include portraits, snapshots and art prints for visual diversity.

4. Wood-Burning Stove

corner decoration ideas for living room wood burning stove

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Warm your entire space with a wood-burning stove. No matter what the weather is like outside, you’ll have the comfort of the heat indoors—similar to a fireplace.

5. Photo Ledges

corner decoration ideas for living room photo ledges

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Mount a few ledges in the corner of your living room for photos, plants and books. You can even add a matching desk for a fully functional corner—great if your living room doubles as a craft room or study room.

6. Indoor Plants

Bring the serenity of Mother Nature right into your home. Arrange several indoor plants, from ferns to cacti, in your living room corner. Not only will these plants bring beauty to your space, but they’ll also help purify the air and calm your spirit.

7. Cozy Nook

corner decoration ideas for living room cozy nook

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Do you dream of reading a book by the window or relaxing with your feet up? Build a bench in your living room corner, complete with a comfy cushion and custom pillows.

8. Colorful Wall

Enhance the personality of your living room with a colorful corner. Hang photos, canvas art and garland for an eclectic vibe.

9. Shelf Arrangement

corner decoration ideas for living room shelf arrangement

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When looking for corner decoration ideas for your living room, don’t forget to utilize your wall space. Secure a triangle shelf to the corner to display items like a potted plant, candle and photo book. Not only is the shelf visually appealing, it offers depth and character to your space.

10. Mini Couch

corner decoration ideas for living room mini couch

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Add extra seating to your living room by placing a small couch in the corner. Hang photo frames on the wall and put a rug on the floor to make the space extra cozy for lounging.

11. Books And Frames

corner decoration ideas for living room books and frames

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Place a desk or cabinet in the corner, then arrange books, photo frames and fresh flowers on top. The diverse shapes and colors add dimension to your living room decor. The best part: your accessories can be changed out at any time to match the season.

12. Classic Records

corner decoration ideas for living room classic globe

Source: Magali Vaz

A corner is a beautiful space in a living room layout for classic decor, like your record collection. Store your collection on an end table and showcase some of your favorites on a rotation.

13. Story Corner

Set the stage for storytime. Line the wall with slender ledges that are filled with favorite books. Park a comfy chair in the corner for a complete reading nook.

14. Blanket Basket

corner decoration ideas for living room one blanket basket

Source: One Dog Woof

Keep your living room organized. Crochet a basket that can house blankets, so you always have a dedicated spot to keep them. If you have kids or grandkids, crochet an extra basket for toys and stuffed animals.

15. Rustic Gallery Wall

Combine wooden elements with other rustic pieces like antlers and arrows for a gallery corner. The rustic vibe pairs well with a farmhouse or modern living room.

16. Lounge Chair

corner decoration ideas for living room lounge chair

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Keep an extra chair in your living room corner—great for pulling out when you’re hosting guests. Put an end table next to it for easy access to books and coasters.

17. Accent Chair

Looking for cute decor ideas for a corner in the living room? Find an accent chair, like one with a fun pattern or bright color. Choose wall decor that complements the chair for a cohesive look.

18. Flower Plant

corner decoration ideas for living room flower plant

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Corner decoration ideas for your living room don’t need to be complicated. Opt for simple, colorful flowers like orchids or azaleas. Choose a neutral-colored pot like white or black, or add more personality with a multi-colored design.

19. Animal Art

Do you love dogs, horses or cats? The corner of your living room is a great place for artwork that inspires you. Place complementary art pieces on either wall, but keep the color scheme the same.

20. Sectional Couch

corner decoration ideas for living room sectional couch

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Maximize the seating space in your living room with a corner sectional couch. With several independent pieces, a sectional sofa allows you to change the formation of the couch at any time. Add an area rug and coffee table to create a relaxing space for family and friends to gather.

21. Reading Nook

Make it super simple to read and relax. Place a bookshelf in the corner along with a spot for magazines. Decorate the wall with inspiring word art and photos, and roll out a comfy rug on the floor.

22. Storage Chest

Your living room decor can also double as storage space for books, board games and crafts. Opt for a chest, cabinet or dresser that matches your other living room decor. Arrange vases of flowers and photo frames on top.

23. Hanging Plants

When you think of decor ideas for a corner in the living room, you may not consider the ceiling. But you can utilize the ceiling for beautiful decor, like these hanging plants. Design macrame holders that can maintain the weight of the pot, then secure them to the ceiling with eye hooks. They’re also fun for a nursery room!

24. Hanging Chair

For a quirky living room addition, hang a chair as extra seating—and for a cozy spot to read a book. Add a pillow and blanket to the ensemble for the ultimate relaxing locale.

25. Bar And Stools

corner decoration ideas for living room bar and stools

Source: I Spy DIY

Build a space for sipping cocktails or coffee. Fit a slender tabletop into the corner and add decorative stools to go with.

26. Music Corner

corner decoration ideas for living room music corner

Source: Alvhem

Create a space that’s easy to play your instrument, whether that’s a guitar or flute. A corner space allows you to store your instrument and music sheets without cluttering the rest of the room.

27. Wall Decals

Instead of an accent wall, create a statement corner. Paint the corner a different color or add tiny wall decals, like hearts or stars, using washi tape. The depth of your corner can be further enhanced with an additional chair or hanging chair.

28. Copper Ladder

This trendy corner decor idea is simple yet functional. You can store blankets on each ladder rung for easy access. The sleek style of this copper ladder fits well with modern and eclectic rooms.

Taking the time to relax or visit with loved ones is so much sweeter when you feel proud of your place. Simple decor items like a glass print or custom candle can go a long way in making your space feel more your own.