14 Creative Shutterfly Hacks

Life hacks save time and make life a little easier, especially in a busy household. That’s why, we’ve gathered nine Shutterfly hacks and found multiple creative uses for our items. Not only will they help you organize your home, but they can serve as a great multi-purpose gift for your loved ones. You may just find the solution you need for your next party or home decor project here.

Beyond beautiful custom gifts, Shutterfly’s products can serve as unique decor as well as functional items for the kitchen and more. Your personalized gift will look great, and you may also be surprised to see how much more you can use it for. Browse these Shutterfly hacks for your personalized gifts:

1. Photo Cube Used As A Planter

Our photo cube is the perfect gift on someone’s desk, kitchen counter or to decorate a mantel. Here’s another surprise: it can also serve as a planter. We recommend using a plastic bag first before filling it with sand or soil to keep everything together.

wooden photo cube with a succulent inside

Keep in mind, when personalizing this photo cube on Shutterfly, you’ll have to rotate your photo upside down, since the planter will require the cube to stand the opposite way it was originally intended. Now, your friends and family can get two gifts in one: a pretty succulent and a personalized cube.

2. Wood Wall Art As Serving Tray

This stunning wood art with a custom family seal looks great on display in your living room or kitchen. It’s easy to clean and sturdy enough for a couple of plates if you want to draw attention to your family seal during your next gathering or dinner party.

3. Coaster As Jewelry Tray

Coasters are the perfect size to act as a tray for all your small jewelry such as bracelets, rings and even fitness trackers. Personalize these photo coasters with your favorite pictures for a sweet daily reminder every time you set your items down. We suggest using pretty and airy pictures so that they can stand out even when parts of them are covered.

baby photo coasters used as jewelry trays

4. Heart Border Memory Game As Wall Art

Our photo memory games are tons of fun and can keep kids entertained for hours. But, they also serve as pretty wall art! Perfect for someone going off to college, sprucing up a living room or decorating a baby nursery. Mix and match front and backs for a fun style. Keep in mind, they are cardstock based, so using non-adhesive or vinyl tape is best to avoid damage.

memory cards placed on wall for decoration next to a personalized tote bag

5. Luggage Tag As Allergy Info Tag

Dressing up your luggage with a cool tag makes traveling a breeze. The same goes for a lunch bag, especially when there are special instructions to follow. These luggage tags can also address any food allergies or meal-prep instructions. You can personalize with any message you’d like, including your phone number in case it’s misplaced. Not only is this information useful but it still keeps your child’s bag looking stylish.

personalized luggage tags with the name Elise and her food allergies

6. Photo Blanket as Table Decor

Blankets are the perfect cozy solution for a winter day in with your sweetheart. But, if you are thinking of other unique ways to display your affection, a romantic dinner for two is always a great idea. Dress up your table with a photo blanket that is a reminder of your favorite day—your anniversary. Simply fold and place on the table for a pretty and sweet setup.

table setup with a blanket as a table runner

7. Mason Jars For Fresh Herbs

Thinking of growing your own herbs? Flower pots and special containers are great for that. But, if you want a personal touch to your herb garden, mason jars do the job well. This is especially handy as a gift with an etched message on the glass.

herb garden inside mason jars labeled basil, rosemary and mint

8. Tea Towels As Gift Wrap

Need a quick and clever wrapping idea? Our personalized tea towels are perfect for that. Not only will they serve as a second gift, but it will be a unique surprise for your loved one. The towel molds to the shape of your item so there’s no need to worry about wrapping it perfectly. Simply tie it with a pretty bow or string, and your gift is set. We recommend wrapping wine bottles, food items, candles or glassware.

wine bottles wrapped in tea towels and ribbon

9. Kids Artwork Photo Book

Your little one creates hundreds of works of art throughout the year. While drawings and paintings make it to the refrigerator to be put on display year round, you have only so much space to showcase their art. Do not throw away, improperly store or forget their artwork; take a photo of their creation and create a photo book to preserve all their fun creations.

kids artwork

10. Drawstring Bag as Toy Storage

If you’re looking for a cool way to organize your child’s toys and stuffed animals, use our laundry bag. It comes in two sizes and you can choose from a variety of themes. Personalize it with your favorite photo, child’s name or favorite phrase. Not only will it be used for storage but it will add style to your room.

11. Photo Block as a Table Number

Table numbers are such an essential part of a wedding reception since the bride and groom have carefully planned out the seating chart. Our acrylic photo blocks are perfect for this occasion. You can place it in the center of the table and if you need extra height, you can add some decorative books below.

12. Wine Glass for Parfait

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so why not dress it up in a stemless wine glass.  Include a quote that will motivate you to power through the morning. You can also use it for ice cream or fruit with honey.

13. Coffee Mug as a Utensil Holder

With a tall latte mug, you can fit a variety of utensils in a unique way that looks great. If you’re hosting a party or get-together, everyone will love the easy way to grab forks and knives for dinner that also matches your party decor. Shutterfly’s ceramic coffee mugs let you customize with photos and color backgrounds, so you can create a special mug for the holidays or other themed parties.

Holiday latte mug that says holiday cheer and includes the family name

14. Ornaments for Banner

If you’re planning a holiday party with your friends and family, personalized ornaments are the perfect accessory. Add your favorite photos of the year and place these along the banner. You can also include Christmas cards that you received from your loved ones for an extra sweet touch.

Shop Personalized Products for Life Hacks

As you can see, there are several creative ways to use and gift Shutterfly products. What makes these items one-of-a-kind is the thought that you put into personalizing them. Favorite quotes, last names, wedding dates and photos give that special flair to any product. Check out all our gift ideas and makes someone’s life a little easier today.