33 Pregnancy Gift Ideas She’ll Actually Use

No matter who’s expanding their family — whether it’s your sister, friend, or coworker — showing your support can go a long way. During this beautiful time of change and anticipation, a small gift or gesture shows you’re excited for their new bundle of joy.

So for that special person who’s expecting a new baby, check out several maternity gift ideas before settling on the right one. Our 33 pregnancy gift ideas will offer you plenty of inspiration — for everything from cute baby clothes to items that will pamper mom-to-be. You’ll find something on our list for every style and personality.

Remember that the best pregnancy gifts come from the heart. Consider a personalized item like a canvas tote or a <ahref=”https://www.shutterfly.com/photo-gifts/jewelry/gold-kristin-necklace”>photo necklace.

1. Crochet Baskets

pregnancy gift ideas crochet baskets

Source: Malloo Knits

Pregnant mamas and babies need a lot new paraphernalia—from clothing to body lotion. Help your friend or sister stay organized by crocheting baskets for her nursery and bathroom.

2. Nursery Banner

pregnancy gift ideas flag banner

Source: Aimee Bee

Design wall decoration for the little one’s room by creating fabric pennants. Choose solid-colored and patterned fabrics to form the triangles then sew them on a strip of ribbon for easy hanging.

3. Tropical Body Scrub

pregnancy gift ideas tropical body scrubs

Source: Hello Glow

Give mama five-star treatment with homemade body scrub. Blend a variety of scents—from mango to hibiscus—using safe, all-natural ingredients. She’ll appreciate a relaxing way to kick back during her pregnancy.

4. Maternity Jeans

Looking for practical gifts for expecting moms? Maternity clothes are always a slam dunk. Find a pair of stretchy jeans, then add knit ribbing to make room for that growing baby bump.

5. Natural Sunscreen

pregnancy gift ideas natural sunscreen

Source: Demetres

Protect mama from harmful rays with natural sunscreen. Made of shea butter and coconut oil, this creamy blend is ideal for sunny beach days and afternoon ice cream trips.

6. Personalized Mug

pregnancy gift ideas script mug

Source: Shutterfly

The best pregnancy gifts come from the heart. Design a custom mug for coffee, tea, or hot chocolate that’s designed just for her. Write “pretty mama” or “super mama” on the mug for a special touch.

7. Cute Cactus Onesie

A clever onesie can be made with fabric paints or a vinyl adhesive. Try a design with a cactus or one with a taco image and the words “taco ’bout cute.”

8. Knit Scarf

Need a gift for a pregnant friend in the fall or winter? Knit her a colorful scarf with tassels so she can bundle up in style.

9. Handsewn Dress

pregnancy gift ideas girl onesies

Source: BugabooCity

Transform a regular onesie into a cute dress for your friend’s baby girl. Add a cotton jersey wrap skirt to a onesie with velcro so mom can adjust the size as baby grows.

10. Herbal Bath Soak

Whether she’s experiencing fatigue or swollen feet, give her the ultimate way to relax. This blend of herbs, dried flowers, salts, and oats will make bathtime refreshing and rejuvenating.

11. Family Calendar

pregnancy gift ideas family photo calendar

Source: Shutterfly

Commemorate the growth of her family with a calendar full of special photos. From the ultrasound snapshots to vacation candids with her partner, she’ll love looking at each month as her pregnancy unfolds.

12. Baby Bodysuit

pregnancy gift ideas peter pan collar onesie

Source: I Love DIY

Expectant mamas can never have too many clothes for their little one. Embellish a bodysuit with fabric or adhesive for extra style. Choose a size that’s fit for a newborn.

13. DIY Body Lotion

Lather your mama friend with love with homemade body lotion. A blend of coconut oil, avocado butter, and grapeseed oil make this recipe superb for those with allergies or sensitive skin.

14. Personalized Gift Basket

Fill a basket with items she’ll appreciate during her pregnancy: lavender soap, a comfy blanket, magazines, and a scented candle. She’ll cherish all of the pregnancy gift ideas you included in one thoughtful present.

15. Homemade Maternity Skirt

pregnancy gift ideas pregnancy skirt

Source: Ohoh Deco

Comfortable clothes make a tremendous difference during pregnancy. Sew her a skirt that she can wear with her growing baby bump. Choose a fun patterned fabric she can wear with solid-colored shirts.

16. Yogurt Face Mask

pregnancy gift ideas yogurt masks

Source: Hello Glow

Refresh the mama-to-be with a natural yogurt face mask. Try blends with honey, berries, or oatmeal.

17. Photo Coaster

pregnancy gift ideas gold jewelry

Source: Shutterfly

Add coasters to her living room or dining room that feature family and maternity photos. The best part? They can even double as jewelry trays.

18. Sports T-Shirt

Is the new little one joining a family of sports fans? Turn a solid-colored shirt into a football, baseball, or basketball with fabric paint or fabric glue and ribbon.

19. Colorful Soap Pops

Brighten up her bathroom or kitchen with melted soap pops. Make yours festive for the 4th of July or choose a pastel color like sea green or periwinkle.

20. Natural Insect Repellent

Help your friend or sister ward off pesky bugs with natural insect repellent. Whip up a batch with lemon eucalyptus and lavender scents.

21. Crochet Baby Hat

Keep baby warm and cozy with a crocheted hat. Think about how old they’ll be during the cooler months—will they be a newborn or six months old? Adjust your pattern to fit the right size.

22. Festive Tea Towel

pregnancy gift ideas personalized tea towell

Source: Shutterfly

Custom tea towels make for meaningful and practical pregnancy gifts. They can line a serving tray or help keep her dishes dry. Add a photo or inspiring quote to make the gift personal.

23. Baby Kimono Shoes

Handmade baby clothes and necessities will be cherished by the mom-to-be. Start with two pieces of fabric to construct these kimono shoes and adhere them together for a cute design. Pair the shoes with a matching onesie for a complete outfit.

24. Mama Pregnancy Costume

pregnancy gift ideas care bear costume

Source: Cozy Reverie

Will your friend, sister, or wife be pregnant over Halloween? Make celebrating easy by creating a costume as an animal, avocado, pumpkin, or gumball machine.

25. Baby Headband

Decorate a soft nylon headband with a felt or leather bow. The new parents will appreciate a cute accessory that’s ready to go for their little princess.

26. Glass Jewelry Plate

pregnancy gift ideas glass jewlery plate

Source: Shutterfly

Personalize a jewelry dish as a gift for your pregnant friend. Include photos of her family or favorites from her maternity shoot.

27. Bug Balm Stick

pregnancy gift ideas oil bug balm sticks

Source: Hello Glow

Relieve inflammation and irritated skin caused by bug bites. These balm sticks are simple to make: just blend coconut oil, shea butter, beeswax, and essential oils.

28. Triangular Shawl

Crochet a comfortable shawl out of super soft yarn. Aim for a simple pattern like stripes or one with a single-colored border.

29. Shower Gel

In the market for gifts for your pregnant wife or sister? Opt for giving her a heavenly experience with homemade shower gel infused with pine, rosemary, cedar and orange.

30. Ruched Onesie

pregnancy gift ideas girl onesies

Source: BugabooCity

Dress up a onesie by ruching the collar and adding a bow. Opt for a fun design like a onesie featuring giraffes, bunnies or monkeys.

31. Custom Phone Case

pregnancy gift ideas monogrammed phone case

Source: Shutterfly

As a new mom, she’ll likely be snapping lots of photos with her phone. Gift her with a new phone case that’s personalized with her initial or a family photo.

32. Lotion Bars

Treat mama to a spa-like experience. Blend cocoa butter, shea butter, and peppermint essential oil together to form a lotion bar she can lather on her skin for nourishment.

33. Maternity Outfit

pregnancy gift ideas pregnancy jeans

Source: Pastill

Expand her wardrobe with maternity pants, skirts, and shirts. Aim for pieces that can be layered, like tank tops and sweaters.

Still unsure what to choose for the expectant mama? Try a custom notebook where she can record her pregnancy memories and ideas. Or find more inspiration through these best friend gift ideas.