Pillow Sizes: A Complete Guide To Choosing The Perfect Size

Finding the right pillow sizes for your home can seem so trivial until the time comes for your next reno project or when you just need a pop of color. The endless options can nearly drive you crazy! There’s the Super Standard pillow size, the Queen — not to mention the fact that there are at least seven basic decorative pillow sizes. Being presented with so many options, pillow measurements and technical terms can be overwhelming. We decided to put together the ultimate guide to finding the best size and type of pillow for every space.

The Basics: Your Sleeping Pillows

Pillow SizeMetric Measurements (cm)Imperial MeasurementsStandard Pillow(51 x 56 cm)20” x 26”Super Standard Pillow(51 x 71 cm)20” x 28”Queen Pillow(51 x 76 cm)20” x 30”King Pillow(51 x 92 cm)20” x 36”Body PillowVary in sizeVary in size

Standard Size Pillow

The Swiss knife of pillows. This 20” x 26” pillow is perfect for all bed sizes, especially Twin and Double beds (when using two). It fits best in a Standard pillowcase size but can fit well in a Queen, leaving just a little extra fabric at the ends. It’s also the go-to option for those who like to squish their pillows when they sleep.

Super Standard Size Pillow

Although the name can throw you off, the only difference between the Super Standard and the Standard is length. Measuring 20” x 28”, this is our favorite fit for Twin beds as it leaves no gaps at the ends and gives the bed a more inviting feel. Perfect for Double beds and sleepers that move around a little more. Both Standard & Queen pillowcases fit well with this one.

queen bed

Queen Size Pillow

Measuring 20” x 30”, two of these fit perfectly across Queen size beds. Also, if you’re looking to give a smaller bed a more plush and luxurious feel, go for this one. It’s most recommended for restless sleepers since it provides support across the shoulders. A Queen size pillowcase fits best but if you like your pillows a tad firmer, go for the Standard pillowcase.

King Size Pillow

Measuring 20” x 36”, this pillow is ideal for King and California King size beds. The size can negatively impact your posture so it’s not always recommended for sleeping, but it’s great for those who like to read or work in bed. It can also be used to give a nice lift to other smaller sleeping and decorative pillows. Fits perfectly in a King size pillowcase.

body pillow


This 20” x 54” pillow is great for all of our side sleepers out there. Its length and plushy feel support full spinal alignment, making it a welcomed companion for pregnant women. It can also double as a decorative pillow so choose a pattern and color that best fits your color scheme.

The Accents: Your Decorative Pillows

TypeMetric Measurements (cm)Imperial MeasurementsEuro Pillow(64 x 64 cm)25” x 25”Neckroll PillowVary in sizeVary in sizeSmall Deco Pillow(41 x 41 cm)16” x 16”Regular Deco Pillow(46 x 46 cm)18” x 18”Large Deco Pillow(51 x 51 cm)20” x 20”Rectangular Throw Pillow(46 x 61 cm)18” x 24”Boudoir Pillow(31 x 41 cm)12” x 16”

Euro Pillow

This square pillow typically measures 25” x 25” and looks best when placed behind all other sleeping or decorative pillows. It not only adds dimension and color to any bed, but it also doubles as a comfy support pillow for bedtime readers — which is why it’s our go-to recommendation for dorm rooms.

Neckroll Pillow

These little ones vary in size but are quite cute and a great way to add texture to beds, sofas and living room chairs. Although mostly recommended for decoration, they can also be used behind the neck or knees for support.

pillow entryway

Deco Pillow

These small, square-shaped pillows typically come in three different sizes: 16” x 16”, 18” x 18” and 20” x 20”. Their shape and size make them our favorite accent pillows and a popular gift idea. They come in endless colors and stylish patterns so let your creativity flow and decorate your dream space.

Rectangular Throw Pillow

Also considered a deco, this rectangular shaped 18” x 24” pillow can be used to add color and dimension to any wide area like a large armchair or small bench. Place it in your reading nook or window sill and you’ve got yourself a cozy little space.

reading nook

Boudoir Pillow

Another wildly popular and versatile choice is the 12” x 16” boudoir pillow. Use it to add some fun color to any living room, office space or even a small entryway. Placing a couple of these on a sofa or office futon is an easy way to achieve a polished and chic look.

Outdoor Pillow

These vary greatly in size so be sure to measure your furniture before purchasing outdoor patio pillows. Also, not all pillows are made alike! If you’re not quite sure whether the pillow you’re purchasing is outdoor-friendly material, a safe bet would be to look for a cotton canvas or duck cloth exterior and polyester fibers or polyurethane foam for the fill. Any color and pattern can create an inviting and cozy outdoor space, but if you’re looking for durability, deep earth tones like a burnt orange or dark red are sure to last.

Filling and decorating a room can be fun until you’re thrown for a loop with technicalities. Just remember that your standard pillow measurements are just there for reference. In the end, it’s up to your style and taste, so rejoice in the limitless choices and create your own perfect space.