40 Man Caves Ideas & Decor for 2020

Everyone needs a room of their own, even men. This is just one reason the Man Cave has become so popular. In this sacred space, a man can brew craft beer, catch a quick nap or watch the game in privacy.

There’s no need to sacrifice valuable square footage or spend a ton of money for a cool Man Cave. Whether you’re redecorating a home office or installing wall art, design is most effective when you’re upcycling or recycling old items.

These are some simple ideas designed to inspire your next home project, with inspiration from some of the greatest Man Caves of all time.

1. Natural Brick Walls

Natural brick walls make any Man Cave more “manly”. Don’t have brick in your home? There are many affordable faux brick veneers available.

2. Wood Pallet Bar

Pallet bars are easy to make and lend a comforting feel to any Man Cave. Break down the wood from that last pallet delivery and make something beautiful.

3. Personalized Flasks

man cave personalized flasks

Source: Shutterfly

Carrying a personalized flask is a right of passage for some men. These flasks are available in stainless steel, copper or matte black and are perfect for customization of any Man Cave.

4. Light and Shadows

Play with light and shadows by incorporating darker colors. This deep navy color captures a man’s shadowy mystique while the dramatic burgundy rugs bring in a playful pop of color.

5. Ottoman Makeover

Something as simple as recovering an old piece of furniture (like this ottoman) can make all the difference in bringing a room together.

6. Football Field Rug

man cave football field rug

Source: Chica and Jo

Whether you’re watching the game or having a beer, a custom rug can add a casual style to your room. This DIY Football Field rug is perfect for avid football fans.

7. Classic Bench Seating

man cave bench seating

Source: TRS – Cud

Reclaimed wood offers a big advantage in creative design. Incorporate bench seating into smaller areas for a dramatic effect.

8. Garage Renovation

A garage renovation is perfect for any Man Cave. Be sure to use the space properly — elevated shelves and plenty of wall art will still leave room for the car.

9. Minimal Design

man cave minimal reading space

Source: Alex Sawyer

For the bibliophile who prefers minimal design, a simple sitting area with plenty of bookcases makes the perfect Man Cave. Just add a comfortable chair, a stylish throw and plenty of books.

10. DIY Beverage Cabinet

Save money by using existing furniture, like this computer desk, to repurpose into a beverage cabinet. Cabinets are ideal for storing water and soda, and it’s easy to install a lock for liquor.

11. DIY Pallet Ceiling

man cave pallet ceiling

Source: Rose Atwater

Don’t forget about the ceiling when you’re remodeling! This is a clever use for recycling pallets into a ceiling that pulls the entire room together.

12. Vintage Look

When the call is put out for a rustic, americana style Man Cave, this designer utilized vintage elements to style a room. The long bar allows plenty of room for seating and the antiques lend a feeling of authenticity.

13. Message Board

man cave message board

Source: A Crafty Mix

Create a custom message board using old farming equipment or car parts. This is a great way to add some personality to any room and gives you plenty of room to leave messages.

14. Woven Floor Cushions

man cave woven cushions

Source: D. Che

Woven cushions are ideal for maximizing floor space and giving an area a natural Zen feel. Utilize floor space for a fluid motion in room design.

15. DIY Workbench

Workbenches can be easily made in a variety of different sizes and styles. Envision how you will use the workbench, then design it. It really can be that simple.

16. Choosing the Wood

Solid mango wood can lend a luxurious feel to the simplest of designs. Let the natural color variations of the wood speak for itself.

17. Personalized Growlers

man cave growler

Source: Shutterfly

A Man Cave needs a personalized growler. These airtight containers keep beer fresh and lend a personal touch to your private sanctuary.

18. Shared Spaces

man cave rustic cottage

Source: Annie Spratt

A simple rustic design is ideal for shared Man Cave spaces. A comfortable reading chair can be the perfect addition to an existing space.

19. Changing Light Fixtures

This dramatic room was inspired by a single light fixture. Choosing one element to design around will help you tie larger spaces together.

20. Use Local Vendors

When selecting designs, work with local craftsmen for a one-of-a-kind look. These bar stools are custom made by local artisans.

21. Leather and Faux Fur

man cave leather sofa

Source: Jon Tyson

Leather sofas and faux fur just naturally call to one another with a cry of, “We are luxury!” Choose a reversible throw to easily change the look of a room.

22. DIY Accent Table

Small elements can help stabilize the flow of design. This simple wood accent table helps break up geometric patterns in a room. Make your own with this tutorial.

23. Using Natural Elements

man cave wood elements

Source: Dane Deaner

Making use of natural wood, like this wood charger, helps brings the outdoors in for a rustic feel. Add a large pinecone and hurricane lamp for an outdoorsy feel.

24. Designing with Steel

man cave home office

Source: Lolly Jane

Occasionally, a Man Cave requires a woman’s touch. This makeover uses steel and clever, modern elements to create a clean line, masculine look.

25. Mini Hunting Cabin

Tiny homes are the perfect outdoor space for men. This tiny hunting cabin is the ideal getaway for hunters, giving them plenty of room to sleep and eat.

26. Setting the Bar

In most cases, a bar serves as the centerpiece of any Man Cave. No matter how you build it, the bar should match your style — from slickly modern to straw-thatched.

27. DIY Coffee Table

Reclaimed, weathered plywood affords the perfect opportunity to create a dramatic new look for any furniture. Pro Tip: Add a delicious coffee bar filled with your favorite syrups to compliment your new coffee table!

28. Shadow Boxes

man cave shadow box

Source: Shutterfly

Organize memorabilia with a shadow box. This is an excellent way of minimizing clutter and keeping an area open and inviting.

29. Repurposing Vintage Items

Details count for everything when it comes to remodeling a small space. Upcycle old materials, such as a classic doorknob or a repurposed porthole, to create a room as unique as its owner.

30. DIY Shelving

man cave toilet shelf

Source: Home by Jenn

A private bathroom is often a prized feature of a Man Cave. Use the space properly by adding custom shelving over the toilet. These shelves add plenty of space as well as a rustic feel.

31. Kitchen Cart Hack

A few simple changes to this IKEA cart turned into a piece of furniture worthy of luxury homes. If you’re not normally handy with tools, it’s best to start with an inexpensive base unit.

32. Baseball Bat Makeover

Focusing on a theme is the easiest way to makeover any room. This unique side table was crafted from a baseball bat, which helped focus the rest of the room.

33. Beer Barrel Bed

man cave beer barrel bed

Source: Bonjourlife

A beer barrel bed may be just the thing a Man Cave needs. This custom bed affords plenty of room for reading, writing and napping.

34. Heineken Man Cave

Inspiration comes from unusual places. This man was inspired by the Heineken Man Cave commercial to create his own green room devoted to his favorite beer.

35. DIY Beer Coasters

man cave custom beer mats

Source: Hip2Save

Custom beer coasters made from the labels of their favorite craft beer are a way for beer enthusiasts to track their favorite brews. This DIY shows you how to make them.

36. Leather Accents

Wood and leather accents make for an elegant Man Cave that can be enjoyed by the most sophisticated men. Look for carefully crafted pieces that will last a lifetime.

37. DIY Hanging Shelves

Shelving units can be as simple as planks and leather. Make sure you plan for the types of items shelving will hold, then select the elements needed. Hanging shelves use wall space much better than traditional bookshelves.

38. Maker’s Workbench

This Maker’s Workbench combines wood and steel for a useful butcher-block type workbench that will yield years of service. Combine different elements for a piece of furniture that is not only sturdy, but beautiful.

39. DIY Dart Board

man cave dart board

Source: 1001 Pallets

A custom dart board is the centerpiece of this Man Cave. Make your own dart board from an old pallet using this simple tutorial.

40. Barnwood Shelves

These rustic shelves are made from reclaimed barn wood. Not only do they add character to the room, they double as a place to hold towels and other necessities.

Once you’ve settled on a Man Cave design, break the project into small segments that can be accomplished in a weekend. These goals will help inspire you on to greater projects, like finally taking on that living room redesign you’ve been planning!