15 Party Favor Ideas For Kids Birthdays

There’s more than a little planning that goes into your kids birthday party, and it can often feel overwhelming. Between picking the perfect birthday party invitation wording for kids and finding a great gift idea for the birthday boy or girl, you want everything to go smoothly. But one of the best ways to ensure that your kid’s party is the talk of the playground is to send everyone off with the perfect party favor as a reminder. But if you’re struggling to find the right idea, we have you covered with our top picks for party favor ideas for kids in the categories below.

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Why Should You Give Out Kids Birthday Party Favor Ideas?

Giving party favors to guests at the end of a party remains a tradition for good reason: they help make sure everyone leaves happy. But picking out the perfect party favors isn’t meant to break the bank or leave you stressed and unsure of what to pick. We’re here to help. Check out our kids gift and party favor ideas below to help you ensure every guest leaves with happy and fun filled memories.  

Boy Party Favor Ideas

These party favors are perfect for anyone, but they’re sure to be especially fun for an all boys birthday party. Use our favorites below to inspire a party favor all your own.

1. Customized Capes

kids playing with super hero capes during a birthday party

Kids love dress up and pretend play. So what better way to end a birthday party than by sending everyone off with their own customized capes? Even better, give them to guests at the beginning of the party and let them enjoy and build memories throughout the whole day.

2. Goodie Filled Drawstring Backpacks

drawstring backpacks displayed in a living room as a party favor

These drawstring backpacks, filled with goodies like candy and small toys, make perfect send offs for birthday parties. Customize each one with the names of guests beforehand, or just write the name of the birthday kid, and hand them out at the end.  

Girl Party Favor Ideas

Girls parties are full of fun memories, sweet treats, and time spent with friends– and you’ll want a party favor to match the memories they’ll make. Read our favorite girl party favor ideas below for inspiration:

3. Goodie Filled Toiletry Bag


a toiletry bag with an XOXO design for a girls birthday party favorThese toiletry bags are as cute as they are helpful to have. Fill them with additional favors related to the party theme, nail polish and spa kits, or sweet treats. The girls are sure to love them.

4. Custom Pins

custom pins on a chalkboard for party favors.

Whether they’re for backpacks, purses, sweaters, or anything else; pins are fun to collect. This makes them a perfect party favor for any girl birthday. Just don’t be afraid to get creative with the designs!

Homemade Party Favor Ideas For Kids

These homemade party favor ideas for kids are as special as they are easy to make. From homemade treats to fun customized tableware, there’s sure to be something that fits your child’s birthday party.

5. Kids Plates and Treats

homemade cookies on a custom kids plate for a birthday party favor

Everyone loves homemade treats, and what better way to turn them into a show stopping party favor than by adding a custom plate for them to keep. Use a design similar to the birthday theme or personalize them for the recipients.

6. Custom Kids Aprons

a kids apron with a bear chef on the front

Kids love to be messy when they’re playing, so this party favor might be as much a gift for the parents as it is for them. Personalize these custom aprons to fit each party goer and send them home with a special gift to call their own. This is an especially fitting party favor for parties with themes of desserts of foods.

7. Kids Cups or Jar, with Mix

a mix of cake mix in a custom mason jar for a party favor

Send the kids home with a hot cocoa or cake mix in a jar for a party favor. These sweet treats take the cake with the addition of a custom mason jar or kids cup.

Unique Kids Party Favor Ideas

Looking for a kids party favor idea that no one else has done yet? If so, look to our favorite unique kids party favor ideas below and let them inspire your creativity.

8. Personalized Playing Cards

these kids playing cards make a great party favor for kids with an adventure theme

These personalized playing cards make a reusable party favor that can be enjoyed for years to come. Use a custom design of the birthday kid’s choosing or their photo as the perfect memento for the guests to take home.

9. Custom Candle

A Custom candle on a desk as an option for a birthday party favor for kids

These customized candles smell as good as they look. Craft this unique party favor for your child’s next party and make sure each child gets sent home with this special memento.

Useful Party Favors For Kids

Who says practical things can’t be fun? Check out our useful party favors for kids below for the perfect favors that are sure to get used over and over again.

10. Luggage Tag or Key Chain Tag

this luggage tag makes the perfect birthday party favor

Looking for the perfect thing to tie together a small goodie bag? Use customized luggage tags or personalized key chains as the gift bag tag that doubles as a useful memento.

11. Personalized Reusable Bag

A reusable gift bag full of fun party favors spilling out.

These reusable bags make perfect party favor goodie bags, and are super useful to carrying all the treats and toys collected over the party. So if you’re planning on including a piñata, hosting a craft party, or giving out other treats, consider gifting this party favor to the party goers.

12. Custom Goodie Bag Using Lunch Box or Pencil Case

a pencil bag filled with pencils and gift cards as a great party favor idea for kids

Creating a goodie bag out of a lunch box or pencil case isn’t just a fun and unique party favor. It also gives each child a useful carrying case that’s sure to keep the memento of the party with them at all times.

Party Favor Ideas For Toddlers

Are you throwing a toddler’s birthday party? If so, you may be looking for the right age-appropriate party favor that’s safe to give the little ones. We’re here to help. Read our selection of party favor ideas for toddlers below:

13. Memory Game

This memory game is decorated with spaceships and planets

Memory games make perfect souvenirs for a toddler birthday party. After all, the little ones are sure to remember the party if you include a photo in this fun game.

14. Teddy Bear

a fluffy teddy bear with a T-shirt that says "Happy Birthday"

Toddlers love few things as much as they love stuffed animals. Craft a momento T-shirt for these teddy bears and send everyone off with the ultimate party favor. It might just be the highlight of the whole party.

15. Personalized Kids Puzzle

unicorn patterned kids puzzle for a party favor

Even though it seems like toddlers are always taking things apart, sometimes they like to put things together. Give them the chance to have fun while problem solving with a perfect party favor by creating personalized puzzle for all of the guests. The parents are sure to appreciate it and the kids will love having their name on their own puzzles.

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