38 Best Game Room Ideas For Any Entertaining

Game rooms are often known by many names. Rumpus/ruckus room, living room, playroom, and rec room are some popular examples used to describe the same space. The rooms are furnished with both entertainment and relaxation in mind. Comfortable sofas, food and drink stations and game tables or consoles coexist to create an inviting space. The set-up can be as simple as a living room design that includes a card table or an elaborate home theater with full bar and kitchen.

No matter what you choose to call it, how you decorate it or what types of enjoyment and entertainment your room provides, it’s easy to create a space like this for your home. Read on for some great ideas and inspiration for your own game room design.

1. Puzzled Pug

game room puzzle

Source: Shutterfly

Turn a cherished photo into a family-friendly puzzle and make any room a game room. This adorable pug proves that you don’t have to be a dog lover to enjoy putting the pieces together.

2. It’s All In The Cards

Sometimes it only takes placing a simple portable poker table on top of your regular table to create a temporary game room. The felt surface along with drink and chip holders add an authentic feel to the game and the room.

3. Soft And Welcoming

Classic style and design help raise the welcome factor in this beautiful room. Cleverly hidden storage units provide extra seating while also giving you a place to stash your games. This is another example of a dual-purpose room that allows you to entertain guests in multiple ways.

4. No Lounging Allowed

This game room is sparsely furnished when it comes to places to sit, but it is chock full of games to play. With darts, pool, skee ball, shuffleboard and arcade games to keep you busy, you won’t want to waste time sitting.

5. An Artful Room

Rich wood and soothing whites provide a lovely backdrop for this inviting pool room with an attached bar. Attractive wall decor is provided by traditional large-scale artwork as well as a tasteful display of the pool cue sticks.

6. Tasteful Games And Gifts

game room idea whiskey flask

Source: Shutterfly

No game room or bachelor party is complete without some type of liquid refreshment. Create a gift that is personal and unique like this attractive flask to cover all the bases. Your guests or groomsmen will cherish it.

7. Games That Move You

game room idea air hockey shuffleboard

Source: The Room Kit

Limited seating in this small game room area encourages you to stay up and keep moving. Active games are fun and are a great way to burn some calories.

8. In The Jungle

An unusual and creative way to turn your game room into a place for the entire family is to incorporate full-size wall art. The elephant mural combined with the patterned rug givs this large room an intimate feel. It’s easy to think you’re on safari in your own living room with this design.

9. No Frills, No Fuss

Simplicity and ease seem to define this space. The clean lines of the room combined with neutral colors create a room that invites play without distractions. A variety of games ensures there will be no boredom allowed here.

10. Storage As Decor

In this video gamer’s dream space, the storage shelves and racks become art. The room designer painted characters from a vintage video game on the back wall. The shelves were then positioned to create action scenes from the game. Bright colors add to fun and cheerfulness.

11. Futuristic Fun

This fun and unique game room design has an ultra-modern feel due to the sleek and shiny walls — plus lighting that gives a nod to the future. Comfy couches remind you that there is always time to relax between your games of saving the universe.

12. A Winning Hand

game room idea cards poker table

Source: Shutterfly

Poker games are played every day in countries all over the world. Why not make your next game special by creating personalized cards that will bring great memories to mind each time they are dealt.

13. Versatility And Verve

A basement game room that boasts multiple televisions, a warm and inviting fireplace, and a table that allows you to play ping-pong or pool is a good thing. Having options for fun or relaxation is an important part of game room design.

14. For The Sporting Types

Sports fans will enjoy a room such as this one that incorporates the love of games with the desire to honor and commemorate favorite teams or players. You will score big points if you present this room as an option when brainstorming man cave ideas.

15. Neon Nights

The bright lights of Las Vegas have nothing on this exciting basement game room. Vintage arcade decor combines with the vintage pinball and video machines to crank up the wattage. With a seating area at the bar, it is easy to take a quick break from playing and recharge.

16. Pretty In Pinks

While a pink-hued game room is probably not on the list when it comes to most man cave ideas, this cheerful refuge does provide the lady of the house a place to play and entertain. It’s a great indoor alternative to the popular “she-sheds.”

17. From Across The Pond

game room idea music room

Source: Love Maegan

We’ve seen American patriotism in an earlier example and can now admire some from the British. The beautiful display of Britain’s flag against a bright white wall turns this music and game room into an inviting place to sit a spell — and maybe listen to something from the Fab Four.

18. Go Green With Geometry

Shades of green and grey are offset with bright white to create a fun and visually pleasing game room. Creative use of geometric shapes and lines provides an interesting view. In addition to the built-in shelving and baskets, the boxy coffee table provides hidden storage.

19. Additional Elegance

An expanded view of the previous game room shows the same attention to detail. The vertical lines of the cue sticks mounted on the wall add visual interest as well as function. The barstools incorporate the right angles and colors of the room to pull your eye to the bar.

20. It’s All In The Details

From the stunning chandelier over the pool table to the handsome little golfer by the wall, this room is full of character. While this space is primarily an office, it easily serves as a game room when a break is needed.

21. Creative And Cute

The abundance of white in these game room examples proves that you don’t have to stick to the traditional ideas of design. This small room appears much larger due to the use of white paint and furniture. Creative storage solutions allow you to pack a lot of things in without being overwhelmed.

22. Sleek And Stylish

The polished chrome with black accents on this pool table makes it a perfect fit for this bright and airy game room. Light is at a premium from the abundant windows as well as the intriguing and unique light fixtures.

23. Multi-Use Spaces

game room idea shelves game table

Source: Mark Hanson

This room has the look and feel of an office or conference room combined with a game room. When considering game room ideas, it is often helpful to incorporate what you already have or to consider multi-function rooms.

24. Modern Meets Country

A modern living room with just a touch of farmhouse style turns this large space into a bright and welcoming game room with the flick of a switch. Creative use of lighting helps define different spaces in the large room.

25. Room Of Plenty

With an abundance of seating, multiple game choices and a full bar and kitchen, this game room will provide hours of family entertainment. The recessed lighting combined with multiple windows allows a lot of light to shine on the fun.

26. Red, White And Blues

A patriotic display of the US flag provides a lovely place for your eye to focus on. It also anchors the room as punches of red and blue offset the stark whites. Natural light is bounced around the room to provide a lively, bright feeling.

27. Play, Play, Play

Whether you’re into playing music or games, this cheery room has the essentials to help you reach that goal. The brightly striped rug anchors the seating area and provides a happy pop of color.

28. Comfort And Family

game room idea bar pool table

Source: Laura Santos

From the soft leather chairs and sofa to the beautiful, over-sized photograph on the wall, this room screams, “a family lives and loves here.” The room’s pleasing colors and furnishings are inviting and welcome you to stay a while.

29. Sexy Curves

This beautiful room is filled with gorgeous curves that emphasize the warm wood used in the architecture as well as the game tables. A cozy matching bar invites guests to sit and have a drink while they wait their turn to play.

30. Wine Cellar Upgrade

This lavish room combines the best of both worlds when it turns the prestigious wine cellar into an invitation-only game room. The low lighting from the pendant fixture and the wine case add to the ambiance.

31. Ceiling Optional

It just goes to show you that your game room doesn’t have to be complete for you to start having fun in it. Even though the ceiling is missing, the tools and furnishings for entertainment aren’t.

32. Simple and Sleek

game room idea board game shelves

Source: Blair Harris

An example of a small and simple game room proves that you don’t have to go all out to have fun. A tidy built-in bookcase with drawers underneath provides plenty of storage for board games and other entertainment.

33. Before And After

The upgrades to this large and classy game room make it look like a completely different space. From the beautiful light fixture over the pool table to the various floor coverings, the updated room is stunning. You can tell that a lot of time was spent on this room’s design.

34. Ritzy Room

Glitz and glamour come to mind when viewing this luxurious game room. The combination of custom lighting and vibrant floor covering make it unnecessary to add wall art. Clear bar-height tables keep it from appearing too cluttered while adding to the room’s sparkle.

35. Fun Is Where You Make It

The other end of our previous game room boasts some game tables as wells as a large wall map for decor. Ceiling or not, this room proves that you can create your own fun in any space.

36. Write It On The Walls

Covering at least one of the long garage walls with chalkboard paint is an ingenious way to raise the fun factor. This garage-turned-game-room offers a place to keep score in ping-pong or darts and hone your tic-tac-toe skills.

37. Small But Powerful

A game room doesn’t have to be a room at all. If you have a handy niche where you can stash your game consoles and controllers, you can essentially make any room of the house a game room — especially if you add wheels.

38. Beauty Is Simple

Simplicity is often quite beautiful. This tasteful Japanese-inspired game room is a perfect example. The clean lines of the ping-pong table provide elegance while the oversized wall-mounted Scrabble board is a piece of artwork itself.

Now that you’ve seen that there really are no limits when it comes to picking the design and style for your own game room, what will you do? Will you turn your modern living room into a multi-purpose entertainment destination? Or do you plan on adding a small gaming corner for your video game fans? Whichever game room design speaks to you, have fun and make it truly your own.