20+ Gift Wrapping Ideas: Easy, Creative and Inexpensive

Seeing the joy on a loved one’s face when they’re handed a gift is one of the most rewarding moments. If you’re looking to wow your family and friends the minute they receive your gift, then a little creative gift wrapping is just what you need. Luckily, it doesn’t take much time, skill or money—once you have a few gift wrapping ideas.

To offer you inspiration for your Christmas, birthday or holiday gifts, we’ve created a collection of over 20 gift wrapping ideas. From simple ribbon techniques to gift-wrapping masterpieces, we have something for everyone. And if you’re still looking for extra special presents for you loved ones, make sure to check out our personalized gifts.

1. Recycle in Style

Trader Joes shopping bags

Source: A Creative Mint

Design your own festive gift wrap from a material you already have: paper shopping bags. Make the project easier by choosing bags from stores that issue holiday patterns. Add colorful ribbon or string to your gift for extra personality.

2. Tea Towel Wrap

Tea towel gift wrapping idea

Source: Shutterfly

Choose a gift wrap idea that also doubles as a gift: a tea towel. Bundle a bottle of wine, olive oil, sauce or balsamic vinegar for a present that will go straight to the kitchen.

3. Colorful Hodgepodge

Gather your paints, paintbrushes, and sponges. Use white or solid colored paper as your base and sprinkle on all of your favorite colors in any shapes you want. Your gifts will be dressed full of character and personality.

4. Baked Goods Boxes

diy gift box idea

Source: Aunt Peaches

Take empty cardboard boxes from rolls of parchment paper or foil. Paint them with festive colors and designs for decorative baked good gift boxes or other food gift ideas.

5. Holiday Lights

diy gift wrapping design

Source: Burlap and Blue

Christmas lights aren’t just for hanging on your roof. Cut open brown paper bags to create your wrapping material. Then, draw or paint a set of holiday lights on the paper for a jolly feel.

6. Paper Bows

diy bow for gift box

Source: Design Eat Repeat

Cut bow shapes out of colored cardboard construction paper. Use an online printable for a cutting guide or make your own stencil. For a tasty twist to this project, fill the centers with a teaspoon of sprinkles.

7. Add a Tag

diy tag for gift box

Source: Designs by Miss Mandee

Dress up brown paper gift wrap with fine string or ribbon. Add a gold foil holiday tag for a gift wrapping design that looks polished and professional.

8. Washi Tape Weave

washi tape gift wrap idea

Source: DIY Inspired

Washi tape isn’t just for home decor. You can use it to dress up your gift wrapping, too. Create a layered effect by weaving the tape horizontally and vertically in an alternating pattern.

9. 3D Wrapping

gift wrapping idea for kids

Source: Lines Across

Wrapping gifts for your kids, grandchildren or nephews? Create your own interactive gift wrap by gluing on their favorite toys like cars, crayons or building blocks.

10. Origami Bows

paper bag gift wrapping idea

Source: Little White Whale

Add a little fun to your gift wrapping project by designing bows out of origami paper. Fold several at a time so you have a stock of bows to use throughout the year.

11. Silver Detailing

diy art gift wrapping idea

Source: Minieco.co

Wrap your gift in plain brown paper, then use a lustrous silver pen to add details. Draw geometrical shapes, snowflakes or simple lines to accentuate your package.

12. Rustic Wrap

gift wrapping idea with evergreen

Source: Mountain Modern Life

For easy Christmas wrapping, choose solid-colored paper and a simple gift tag. Add a bit of rustic flair with evergreen branches secured with decorative cord or twine.

13. Jingle All the Way

gift wrapping idea with bells

Source: My Love of Style

Make your gifts jingle with joy. Fasten tiny bells to your packages using string. Choose a color of string or twine that complements your wrapping paper.

14. Ribbon and Holly

gift wrapping for your personalized Christmas gifts

Giving baked goods away this Christmas? Wrap your holiday treats in kraft boxes lined with food-safe tissue. Adorn the outside with striped ribbon and a twig of holly for a very merry look.

15. Snow Globe Holders

Deliver your gift cards in style. Create snow globes out of used jars, like old salsa or pickle containers. Wash them out thoroughly using boiling hot water to remove any smells. Tuck your gift card into the jar and fill with glitter and water.

16. Polka Dot Paper

Jazz up brown paper wrapping by painting on polka dots. Stay neutral with white paint or choose any color of the rainbow. Your packages will look professional but at a fraction of the cost.

17. Fiesta Wrap

colorful gift wrapping idea

Source: The Crafted Life

Get your gifts dressed for the party! Sprinkle your paper with colorful dots, using paint and a cotton q-tip.

18. Cotton Swab Snowflake

snowflake gift wrapping idea

Source: The Crafted Life

Open your medicine cabinet for this easy gift wrapping idea. Arrange cotton swab q-tips in the shape of a snowflake and glue it on any color of wrapping paper.

19. Tissue Paper Fringe

tissue paper gift wrapping idea

Source: PROPER/Lexy Ward

Transform a plain brown bag into festive Christmas gift wrap. Secure pieces of tissue paper to the bag and cut small strips to create the fringe effect. You can also use this gift wrap idea to dress up your DIY Christmas decor.

20. Watercolor Wonderland

watercolor gift wrapping idea

Source: You Are My Fav

Find butcher paper at your local craft store and get out your watercolor paints. Use an abstract design to create a tie-dye appearance. Pro tip: choose colors that blend especially well together. If your child is making a gift for their teacher, turn this gift wrapping idea into a fun activity to complete the presentation.

21. Go Symmetrical

graph paper gift wrapping idea

Source: A Creative Mint

Who knew graph paper could be utilized as gift wrap? Cover your packages with this mathematical material and fabric tape. Align your tape along the straight guidelines of the graph paper.

22. Yarn Pom Poms

yarn gift wrapping idea

Source: Cotton and Flax, Gift wrap designer: Erin Dollar

Fashion pom poms out of yarn to create a spirited gift wrap accent. Customize them in your favorite colors and tie them to all of your packages—both large and small.

23. Chalkboard Effect

chalkboard print gift wrapping idea

Source: Going Home to Roost

Design a unique chalkboard look by layering white marker on top of black paper. Write a thoughtful message or draw customized designs for your loved ones.

Final Thoughts on Gift Wrapping Ideas

Have your gift wrapping ideas ready to go? Seal the deal with a practical or personalized gift for your friends or family. No matter how hard they are to shop for, you can select truly unforgettable gifts by using our holiday gift guide.