20 Enticing Kitchen Color Schemes

As the most frequented rooms in any home, your kitchen should should be an inviting space that shows off your personal style. Utilizing vivid colors and unique decor, you can turn an average room into something you and your guests will love to spend time in.

To kickstart ideas for your kitchen remodel, we’ve compiled inspiring kitchen color schemes that incorporate a variety of both bold and understated colors. Whether you’re searching for a country rustic feel, a sleek modern look or anything in between, you can use these kitchens as inspiration to help achieve a similar look.

Once you’ve selected your colors, make sure to adorn your kitchen with beautiful decor like these table runners or ceramic tiles.

Modern Homestyle Flair

Sources: Andrea Shumaker Interior

Who says a modern kitchen can’t also have a cozy feel? This combination of black cabinetry and a rustic-finished island offers sleek design without sacrificing on comfort and style. Photographer Emily Minton Redfield captured the bright aura of this kitchen by showcasing the extensive windows and open layout. This unique combination of textures and color can be mimicked in kitchens with a similar open layout.

Smooth Style

Sources: Lake Dean Inc

Staying simple with your color scheme allows for you to play with the kitchen accessories like these bowls and canisters. Opting for a white countertop and matching backsplash will help open up a smaller kitchen in a sleek way. Another way to incorporate color in your kitchen is by choosing cabinets with glass-front doors, where you can easily display fun knickknacks or customized plates.

Color Burst

Sources: Alison Kandler Interior Design

This enchanting kitchen plays with fun colors without letting them overpower the room. In vivid personal style, green, orange and yellow paints were integrated for accent and contrast. The white countertop and island bring the kitchen together, evening out the vibrant colors.

Global Appeal

Sources: Dean Inc.

Using a mix of earthy tones, this blue and green kitchen bursts with warmth. The wooden chairs and island countertop provide a relaxed feel, without detracting from the crisp white cabinets. Sprinkling in a touch of elegance, the marble stove backdrop and clear chandeliers keep this room classy yet intimate. Photographed beautifully by Emily Minton Redfield, this kitchen is one you’ll be excited to cook in.

Green Country Chic

Sources: Dean Inc.

A modern play on country kitchens, this bright design features sleek modern cabinets and patterned backsplash tile. The light olive cabinets act as the base color without overwhelming the rest of the room. Instead of a kitchen island, the designer chose a wooden table and chairs for the center eating space. Perfect for hosting dinner or drinks, this all-in-one kitchen is bound to be the most popular spot in the neighborhood.

Pretty in Pink

Sources: Brandon Barre

This color scheme pops with pink personality. Using blush colored tones and stainless steel appliances, celebrity designers Colin and Justin made cooking fun all year round. With a plush rug and pink tabletop, this kitchen lets the pastel pink take the center stage.

Shine and Dine

Sources: Dean Inc.

The sleek light fixtures, countertops and appliances in this kitchen help bring out the light salmon wall paint and gray island. Introducing light shades into your kitchen will help open up and illuminate the space regardless of its size.

Purple Paradise

Sources: Alison Kandler Interior Design

Bringing a kitchen to life is easy with bright windows, a colorfully painted island and an angled skylight. The white cabinets and wooden countertops allow the purple’s zest to take center stage. Photographer Mark Lohman shows how a corner kitchen can offer plenty of space and personality.

Rustic Red

Sources: Coravillis Custom Kitchen and Baths

To take a step back from a traditional kitchen and play with colors on the cabinetry, walls and backsplash. Photographed by Terry Poe, this cherry red and moss green room is both creative and practical.

Teal Treasure

Sources: Sheila Bridges Design

This kitchen is captivating with its even blend of teal and gray tones. The solid-colored cabinets and patterned wallpaper break up the small space and open up the kitchen. By incorporating unique accessories like the golden globe light fixture, you can transform a kitchen theme from classic to modern.

White Modern Luxury

Sources: Currant Interior Design

This stunning white and gray contrast opens up the kitchen layout and offers an elegant look. If you opt for lighter colors on the walls and cabinetry, consider pairing it with darker floors to intensify the contrast. With a mix of dark and light backsplash tiles along with sleek white cabinets, this kitchen feels luxurious, clean—and ready to welcome guests.

Wooden Wonderland

Sources: Emma Chapman via Jeffrey Dungan Architecture

From the gorgeous hardwood flooring to the driftwood chandelier, this exquisite kitchen utilizes various wood tones and styles. The light yellow walls complement both the soft and dark colored wood—making the kitchen open and warm. With a signature center island and thin shelving unit, this kitchen maximizes space and allows the windows to work their magic.

Black and Orange Contrast

Bring a modern touch to your kitchen through a soft contrast of black and orange hues—along with sleek finishes on your cabinets and countertop. Place an electric stove in the island to save on space and make food prep easy. With this colorful but not overpowering combination, your kitchen can offer a bright and inviting atmosphere for both cooking and hosting guests.

Light and Bright

This kitchen design offers a dynamic three-in-one: bright, calm and charming. The open layout and large island makes for a highly functional kitchen with plenty of space. Applying a soft egg nog color for the main backdrop brings a calm aura to the room, giving way to finer details like a patterned countertop and rich hardwood floors.

Red Country Haven

Make your kitchen cozy with hardwood floors and a stone wall accent. Bring in color and personality through brick red and black painted cabinetry. Perfect for a country home or farmhouse, this warm earthy color scheme will have your guests feeling relaxed.

Red and White Delight

Using an eggshell wall paint allows you to add splashes of personality throughout your kitchen without throwing off the color scheme. This designer used scarlet red bar stools and decorative light fixtures to add character and charisma to the room. With a speckled granite countertop and stainless steel appliances, this kitchen radiates a modern look with a homey feel.

Luscious Lavender

Enjoy the tranquil look of lavender through these dreamy backsplash tiles. Keep a crisp look by using white cabinetry and elegant countertops. Don’t be shy about accenting your kitchen with richer colors like the honey orange walls and dark hardwood floors.

Savory Sage

Step away from a traditional kitchen color scheme. Try this sage and olive mix that offers a uniquely charming ambience for both cooking and hosting. With an island that boasts extra storage, you’ll have plenty of room for all of your favorite kitchen supplies. Harmonize the room with speckled granite countertop or colorful stone tiles.

Turquoise Dream

Why shouldn’t a kitchen be bright, colorful and airy? This dynamic turquoise livens up the room—and the home. With white painted walls and cabinets, the kitchen keeps a fresh look while allowing the turquoise to radiate its personality. Remember little touches can make all the difference, like the colored borders on the cabinets and statement wall clock above the door.

Brown and Black Blend

A black and brown color palette fosters a warm atmosphere for any style of home. Lighter accents like the dandelion yellow backsplash and sandstone colored countertop aligns with the theme while offering necessary contrast. If you opt for a darker color scheme, remember to use softer lighting to create a soothing kitchen ambience.