27 Bedroom Color Combinations For Every Style

Your bedroom is an important room in your home: it isn’t just where you sleep, it’s where you start and end each day. A great color scheme that reflects your personality and helps you relax is important to optimize your space. From pillows and linens to wall colors and furniture, you have lots of opportunities to make your bedroom style uniquely yours. Check out our bedroom color combinations for style inspiration and the room recharge you seek.

Black and Rose

black and rose bedroom

Design a lavish bedroom ensemble with simple tones of black, rose and gray. The contrast offered by the black wall gives the room a warm feeling. The lighter tones bring balance and peace.

Tan, Orange, Black and Off-White

tan, orange, black and off-white

Cover a wall — or even half a wall — with bricks to build texture in your bedroom. Balance the color combination with soft, complementary tones like tan and orange. Want another layer of visual dimension? Incorporate blacks and whites into simple details like your picture frames.

Dusty Blues and Rich Greens

dusty blues and rich greens

Charming and dreamy, this dusty blue bedroom sets the mood to serene. Accent the space with darker features, like plants, vases and decorative pillows.

Emerald and Tawny Brown

emerald green and tawny brown

If you’re a book lover or plant enthusiast, this bedroom design will suit your fancy. Line bookshelves with your favorite hardcovers and paperbacks, then arrange indoor plants on the top shelf. Paint your walls emerald to complement the green plants’ earthy coloring.

Navy and Merlot

navy and merlot

Incorporate wood pieces into your bedroom scheme for both color and character. Find complementary accents in redstone shades, then paint an accent wall in navy for a striking contrast.

Black, Cedar and Rose

black, cedar and rose

Pair soft pink with black and brown tones in accessories like throw pillows and wall art. Keep the scheme lighter by utilizing the pink tone alongside a lighter blue shade. You’ll achieve an airy feel thanks to the softer tones and character offered by the darker touches.

Gold, Evergreen and Muted Blue

gold, evergreen and muted blue

Brighten your bedroom space with a gold painting or accent wall. Build contrast with black and navy tones in details like your light fixtures and throw pillows. Add in evergreen for a complete color scheme that’s rich yet not overpowering.

Shadow Gray and Beige

shadow grey and beige

Looking for bedroom colors that are mellow but beautiful? Opt for a gray color scale for everything from your bed linens to your DIY room decor.

Periwinkle Blue with Tan Tones

Periwinkle Blue with Tan Tones

Paint your walls with a periwinkle blue and decorate with browns, tans and darker blue tones. The balance of soft colors creates a dreamy atmosphere you’ll love relaxing in. Bring playful energy to the room with hanging lights.

Teal and Candy Red

teal and candy red

By choosing a colorful, playful design for your walls, you add immediate energy to the room. Temper the effect by opting for solid color bed linens and accessories.

Brown, Black and Tan

Brown, Black and Tan

Bedroom color combinations don’t have to include bright colors. Keep your entire scale neutral with black, tan and gray. Add texture through fabrics like suede and leather to create a classic feel with a modern edge.

Blue and Rose

blue and rose

Compose your primary color scheme with blue and rose for a sophisticated appearance. Your linens and accessories should also include these main colors as well as lighter accents like white and gold.

Mustard and Navy

mustard and navy

Add a bit of flair to a classic bedroom color scheme by placing mustard against navy. The contrast fills the room with warmth and offers plenty of personality.

Nautical Blues

nautical blues

Do you feel relaxed when you’re next to the water? Transform your bedroom into a nautical oasis. Incorporate a gradient scale of blues to design everything from your wall colors to your throw pillows and lamps.

Olive, Orange and Yellow

olive, orange and yellow

Compose a bright and cheerful bedroom color scheme with orange, green and teal. Decorative pillows are a great way to add color — and they give you the flexibility to alter your scheme later on. Keep your walls and linens a neutral color to allow the vibrant accents to grab your attention.

Black and Gold

black and gold

For a sophisticated yet classic design, opt for a black and gold bedroom color scheme. Consider adding applied molding — like the border on this gray wall — for extra texture. Easily incorporate gold into the space through your light fixtures and wall decor.

Navy and Orange

navy and orange

Go bold with an orange and navy color scheme. The stark contrast provides warm energy to this important room in your home. Temper the stronger colors with white and blue linens and accessories.

Cerulean Blue and Rosy Red

cerulean blue and rosy red

Mount colorful planters on the wall for succulents or cacti. Incorporate similar colors into your accessories, like this fun piano throw pillow. With neutral linens and walls, the brighter tones can really shine.

Pinks and Oranges

pinks and oranges

Make your bedroom a beautiful, peaceful oasis. Create a blend of pinks and light oranges in your walls and bed linens. This soft backdrop allows you to add bits of color through details like flowers, candles and wall art.

Teal and Coral

teal and coral

Wall designs that look three dimensional make a small bedroom feel larger than it really is. Choose an accent wall for your design, then implement solid colors, like white and gold, in other pieces of your decor.

Orange, Red, Yellow and Blue

orange, red, yellow and blue

Looking for fun bedroom color combinations? Compose your scheme with orange, red, yellow and periwinkle blue. You’ll have a cheerful aura that’s bound to brighten any morning.

Lavender and Violet

lavender and violet

Don’t be afraid to infuse multiple colors into your bedroom decor. Pair lavender and violet for a rich scheme that has a vintage feel. Bring in other accent tones like pink and orange in your wall hangings and pillows to round out the scene.

Reds and Oranges with Pine Green

Reds and Oranges with Pine Green

Maximize the effect of your bedroom colors by selecting vibrant tones, like red and orange, for your bed linens and comforter. Be sure to balance the brightness with neutral-toned walls and floors.

Rose, Fern Green, Black and White

Rose, Fern Green, Black and White

A little color can go a long way. With white or gray walls, add black and pink elements in your wall hangings and other bedroom decor. You’ll create a relaxing atmosphere that also offers visual appeal and texture.

Violet and Turquoise

Violet and Turquoise

Design a room that’s bright and fun by incorporating teal, turquoise and purple. Find unique pieces like a flower vase or plush blanket to add texture to this cheery combination.

Black, Gray and Light Teal

Black, Gray and Light Teal

If you live in an industrial space like a refurbished warehouse, make black and gray your mainstays. Splash in color with light teal and brown to offer additional character to the already exciting locale.

Daffodil Yellow, Dijon and Teal

Daffodil Yellow, Dijon and Teal

Aim for bright, fun and cheerful with a yellow and teal bedroom color scheme. Through complementary details like framed art and succulents, your room will be bursting with warmth — no matter the time of year.

A bedroom that matches your style and offers you energy is invaluable. When you personalize your room, you feel more relaxed and rejuvenated. Consider adding a custom pillow or blanket to complete your perfect space.