80 Color Schemes Ideas for Any Room

Choose a Room

The colors you introduce into your home truly help support the atmosphere you envisioned for each space. Whether you’re transforming a plain bedroom into an intimate sanctuary or want to create a welcoming space for family and friends out of a simple kitchen, your success weighs heavily on the color scheme. Browse through our room color scheme ideas to get inspired by the color palettes carried out in these living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens. Don’t forget to be selective when it comes to the shades you embrace—that will ultimately be the driving force behind the mood that each space will emit. To truly show off your personal style, make sure you adorn every room with decor that speaks to you. Customize each room with canvas prints, personalized candles and other statement home decor to elevate the look and feel of the space.

Living Room Color Schemes

Your living room is a special space where you spend time relaxing or entertaining. Whether you want to design a formal room or keep it casual, make sure it’s a place that both your family and guests feel comfortable.

Bedroom Color Schemes

Since your bedroom is the place you begin and end your day, you want it to be both relaxing and motivating. It’s the room in the house that you can truly call your own, so it’s important to choose a color scheme that reflects your personal style.

Kitchen Color Schemes

Your kitchen is the heart of your home. It functions as a place to prepare and cook, but it’s also the room where you host and entertain guests. Beyond considering the layout and appliances, the color scheme will help create a warm and inviting vibe.

Bathroom Color Schemes

Although the bathroom is one of the smallest rooms in the house, the color scheme and design can turn it into divine sanctuary. From fiery reds to soothing lavender, there are endless possibilities to choose from for your bathroom color scheme.