30+ Fun and Creative Gifts for Wine Lovers

Know anyone in your life who is a wine enthusiast? They’re probably the kind of person who has a monthly wine subscription and insists on letting the wine breathe once it’s opened. We all know and love them, but gifts for wine lovers are sometimes a bit of a challenge, especially if you aren’t a self-taught sommelier yourself.  Lucky for you we have done the legwork and curated a list of ideas to provide some inspiration.

If you’re thinking about throwing your friend a little birthday bash, a wine-tasting party would be perfect. After all, who doesn’t love a good wine and cheese pairing? Party or not, we invite you to explore our list of 30+ perfect gifts for wine drinkers.

1. Air Plant Cork Planter

Air plants look modern and are easy to take care of which makes them the perfect gift. Create a hanging planter with just a few wine corks, some string and wire. This display will make any room feel light and airy.

2. Wine Lovers Pillow

custom pillow with a quote about wine

Source: Shutterfly

Cozying up to the fireplace with a glass of wine and fluffy, plush pillows is every wine-lovers’ dream. Make it a reality by gifting them a custom pillow with a message declaring their love of vino.

3. Ombre Candle Holders

copper and teal wine glass candle holders

Source: Ef Zin

Repurpose stemless wine glasses into stylish candle holders that any wine drinker will proudly display. Get creative with spray paint and glue to add special details that speak to the recipient’s personal style, like stars, hearts or polka dots.

4. Wine Cork Photo Clips

Collect corks from finished wine bottles and turn them into a unique way to display special mementos. Simply dye the corks, attach some wire and add a favorite picture using a decorative clothespin.

5. Sweet Wine Lip Scrub

Whip up a luxurious lip scrub with only four kitchen staples you most likely already have in your pantry— including wine! Package it in a cute airtight container with a nice bow on it for a gift she can use to create her own at-home spa day.

6. Self-Watering Glass Planters

Make pretty (and practical) herb planters out of empty wine bottles. Herbs like basil, thyme and cilantro are great for easy access while cooking. Wine lovers who spend all their time in the kitchen will especially love this thoughtful gift.

7. Pressed Flower Wine Labels

Personalized wine gifts are always appreciated. Gift your wine-loving friend their favorite bottle of wine with a personalized label made just for them. Include their name with a special message or a meaningful quote.

8. Wine Bottle Citronella Candles

green and blue wine bottles turned into a citronella candle

Source: Hello Glow

Recycle a wine bottle into a beautiful, yet practical citronella candle. This is a great gift for hosts of the annual summer party. Everyone will enjoy the evening without pesky mosquitos crashing the party.

9. Tasty Cheese Board

cheese board with fruit and moscow mule cups

Source: Shutterfly

There is no paring more perfect than cheese and wine. Put together a tasty selection of soft, semi-soft and hard cheese – accompanied with fresh fruit, nuts and crackers. Place it artfully on a personalized cutting board with the recipient’s name.

10. Fun Wine Cork Stamps

Repurpose old wine corks by turning them into a collection of handmade stamps. Make fun shapes like cupcakes or sentimental hearts. You just need wine corks, a sharpie, a craft knife and your imagination.

11. Sequin Wine Bag

Rustic meets glam in this DIY burlap and sequined wine bag. Start with a pre-made wine bag and personalize it with a favorite saying, the recipient’s initials or a cheeky quote.

12. Wine Cork Initial

ampersand made from wine corks

Source: Craft Cuts

Everyone loves personalized decor. Craft your friend’s initial out of wine corks for a bold, fun piece of art that they’ll want to display. You’ll need lots of wine corks, so start collecting!

13. Wine Decanter Vase

wine decanter used as a flower vase with lilies

Source: Shutterfly

A decanter is an elegant way to display and serve wine, but when not in use it can turn into a striking flower vase. Gift your friend a personalized wine decanter — flowers and all!

14. Wine Bottle Hummingbird Feeder

Some wine bottles are true works of art so amazing that it’s hard to throw them away. Turning one of these beautiful bottles into a hummingbird feeder is a wonderful way to recycle a wine bottle and would make a stunning addition to a friend’s garden.

15. DIY Wine Cork Cheese Knives

Make a thoughtful and practical gift by repurposing leftover wine corks into cheese knife handles. For extra brownie points, use a cork from the recipient’s favorite wine!

16. Homemade Red Wine Body Scrub

There really is no need to buy a fancy body scrub when you can make it yourself at home. Use leftover red wine, sugar, coconut oil and honey to create this sumptuous scrub. Tie twine or ribbon around a simple mason jar for a decorative touch.

17. Wine Crate Window Planter

Most wine crates have beautiful coloring and markings which allows you to easily turn them into a home decor gift. Simply clean it up, give it a wash of paint and fill it with lovely flowers and plants.

18. Wine Bottle Bird Feeders

Wine bottles can be recycled and turned into elegant bird feeders — an ideal gift for someone that enjoys spending time on their patio. This bird feeder would be a lovely addition to any garden!

19. Rustic Wine Rack

diy rustic wall wine rack with globe

Source: Upcycle That

Take an old wood plank and turn it into a stunning wine rack. This piece will surely become a focal point in the room and a topic for conversation. A perfect gift for those that take pride in displaying their favorite wine bottles and enjoy rustic home decor.

20. DIY Wine Bottle Candles

Candles make delightful gifts — especially if you re-use striking wine bottles to make the candle containers. This is a great way to make a gift with the wine lover’s personality in mind.

21. Painted Wine Bottles

Create a lovely gift with empty wine bottles, paint and brushes. Simply gather all the materials and have some good old fun — make sure to incorporate colors the recipient of this gift will enjoy. Present it with a delicate bouquet of lavender for a special touch.

22. Wine Cork Jewelry

dangling earrings made from wine corks

Source: Curly Made

Turn wine corks into beautiful pieces of jewelry. Cork is easy to work with, lightweight and can look quite beautiful with a light wash of paint. The possibilities are endless!

23. Wine Cork Keychain

This keychain is a practical gift that will surely please any recipient. Simply, attach a keyring to a wine cork and let them add the key. A cork keychain is perfect friends who have recently moved or the host of a summer pool party since cork floats.

24. Wine Cork Planter Magnets

Create a collection of adorable magnets made from wine corks. It’s a simple craft project that can turn out quite charming. You can even add succulent plants to the corks for a whimsical look.

25. Red Wine Marshmallows

Gift the deliciousness of homemade marshmallows — even better — make delectable marshmallows with red wine. It’s a gift that will be savored and much appreciated.

26. Personalized Wine Glasses

parfait in a wine glass with the quote glitter for breakfast

Source: Shutterfly

Everyone could use some extra stemless wine glasses— especially if they’re personalized! Think outside the box and consider using them to serve breakfast parfaits for a brunch party or even ice cream on hot summer days.

27. Wine Bottle Chandelier

Construct a colorful chandelier made from recycled wine bottles. This piece will display in a lively and vibrant fashion in any room of the house.

28. Wine Infused Spa Day

personalized wine glass next to spa bath

Source: Shutterfly

Treat someone to a relaxing spa day at home. Create a gift basket with everything they need to turn their bathroom into a wellness spa. Make sure to incorporate their fondness for wine by gifting them their favorite bottle to enjoy during their blissful spa night.

29. Tea Towel Wine Wrap

lemon tea towel wrapped around a bottle of wine

Source: Shutterfly

Give them exactly what they want by wrapping a bottle of their favorite wine in a personalized tea towel. You may be wondering, what is a tea towel anyway, but it makes a practical wrap they can reuse again and again.

30. Wine Face Mask

diy wine face mask ingredients

Source: Hello Glow

Wine contains antioxidants that can be beneficial when applied to the skin. A mix of red or white wine, grapes, honey and cosmetic clay can brighten up any complexion. You can package it in a mason jar and attach a small wooden spoon with a lovely bow attached.

31. Wine Cork Bath Mat

bath mat made from wine corks next to a plant

Source: Crafty Nest

Crafting a bath mat out of wine corks may sound difficult, but it’s actually relatively simple! You just need some wine corks, a glue gun and a shelf liner. It’s a great way to give any bathroom a fresh new look.

32. String Wine Bottle Holder

gold painted wine bottle with crochet string and plant

Source: TOMFO

Repurpose an empty bottle of wine by painting it a stunning color and turning it into a hanging planter. The bright color and lively plants will brighten any room.

Small gifts are always great, but if you want to go big, gather a group of friends to collaborate on a special gift — consider styling the perfect bar cart for a wedding gift for couples who love wine or as a housewarming present. When deciding on a gift, keep in mind the wine lover’s style and preferences. Make the process enjoyable for you by creating the gift yourself, because anything you make will surely be appreciated.