Baby Shower Thank You Card Wording Your Guests Will Adore

baby shower thank you card wording

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Thank you notes are appropriate after many occasions and a baby shower is no exception. There are a variety of aspects that go into executing a successful shower. Between planning the food, prizes and decorations, one thing that’s certain is that your hostess has her hands full. Your attendees also took the time out of their day to shower you with love, cute baby shower wishes, gifts, advice and support. Although you’ve probably thanked each one of them in person and even opened gifts in front of those you’ve received them from, it is still traditionally expected to send your appreciation through a thank you card.

With a handful of guests ranging from close friends to acquaintances, you’ll have a bunch of thank you messages to write. This can make it difficult to craft each and every thank you card to feel one-of-a-kind. Assure that you’re not sounding the same in each one of your notes and make a lasting impression with these baby shower thank you card wording ideas and proper etiquette tips.

Follow our easy template for what to write in a baby shower thank you card below to create a unique message for your guests or jump to a specific section:

What to Write in a Baby Shower Thank You Card?

As you sit down to write your baby shower thank you cards keep in mind that personalization is key. Tailor each card to the gifts you received and select your words to reflect your relationship with the attendee. It may not be realistic to have a completely different message for each guest but, by keeping a few guidelines in mind and following our template, you’ll be able to easily execute a specially crafted message. Use our six steps for what to write in a baby shower thank you card below to show your gratitude and warm the hearts of your baby shower attendees:

  1. Use a personalized introduction and address each guest by name. Since your baby shower is a very personal occasion, start your thank you cards off on a personal note and write the guest’s first name. For a cute touch, you can also use a nickname. If you’re going to use a salutation before the name, avoid  ‘Dear’ as it reflects more of a formal tone.
  2. Express your thanks with a sentiment that shows your appreciation like “Thank you!” It’s not only a sign of respect, but expressing gratitude makes everyone involved feel good. Make a conscious effort to include these words in your greeting.
  3. Mention the gifts and how you plan to use them. Personalize each card specific to the gifts you received. Your baby shower host should have a list of each gift you opened and who it was from. Use this list to craft your baby shower thank you notes and select words that reiterate your excitement for the present and how you and baby will be putting it to use.
  4. Write something personal that will make your guests feel as special as you did on your big day. For this part of your thank you message, think about your relationship with the guest you are writing to. This is where you can add an extra special thank you for those guests who traveled far to be at the shower or for the extra generous gifts you may have received. If a guest was not able to make it to the shower, but sent a gift in their place, you can use this area of the thank you note to mention how much you missed having them there with you on your big day. Go unscripted and write from the heart.
  5. Wrap up your thank you message with a forward looking statement. Signal that your message is coming to an end and reiterate your appreciation to your attendee for making your baby shower a day that you will never forget.
  6. Sign off with a warm closing. Leave your guests off on the same note as you started and include a warm sign off.
what to write in a baby shower thank you card

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While you’re crafting your cards, surrounded by a lifetime supply of diapers and adorable onesies, remember that your guests are not going to be comparing the thank you notes they receive. Also remember, that no one likes to get a generic thank you card message. Use our template to find the perfect balance between personalization and time saving techniques. Saying thanks just got a whole lot cuter!

Baby Shower Thank You Card Etiquette

Now that you have a template for what to say in a baby shower card, use these thank you card etiquette tips to answer other questions you may run into while crafting your cards. By keeping these important thank you note tips in mind, you will not only stay ahead of the curve but also, eliminate some of that pre-baby stress.

  • Who Should Receive a Baby Shower Thank You Card? Every person that took part in your baby shower should receive a thank you note on your behalf. Say a guest wasn’t able to attend but sent a gift in her place, write her a thank you card. If a guest attended your shower and didn’t bring a gift, write her a thank you card. If a guest traveled across the country and purchased an item off of your baby registry, write her a thank you card. Every person who took the time to be a part of your shower in any shape or form deserves a handwritten note of thanks.
  • Who Writes the Thank You Notes After Baby Shower? More often than not you, mama-to-be, will write all of the thank you notes. If you are having your hostess help you show your gratitude and write on your behalf just make sure that each message gets your stamp of approval before they are sent off.
  • When to Send Baby Shower Thank You Notes? Send your baby shower notes out as soon as possible after the baby celebrations. Once your shower has been celebrated, things are only going to get more hectic for you and your family. By picking out and ordering your custom thank you notes ahead of time you will be prepared to get them out right after the shower.
  • How Can I Get Creative with my Thanks? Add a touch a creativity to your baby shower thank you cards by including photos. Whether you include a few snapshots from the shower or if you’re sending your thank you notes post-baby then include a few photos of the newborn. Your guests will be thrilled. You can also add a thank you quote from your favorite author or musician.

Refer to our detailed guide on baby shower etiquette in depth to answer the rest of your baby shower questions.

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Thank You Note For Baby Shower Host

The hostess of your baby shower should undoubtedly be at the top of your list when it comes to sending out your thank you notes. Your baby shower couldn’t have happened without them, so you’ll want to write a message that is full of extra appreciation. Along with your custom card, you can also get a small gift or make a big gesture to show just how thankful you are. Make your host feel good and appreciated for all of their hard work. Your baby shower memories wouldn’t be the same without their efforts. See the example below:


Thank you so much for hosting, planning and throwing the most thoughtful baby shower for me and the little one. There are no amount of words that can express my gratitude. The event was absolutely beautiful, and it was such a treat to see so many of my family and friends. On top of all of that, your gift for us will be treasured and I can’t wait to rock baby to sleep at night using it. It means so much to me to have you in my life and I can’t wait for baby to meet you. Your effort is so appreciated and I’ll never forget it. Love you!



Baby Shower Thank You Card Wording For Close Friends

Most of your baby shower attendees will be close to you which makes writing your messages that much easier. Keep things simple and sincere and use your relationship to guide your message. Avoid generic sentences or anything too formal.

My Dearest Mo,

Thank you so much for being a part of my special shower; the animal baby shower them was perfect. Your gift and presence meant so much to me. Between all of the baby supplies and diapers, your gifts will surely come in handy. You’ve always been there for me and I appreciate it now more than ever. I can’t wait for you to meet our little one. Looking forward to seeing you when baby girl arrives!

Love Always,


Baby Shower Thank You Card Wording for Co-Workers

It’s not uncommon to have a baby welcoming celebration at the office. Complete with cake, games and even baby shower gifts, your coworkers deserve a special thank you for putting it all together and making you feel special before baby’s arrival.


Thank you for attending my baby shower. I had a great time talking with you and hearing your advice. I am humbled by your kindness. I’m going to miss being in the office with you, but will enjoy the time spent with our newest addition. Can’t wait for you to meet her.

Thanks again,


Baby Shower Thank You Notes from Baby

Get creative with your thank you cards and send them from Baby. This is a super cute way to celebrate his or her arrival and get guests even more excited to meet the little bundle of joy.

Auntie Heidi,

Thank you so much for the cute new outfits. I can’t wait to wear them as soon as my mom lets me! My favorite is the pink polka dot dress. I’m so excited to meet you.

See you soon,

Baby Lauren

Thank You Notes for Baby Shower Gifts

Say thank you for all of those adorable gifts you received on your shower day with this thank you card wording. No matter how big or small, it’s the thought that counts and your guests should be thanked for that!

Dear Jenna,

Thank you so much for attending our baby shower and traveling so far to be with us on this special day. It wouldn’t have been the same without you. We love all the soft stuffed animals you gave us. I really like the big brown soft teddy bear and I can’t wait for the baby to snuggle with it. Looking forward to your next visit and for you to meet the little one.

Love always,


Baby Shower Thank You Card Wording for Group Gifts

Some baby shower gifts tend to be more on the pricey side so it is likely that some guests may collaborate on the higher budget items together. Although they purchased the gift together, each person deserves an individual thanks. Make sure you don’t leave anyone out. Use our example below to guide you:


Thank you so much for the gift you and the girls got me at my shower last weekend. I’m so fortunate to have such a supportive group of girlfriends. The gift is going to be such a huge help when baby Dean arrives and I can’t wait to use it. Having you at the shower reminded me of our childhood days. I can’t wait for the next time you visit. I know my baby will feel loved and cared for for a lifetime with friends like you.

All my love,


After a day that made you and your baby-to-be feel so loved, you’ll want to make your baby shower attendees feel just as special. Everyone likes to be appreciated and a thank you note can go a long way. With the perfect baby shower thank you note wording for all of your guests top off your thank you card sayings with matching custom address labels and personalized postage stamps.