Making a Kids Terrarium For Easy Spring Crafts

The following guest post was created by Michelle from Our Crafty Mom.

Today I will show you how to make a fun kids terrarium using just a few supplies. These can be hung in a window, or placed on a night stand next to your favorite personalized frame. Let the kids pick out the accessories that they want to place inside the terrarium for this easy Spring craft.

set of kids terrarium for easy spring crafts

With Spring right around the corner, I thought it would be fun to share a Spring Kids Terrarium that you can make with the little ones in no time. This is a great craft to do with the kids over Spring Break, too. Most kids have a short attention span when they are young, so I knew the terrarium couldn’t be anything too complicated! The great thing about these terrariums is you can also use plastic globes if you are worried about them breaking. Also, there are so many cute figurines that fit inside these globes. The hardest thing will probably be getting the kids to actually pick just one figurine to use! Let me show you how simple they are to make and then I will share other ideas for kids terrariums.

Make A Fun Kids Terrarium

easy spring crafts with supplies


  • Glass or Plastic Open Globes
  • Small Decorative Stones or Moss
  • Spring Figurines
  • Embellishments (I used tiny succulents and pink flowers)
  • Baker’s Twine for hanging


Follow the simple instructions below for this easy Spring kids terrarium.

Step 1 – Add decorative stones

set of kids terrarium for easy spring crafts with supplies and rocks

Pour a layer of decorative stones, or moss in the bottom of the terrarium. The stones come in so many pretty colors and you could use pretty Spring colors, or keep it simple with white like I did. Be sure not to overfill so you don’t lose any of the stones. Also, consider using placemats to help contain any spillover or mess.

Step 2 – Add the Spring figurine

set of kids terrarium for easy spring crafts

There are a few different ways you can add the figurine to the terrarium. As you are working with kids, you can’t use hot glue, unless you decide to hot glue the figurine yourself. Another option is to use large glue dots to secure it to the glass. That way the kids can add the sweet little figurine themselves. Have them move a few stones away from the center of the terrarium and place the figurine directly to the glass. Glue dots work really well-especially the large ones. Another option, that will be a little more secure, is for the adult to add E-6000 to the figurine and hold it to the bottom of the glass until it is secure.

Step 3 – Add embellishments

set of kids terrarium for easy spring crafts with supplies

This is where the kids can get really creative. They can add as much, or as little, as they would like to make their terrarium unique. For these Spring kids Terrariums, we used tiny succulents, spring eggs and pink silk flowers. The craft store even had little dinosaur figurines that would be cute for boys or girls. As these are for Spring, I chose to go with bunnies and I couldn’t resist the pink flamingo! You can also add additional decorations, like kids stickers, to the outside of the terrariums.

set of kids terrarium for easy spring crafts with flamingo miniature supplies

I simply placed the silks in the terrarium without any glue, but if you are worried about them falling out, you can add another glue dot or bit of hot glue.

set of kids terrarium for easy spring crafts with bunny miniature

If you have a kids birthday party coming up, these would be a great kid’s craft. You could set up a buffet table with all the supplies set up and each kid could make one to take home as a party favor. It’s so much better than a bag full of candy, right? Then the kids would have something they could keep as a memento!

set of kids terrarium for easy spring crafts

You can add twine and hang these, or stand them up as they have a flat bottom. These look great hanging in a window. Can you imagine how proud your kiddo would be seeing this hanging in their window knowing they made it?

To show you how versatile these little globes are, here are some terrariums filled with succulents that I hung in my craft room window:

set of kids terrarium for easy spring crafts hanging at the window

Additional Ideas For Easy Spring Crafts

Here are some other ideas for kid’s terrariums:

  • Use recycled bottles that would be great to teach kids about Earth day
  • Instead of rocks, use colored sand for another kids craft idea
  • Check out the Dollar Store to keep costs down

Here is a cute mermaid themed terrarium that I made for my daughter a few years ago:

set of kids terrarium for easy spring crafts with mermaid set up

This little mermaid would fit perfectly inside the terrariums as well. I simply layered different colors of sand into the glass bowl as shown below:

set of kids terrarium for easy spring crafts with multi colored sand

I hope you enjoyed these Fun Kid’s Spring Terrariums. I hope you will stop by to visit my website for even more craft and home decorating ideas! Hope you have a great day and good luck with your DIY crafts!