Easy DIY Hanging Planter To Liven Up Any Room

Whether you’ve just started looking for plant decor ideas or you’re an advanced gardener, you’ve probably come across hanging plants. Hanging plants can add life to any room and with the right tools, it’s easy to create your own.  

For a DIY hanging plant, you can’t go wrong with a pothus or a philodendron variety, but there are also others you can use such as petunias, painted lady succulents or donkey tails. When selecting a pot, just make sure it allows for drainage. If your hanging plant will be a gift, a personalized pot is an added sweet gesture.

How To Make a DIY Hanging Planter

Before purchasing materials, first you’ll need to think about where you want your hanging plants to be and then plan your colors around that. Most materials you need can be bought at any craft store. For plants, visit your local nursery and talk to an expert who will help you choose the right plant for your home since lighting can be key to maintaining them.


For this DIY hanging plant, you’ll need:

  • Unfinished wood frame
  • Jute twine
  • Potted plant
  • Paint
  • Paint brush
  • Scissors

Step 1: Start with your unfinished frame. This type of frame can usually be found in the canvas section of your local art store. For ours, we used a 6×6 frame but they come in a variety of sizes.

Step 2: Paint your frame in whatever color you’d like and set aside to dry for approximately two hours. We suggest using something neutral so that it complements any pot color and style.

Step 3: Decide how low you want your plant to hang and cut your first piece of twine accordingly. Loop your twine around the corner of your frame. Make sure you pull tight after you’ve done so to secure it.

Step 4: Repeat this step to all four sides of your frame. You can choose to use colored rope if you prefer, but we recommend jute since it doesn’t slip.

Step 5: Insert your pot into the wood frame. You can also choose to hang the frame first and insert the pot after, but it’s always good to feel how heavy the hanging planter is and how the leaves fall over the jute first.    

Step 6: Gather the strings of all four sides, make a knot at the top, hang and enjoy! Pair them with other hanging plants, beautiful canvas prints or a DIY yarn wall hanging.

As you can see, you don’t need to be an expert gardener to create this adorable hanging plant. These hanging planters work great in a small living room setting since they don’t take up much room and are perfect for anyone who enjoys DIY home decor. Which plants will you be hanging?