55+ Ways To Refresh Your Living Room With Just One Buy

Want to spruce up your living room without a full redesign? Maybe you want to add more color, texture or new energy. Maybe you want to change up your DIY wall art or add more lighting.

Luckily, there are simple and inexpensive ways to rejuvenate your living room. From decorative lamps to wall art and plants, go ahead and breathe life into your space. Check out our 57 ideas for how to refresh your living room with just one buy.

You can also personalize your space with a hanging canvas print. Choose a wedding photo, family portrait or vacation snapshot to design wall art you love.

1. Faux Weaving

Want to create modern home decor without the hassle? Try this faux weave pattern hung from a wooden dowel. This simple pattern is great for beginners! Consider a more advanced weave design if you’re looking for a more intricate project.

2. Mantel Photo Spread

mantel photo spread

Source: Shutterfly

Build a focal point in your living room layout. Order a print of a favorite family photo or vacation spot. Arrange your print alongside plants and accessories to rest atop your mantel. Choose a cohesive color scheme like one with black, white and golden brown.

3. Unique Ottomans

Choose ottomans that are both functional and quirky. Consider a geometric design or ones with bolder colors to liven up your space.

4. Framed Mirror

A mirror helps make a small living room feel larger. Opt for an elegant design, like this one with a rustic frame. You can hang it on the wall or rest it on your mantel.

5. Oversized Letter Board

A letter board allows you to change the vibe and mood of your living room any time you want. Build an oversized board that lets you easily display favorite quotes and song lyrics or change things up with the seasons.

6. Framed Photo Collage

framed photo collage

Source: Shutterfly

Photo collections help infuse your living room decor with love and special memories. Gather snapshots and family portraits to build a gallery wall you love. The best part? You can easily swap out your photos at any time to make your decor feel fresh and current.

7. Canvas Print

Find a photo from a favorite destination—whether one from a recent vacation or a local park. Have the image printed on canvas for an impactful piece that also carries personal meaning.

8. Custom Photo Pillows

custom photo pillows

Source: Shutterfly

The best living room ideas give your space a personal touch. A mix of custom pillows, like ones with family photos, can make your room feel extra special and be catered to your style.

9. DIY Sunburst Mirror

Opt for a bohemian feel for your living room design. Create a sunburst mirror out of hoops and twine. Hang the mirror above your couch, next to your entryway or on a blank wall.

10. Photo Shelf

Adding photos to your living room design makes the space feel personal and special. Build or buy a shelf where you can display framed photos, like ones of your kid’s first birthday or a summer camping trip.

11. String Art

Choose a favorite shape or animal to make a string art design. The supply list for this project is tiny: nails, string and a wooden board.

12. Photo Wall Art

Choose favorite photos—like family snapshots and nights with friends—to design a framed collection. Hang your framed photo gallery in your living room to breathe life and love into your decor.

13. Patchwork Fabric Mirror

Make good use of your fabric scraps. Adhere them to the edge of a mirror to transform it into a stunning piece of decor for your living room. The colors and patterns will bring texture and character to the space.

14. Monogram Home Decor

Personalize your living room decor with custom framed monogram prints. Choose the first letter of your last name, or opt for your initials, and showcase a piece of you. A great momento for family members!

15. Wire Photo Board

wire photo board

Source: Lily Ardor

Display your favorite people, places and memories on a photo board. Construct a board out of a frame and chicken wire, then clip your photos using clothespins.

16. Family Blankets

family blankets

Source: Shutterfly

Cozy up together with personalized blankets for each member of the family. The custom designs offer a special touch that will make the whole room feel more like home.

17. DIY Rug Wall

Transform your living room with a feature wall that makes a statement. Patch together pieces of rugs to create a comfy, eclectic look that’s full of texture.

18. Pressed Flowers

Gather your favorite blooms to create your living room decor. Dry the flowers and press them against a blank canvas to form a garden scene. Since you can find flowers outside in a garden or meadow, the only item you’ll need to purchase is a frame.

19. Decorative Lamp

A critical element to any living room design is the lighting. Add to your lighting options, especially for the evenings, with a decorative lamp. Choose one with a patterned base or lampshade.

20. Chevron Wood Wall Art

Combine modern and rustic style by creating a wooden DIY design. You can stain the wood to match other furniture and decor in your living room.

21. Yarn Wreath

Cover an embroidery hoop with colorful yarn. The playfulness of this piece infuses fun and character into your living space. You can even swap out your wreath with the seasons. When winter comes, for example, construct a wreath out of green and red yarn.

22. Eucalyptus Wall Hanging

Infuse fresh energy into your home decor with eucalyptus leaves. Wrap your greenery around a piece of wood for a modern, chic design.

23. Simple Bookshelf

simple bookshelf

Source: Ciera Design

Find a bookshelf and fill it with items you love. Whether you line the shelves with magazines, photo books or candles, your tiered decor will offer plenty of texture.

24. Dresser Drawer Shelves

Repurpose the drawers of a dresser to build shelving on a wall. Fill your shelves with items like potted plants and framed photos.

25. Driftwood Decor

Design a cozy wall hanging with a piece of driftwood. Wrap curtain rings with yarn and connect them to a piece of driftwood. This piece combines a relaxed feel with an eclectic vibe.

26. Abstract Wall Art

abstract wall art

Source: Fox + Hazel

Looking for ways to add color to your living room? Try an abstract painting with vibrant tones like yellow, orange and pink.

27. Tropical Print

Bring a relaxing vibe to your living room with tropical home decor. Frame a print of a palm tree, toucan or flamingo and hang it above your couch or place it on a table. It’s sure to have you dreaming of your next vacation.

28. Tie Dye Pillows

If you own a neutral-colored couch, consider colorful pillows like these tie dye ones. Not only will you add contrast to your scheme, you’ll add comfort, too.

29. Leaf Art

Luckily, plant wall art doesn’t always require sunlight and water. Frame a leaf print to enhance the natural elements in your living room

30. Heart Wall Art

heart wall art

Source: Iscoscella

When you refresh a room, it doesn’t have to be dramatic. A simple art piece, like this framed heart decor, can add just the touch you need.

31. Mixed Media Canvas

Create 3D art using marbling paint and glitter. Keep your canvas sizes the same for consistency. With this mixed media approach, you’ll end up with unique and eye-catching living room wall decor. All that’s required is a quick trip to the craft store.

32. Colorful Wood Art

colorful wood art

Source: Chica Circle

Take a large wooden panel and paint it with acrylics. Fill the wood grain with a variety of colors to add life to a simple living room.

33. Inspiring Quote

Not only can photos and artwork liven a space, but so can words. Choose an inspiring quote or song lyric, then either frame your artwork or put it on a scroll.

34. Faux Marble Table

faux marble table

Source: Mark Montano

Drip paints onto a tabletop to create a faux marble appearance. Incorporate colors from your other living room decor to build cohesion.

35. Mismatched Pillows

Assemble a collection of comfy pillows. Include patterned designs and solid-colored tones. You’ll end up with an edgy vibe that offers your living room color, depth and texture.

36. Fabric Wall Hanging

A simple color scheme, like green and white, can invigorate your living room. Choose a fabric wall hanging that includes these colors and ties in with the rest of your decor.

37. Checkered Wall

Accent wall ideas are a simple yet powerful way to transform a room. Create your own statement wall with paint and a stencil pattern for a unique flair in your space.

38. Wave Paintings

Your living room decor doesn’t have to be bold to make an impact. This set of serene wave paintings offers color, texture and a relaxing aura.

39. Dried Flowers

Preserve stunning spring and summer florals in their natural shapes. Dry the blooms, then place them in an open frame using chicken wire. The 3D nature of these flowers allows you to admire the beauty of this wall garden all year long.

40. DIY Tree Art

diy tree art

Source: Whimziville

With this fun craft project, turn a wire frame into tree art. Add pearls for style and pizzazz and cater to your personal style.

41. Colorful Pillows

If you’re wondering how to refresh your living room with just one buy, consider pillows. New pillows, whether colorful or fluffy, will rejuvenate the space.

42. Photo Ledge

A photo shelf is simple yet impactful. It allows you to bring personality into the most important room in your home. Intermix your photos with framed keepsake items like maps and artwork.

43. Printed Pillows

Sew a design, like leaves or flowers, onto neutral-colored pillows. The best part? You can change these seasonally based on your style and mood.

44. DIY Painting

diy painting

Source: Amber Oliver

A bright painting brings new life to a living room without much work. Try your hand at painting an abstract piece on a blank canvas. Get creative with some of your favorite colors or branch out with unique shades.

45. Modern Lamp

Add style to your home or apartment living room with a unique lamp—like this modern design with a criss-cross base. Your room will benefit from soft lighting, best for reading a book or kicking back with a cup of tea.

46. Flower Sunburst

Sunburst designs make for trendy home decor. Instead of a sunburst mirror, incorporate flowers for a beautiful, bright vibe.

47. World Map Pillow

Do you have a love for travel? Bring your wanderlust to your living room with a world map pillow. Add felt hearts to your favorite spots or future destinations.

48. Upcycled Bookshelf

Transform a traditional bookshelf into a piece you love. Remove the shelves and paint the bookshelf white, then adhere a decorative wallpaper to the back. Add the shelves back in and arrange items like books, plants and candles for a vertical spread.

49. Seashell Mirror

Make your living room space seem bigger and brighter by adding a mirror. Decorate a mirror with seashells for a relaxing, beachy vibe and bring a bit of nature into your space.

50. Accent Wall

Create texture in your living room with a colored accent wall. Paint the wall, then hang frames in an asymmetrical pattern. Paint over the frames in the same color as the wall. Your living room will have extra personality with just one purchase: a can of paint.

51. Metal Print

metal print

Source: Shutterfly

Have a family photo you absolutely love? Whether it’s a shot of your little one enjoying a kayak trip or you and your dog playing outside, bring that magic to life on your living room wall with a metal print.

52. Unique Coffee Table

Replicate this DIY design coffee table. Find a wood slice and secure it to table legs. The piece is bound to be a conversation starter.

53. DIY Stencil Art

Create your own birch tree wall art out of stencils, canvas and paint. Your piece will look professional even though it was a DIY design.

54. DIY Dreamcatcher

diy dreamcatcher

Source: Shine Crafts

A dreamcatcher is believed to ward off nightmares and bring good dreams to its owners. Construct your own dreamcatcher out of a vine wreath base, beads and lace. Hang it in your living room for an airy, tranquil vibe.

55. Painted Wall Design

Go bold with a patterned accent wall. The color and texture will boost the energy of the entire room. You’ll only need to buy the paint, as you can create a simple stencil using paper and scissors.

56. Macrame Wall Hanging

macrame wall hanging

Source: Hello Nest

A woven wall hanging will bring comfort and style to a living room. Replicate this design with a single knot pattern featuring tassels at the bottom.

When you breathe new energy into your living room, you breathe new energy into your life. Add accent pieces like photo candles and custom pillows to make your space truly your own. With personalized decor, you’ll enjoy relaxing in your space and inviting guests over to enjoy your beautiful home.