50 Best Gifts For Mom She’ll Absolutely Adore

There’s no one quite like Mom. She’s basically Superwoman, has been there since day one and loves you unconditionally. Yet with the day-to-day craziness of life, sometimes you forget to show Mom just how much you care.

From Mother’s Day to her birthday, there are many opportunities each year to celebrate her, but it can be difficult to find the perfect gift for the woman who has everything. To help you narrow it down, we put together a list of 50 creative gifts for mom based on her unique personality and interests. Get even more creative inspiration with our homemade or DIY gift ideas perfect for any Mom.

1. Mama Bear Pot Holders

mama bear pot holder

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Does Mom always seem to be in the kitchen? Personalized pot holders are the perfect gift. For the chef who has her nose in a cookbook, loves finding new recipes and is always whipping together a home-cooked meal for the whole family, she’ll appreciate a Mama Bear potholder labeled with her family or kid’s names.

2. Photo Gallery Apron

photo gallery apron

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Avoid messy spills on a gorgeous outfit by gifting Mom a brand new apron. Personalize and make it even more special by including a photo of the whole family on the front. She’ll love whipping up a meal when she feels like the people she loves are close to her, even if they’re far away.

3. Foliage Frame Cutting Board

foliage cutting board

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From bamboo to marble, cutting boards make adorable gifts for the lady who loves to cook. Engrave a thoughtful message on a round or square cutting board as a present for your Mom. Pair it with a cute set of cheese knives to create the perfect charcuterie board for the next time she has visitors.

4. “Dinner Is Poured”Wine Glass

dinner is poured wine glass

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Whether your mom prefers a rosé or a merlot, one thing is clear—she loves her wine. Have a little fun by gifting her a “Dinner is Poured” set of wine glasses. She’ll enjoy drinking out of them for her next wine tasting party or even just hanging on her couch winding down after a long day.

5. Photo Gallery Fleece Blanket

photo fleece blanket

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What better way to relax than with a comfy blanket on the couch? Personalize a fleece blanket with your mom’s favorite photo of the family. Or transport her to your tropical vacation from last year by adding a travel photo. Either way, a custom photo blanket will make her comfy nights in more personal and thoughtful.

6. Floral Accent Decanter

floral accent decanter

Source: Shutterfly

If your mom is truly a wine lover, personalize a unique glass decanter labeled with a monogram and beautiful floral accent. The decanter makes the perfect table centerpiece for holidays or special occasions. Both pretty and versatile, it can double as a juice or mimosa holder in the mornings.

7. Rustic Mom Fuel Latte Mug

rustic latte mug

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Motherhood is fueled by half love and affection and the other half coffee. Plus, what better way to enjoy a good book than with a delicious latte? Personalize an oversized coffee mug with a unique design, sweet message or your mom’s favorite photo. She’ll enjoy drinking her morning beverage much more knowing it was a thoughtful gift from you.

8. Knitted And Nice Custom iPhone Case

knitted nice custom phonecase

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Between kids grabbing her phone or it being dropped often, a phone case is necessary for moms on the go. Why not turn her phone into something lovely with a colorful and customized case? Personalize it with a monogram and adorable photo of the family for the perfect gift.

9. Hand Drawn Floral Candle

hand drawn floral candle

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The perfect way to wind down and relax is by lighting a candle and letting the aromas do the work. If your mom is a homebody, a candle with a heartfelt message and photos of the family makes a thoughtful and practical gift.

10. To The Moon Hanging Canvas Print

to the moon canvas print

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There’s no greater love than a mom’s love for her family. Gift your mom a canvas hanging print with a collage of her favorite photos and an adorable “love you to the moon and back” quote. It makes the perfect wall hanging in her living room or office, so she can remember her favorite people.

11. Enjoy The Little Things Art Print

enjoy the little things print

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The everyday moments are what make life so special. Capture these memories in a thoughtful and custom art print. Include photos of the people most important to your mom, whether it’s your dad, siblings or her grandkids. Add a thoughtful caption for a special memento she’ll love to look at.

12. Love And Family Pillow

love family pillow

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There’s nothing more special than love and family, so make sure mom always has a reminder, either on her couch or tossed on her bed. Pick fun pictures to remind her what’s truly important.

13. Mother’s Love Flower Pot

mothers love flower pot

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There’s no better connection than the one between a gardener and her plants. Place a lovely succulent or bouquet of flowers in a personalized flower pot. Customize with a quote like “A mother’s love never stops growing.” She can perch it on a sunny windowsill or use it as a table centerpiece.

14. Fruit And Vegetable Tea Towel Set

fruit and vegetable tea towels set

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Tea towels are versatile and can be used for a variety of things in the home. If your Mom has a green thumb, personalize a fruit and vegetable set with a lovely quote and photos. She can place the tea towels in her garden shed as a decor element or pair them with plant wall art for a true plant lover’s paradise.

15. Floral Frame Coaster

floral framed coasters

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Your mom will love anything meaningful she can add as coffee table decor. Floral or plant-themed coasters are the perfect gifts for plant lovers, customized with photos and captions. They make great placeholders for her morning coffee or an evening glass of wine.

16. Watercolor Ombre Easel Calendar

ombre easel calendar

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If your mom is always crafting and creating, she’ll love a watercolor easel calendar. Both stylish and practical, include a different photo of family vacations or holidays on each page. She’ll love turning to a new month to discover a special moment from last year.

17. Brush Stroke Border Tabletop Print

brush stroke tabletop print

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Add artistic flair to your mom’s home office décor with a brush stroke tabletop print. The matte black wooden easel and canvas makes it easy to display a fun memory on a desk or tabletop. She’ll love the customized heartfelt message and photo of the family as a gesture of your love.

18. Home Sweet Home Wall Hook Organizer

home sweet home hook organizer

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Sometimes an artist needs a little help with home organization and let’s be honest—every crafter needs a place to hang her apron or smock. A home sweet home wall organizer is a warm and inviting way to keep keys and other miscellaneous items in one place. Personalizing it with her name makes it even more special.

19. Citrus Extracts

If Mom loves to bake and cook, choose a gift she’ll enjoy having as a kitchen companion. Place citrus peels and alcohol in mason jars to create your own extracts. Try lemon and orange—both of which add a delicious zest to many recipes.

20. Stenciled Tea Towels

gifts for mom plant tea towels

Source: Maritza Lisa

Decorate a white tea towel with an earthy design like plants or flowers. Mom can wrap baked goods, dry dishes or place the tea towel in her guest bathroom. Add color with acrylic paints for a festive touch.

21. Farmhouse Kitchen Sign

Does your Mom love to cook food for her family? Opt for creating this DIY project that only requires a few supplies. This farmhouse sign offers a rustic charm to any kitchen space.

22. Cross Stitch Bag

Give Mom a special place to store her toiletries and make-up. Cross stitch a pattern, like zigzags or hearts, onto a zippered bag. She’ll love that these keep her organized, plus they’re easy to throw in her suitcase for trips.

23. Notebooks And Journals

gifts for mom checklist pad

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Custom journals and notebooks are perfect for jotting down memories or recording vacation ideas. Choose an uplifting phrase, like “You got this!” to encourage mom, even on the tougher days.

24. Custom Mason Jar

gifts for mom custom mason jar glass

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Personalize a mason jar with her favorite things, whether that’s biking, trees or animals. Add her initials for a custom gift that will no doubt become a go-to glass or flower vase.

25. Felt Bookmark

Looking for DIY gifts with a personal touch? Create an elastic and felt bookmark for her favorite novels or nonfiction reads. Each time she flips the page, she’ll think of you.

26. Monogrammed Terrarium

gifts for mom monogram terrarium

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Give Mom a peaceful addition for her kitchen, living room or bedroom. Choose a custom jar for a terrarium that displays a variety of air plants, such as Tillandsia Andreana. Etch her name or a favorite quote on the jar for a personal touch.

27. Bottle Of Wine

gifts for mom wine

Source: Unsplash

Whether she loves sipping pinot noir or chardonnay, treat mom to a wine brand she might not normally try. Although this gift is simple, it’s thoughtful when deliciously paired with a dinner—giving you two quality time together.

28. Custom Phone Case

gifts for mom custom phone case

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What’s one thing that Mom almost always travels with? Her phone. Design a trendy case, like one with her initial, or opt for a photo of her and the family. Each time she picks up or scrolls through social media, she’ll have a bit of you with her.

29. Personalized Gift Basket

Help Mom relax and kick back, especially after all she’s done for the family. Put together a basket full of calming things, like candles, lavender linen spray and homemade soap. She’ll enjoy the delicious scents and relaxing aura.

30. Photo Wreath

gifts for mom photo wreath

Source: Shutterfly

Create a beautiful wreath for her to display some of her favorite people, places and memories. Spray paint a hula hoop in a metallic color, then hang photos from strings. The best part: she can change the photos throughout the year.

31. Teacup Candles

gifts for mom teacup candle

Source: Yes Missy

A small gift can be both beautiful and thoughtful. Melt wax and add essential oils for fragrance, then pour into teacups for decorative candles for her living room or bedroom. Bonus points for finding gorgeous teacups at thrift stores or estate sales.

32. Personalized Shot Glass

gifts for mom monogram cup

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Give Mom personalized barware by designing a unique shot glass with favorite messages, photos or designs. Great for everyday fun such as birthdays, Mother’s Day or New Year’s Eve—and an exciting gift for a girls’ weekend!

33. Decorative Cheese Knives

Does Mom love parmesan or gruyere? Give her a festive way to carve and serve an assortment of cheeses. Create stylish and functional DIY cheese knives out of polymer clay and her favorite colors.

34. Custom Cutting Board

gifts for mom custom cutting board

Source: Shutterfly

Add charm to Mom’s kitchen with a personalized cutting board. Engrave her last name or an uplifting message on a wooden cutting board. Whether she’s chopping vegetables or serving guests a spread of appetizers, she’ll think of you.

35. Lavender Heat Pad

Great for aching muscles and warming up on a chilly day, this lavender heating bag will be a well-appreciated gift. Stuff a fabric case with lavender and wheat, then sew it securely so nothing falls out. The bag can be heated easily in the microwave in a matter of minutes.

36. Monogram Planter

gifts for mom monogram plant

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A photo cube is the perfect gift for mom’s desk, mantel or kitchen counter. It can also serve as a planter for a succulent or cactus. Now, Mom can get two gifts in one: a pretty indoor plant and a personalized cube.

37. Cloth Napkins

Opt for an eco-friendly gift. Sew cloth napkins that Mom can reuse week after week. Choose a fun pattern, like one with flowers or butterflies, for when she hosts summer gatherings or dinner parties.

38. Family Blankets

gifts for mom custom blanket

Source: Shutterfly

Make Mom’s living room more comfy and personal. Design a custom blanket with a family portrait or snapshot from a trip you took together. Not only will this gift be well-snuggled, but it’ll also become a keepsake.

39. Decorative Journal

Looking for practical gifts for mom? Decorate a journal with fun shapes, patterns and colors. She can record her thoughts, dreams and bucket list in the journal.

40. Custom Photo Pillows

gifts for mom custom pillows

Source: Shutterfly

Fill Mom’s living room with the best memories. Choose photos from a day in the park or a family vacation to print on pillows. Opt for colors that will bring energy to the space, or complement her other decor.

41. Natural Foot Scrub

Help mom relax—she deserves it! Blend Himalayan pink salt and coconut oil to make an exfoliating foot scrub that offers a serene scent. Thanks to you, she’ll feel like she’s enjoying a day at the spa!

42. Monogram Necklace

gifts for mom custom jewelry

Source: Shutterfly

Design a gift that she’ll keep forever: engraved jewelry. Print her initials or kid’s initials on a necklace made of rose gold or silver. When she wears it, you’ll be close to her in mind, body and heart.

43. Crochet Coasters

Whether you’re an expert or beginner at crocheting, this DIY coaster project is simple yet yields beautiful results. Select a yarn color that matches Mom’s personality, like blue, green or pink.

44. Custom Mug

gifts for mom custom mug

Source: Shutterfly

Brighten her mornings with a custom mug she’ll love reaching for. Gather photos from family get-togethers, birthdays and summer vacations. Whether she loves tea, coffee or cocoa, this mug is bound to become a favorite.

45. DIY Painted Notebook

gifts for mom watercolor plant books

Source: Maritza Lisa

Decorate the front of a blank notebook with a gorgeous watercolor painting. Opt for a simple design like one of a flower, plant or heart. Mom can record her favorite memories and important reminders in her personalized journal.

46. Personalized Tea Towel

gifts for mom custom tea towel

Source: Shutterfly

Looking for mother of the bride gifts? Personalize a tea towel for a practical yet personal gift. Imprint the towel with a favorite photo, quote or song lyric. She can wrap baked goods or serve treats to guests with her custom tea towel.

47. Colorful Trivet

Create a piece of kitchen decor that will see plenty of use: a colorful trivet. Dye upholstery cording in bright colors, then wrap it in circles before securing the whole thing with glue. Whenever a hot kettle or warm meal is brought to the table, Mom will be grateful for your gift.

48. Glass Coasters

gifts for mom etched monogram coasters

Source: Shutterfly

Personalize a set of glass coasters for her living room, kitchen or dining room. Create a classic look by etching her initial or a beautiful image on the glass, like a lilac flower or willow tree.

49. Vintage Cheese Board

Print a vintage cheese label onto a wooden lazy Susan to craft a timeless board for serving everything from hard parmesan to soft goat cheese. The best part: you made this conversation starter yourself.

50. Stemless Wine Glasses

gifts for mom stemless wine glasses

Source: Shutterfly

Make Mom’s favorite wine even more enjoyable with a custom wine glass. Pair this delightful glassware with a bottle of her favorite red or white variety for a gift that’ll knock it out of the park.

Moms are truly superheroes and while no gift can do her justice, a small token of your appreciation goes a long way. If you’re looking for the perfect gift with a sweet quote or a loving birthday present, she’ll appreciate any of these unique ideas if it comes from your heart.