20 Ways To Decorate A Small Bedroom

A small bedroom’s main purpose should always be function. However, having a small place to sleep and store your belongings doesn’t mean you should sacrifice style and comfort. This is where we turn to bedroom decor––it can create a cozy retreat while providing a practical use of space.

The idea of decorating a small bedroom can initially feel challenging. By incorporating color, carefully curated art and furniture arrangements, you can maximize square footage and set the right atmosphere for your bedroom.

To help you transform your small bedroom into the perfect space based on your style and needs, we’ve compiled 20 creative decorating ideas. From simple things like adding a fleece blanket or throw pillow to some more complex projects like DIY storage, this list is sure to inspire the best layout.

1. Cohesive Colors And Patterns

Eclectic decor can often make a room seem cluttered, so we recommend going for cohesive decor and complementary colors to make a small bedroom more inviting.

2. DIY Closet Space

Make use of nooks and wall space for storage. Small bedrooms often don’t give you much in terms of storage, so add some hanging shelves and racks.

3. All White Walls

A combination of white and burlap decor is perfect for when you want a room to look open and clean. Keep your walls and furniture white while adding burlap and dark accents.

4. Eye-Catching Headboard

Add an upholstered headboard with a unique print to make your bed the focal point. For a feminine, chic look, combine one bright shade, pastel and a couple of neutrals like white or black to help your room come together.

5. Statement Hanging Decor

Go minimal with a single large statement piece in the center of the room. A DIY yarn wall hanging is easy, budget-friendly and customizable to any color scheme or decor.

6. Eclectic Patterns And Wall Hangings

Create texture and pops of color by adding unique patterns and indoor hanging wall decor and indoor plants. Whether it’s a fun mirror, some flowers or banana leaf print pillows, your room is sure to look polished.

7. Color Blocking Walls

For a clean and modern look, color blocking is a great way to add color and dimension. Whether it’s double-colored walls or four walls split evenly between two colors, you’re sure to give your room a contemporary vibe.

8. Oversized Wall Decor

You don’t have to sacrifice bed size for a small room. If you’re opting for a full or queen sized bed, make it the focal point with a colorful and chic oversized canvas art and a small matching nightstand or table.

9. Smart Wall Space

In small bedrooms, organization is key. Create a practical layout in your closet or on an empty wall for storage. Include cubbies, racks and drawers to provide space for shoes, clothes and even toys.

10. Low Furniture

Source: My Full House

A low bed can also give the appearance of a larger room. Combine a low bed with a small nightstand to keep your room from feeling overly crowded.

11. Accent Wallpaper

In a small bedroom, let your walls be the artwork with graphic prints and colors. One eye-catching wall combined with neutral bedding or furniture will give your bedroom a professionally designed look.

12. Hanging Mirrors

Small pieces of furniture and decor combined with mirrors on the wall help to make a small room appear more spacious.

13. Airy Drapes

Hang soft drapes to contain your sleeping space and create a private, cozy oasis. This is great to create privacy in studio apartments.

14. Hanging Single Light Bulb

Because lamps can quickly take up space in a small bedroom, consider hanging a light from the ceiling for a modern touch.

15. Hideaway Bed

A hideaway wall bed is a great way to save space in a small bedroom. Utilize the space around the bed for storage or décor for a cozier feel.

16. Plush Bedding

Not only are extra throw pillows super comfortable, they are a simple way to create a homey atmosphere. Add a plush comforter and a few throw pillows to make your small space cozy and inviting.

17. Unique And Fresh Textures

Source: Laura Moss

Use overlapping rugs of contrasting textures and shapes to create a uniquely boho bedroom. Add some fresh indoor potted plants or a hanging planter to help open up the space.

18. Hanging Accessories

Source: Sarah Dorio

Nowhere to store your cowboy hats or accessories? Make them a part of your bedroom’s decor by hanging them in an interesting or cohesive pattern. You’ll save space and money by creating repurposed decor.

19. Floating Shelves

Source: Tidy Mom

Floating shelves are a great way to display dimensional décor, plus they provide extra space to set your knickknacks.

20. Symmetrical And Neutral

Symmetry and simplicity is key for a small bedroom. Think about how you can eliminate clutter through storage, drawers and organization.

Since we spend an average of one third of our lives in bed, the bedroom has to be a place we enjoy. Aesthetics can go a long way in creating a welcoming atmosphere regardless of the room’s size, so brainstorm a few ideas to put together your ideal space.