20+ Accent Wall Decor Ideas To Brighten Up Any Room

Bring a burst of color to your home with bold wall decor that adds a flair of style to any accent wall. Best of all, this project doesn’t need to be expensive. DIY wall art will help you save money and keep the transformation of your home or apartment cost-effective, without sacrificing style.

Use wall decor to bring personality to any room. Accent wall decor can be as simple as adding sisal rope to complement a sailing theme, or as complex as using reclaimed wood planks to create a rustic ranch feel. No matter your preference, there are inexpensive ways to create a unique theme for any room of your home.

Just as art should feed your soul, design should express your personality and represent your life. Choose the perfect wall decor to add your own style to an accent wall and style your home on a budget.

1. Simple Accents

accent wooden bedframe

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Small spaces require innovative design. Nothing says rustic home like a homemade shelf from a single plank of wood. Choose simple wall art to create decor that focuses on function and lets the accent wall speak for itself.

2. Geometric Accents

Simple geometric patterns are visually appealing and easy to create. Design is as easy as using a gold Sharpie to stencil in a new look. This wall decor trick is a quick, inexpensive way to create a bold accent — without committing to a full redesign — and it can coordinate easily with the rest of your color scheme.

3. Hanging Strips

accent photos hanging clips

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Wall hooks and hanging strips make it simple to add decor to any existing wall. Create a tapestry of photos with no wall damage with this simple design.

4. Black Accent

Make a dramatic statement with black accent decor that never goes out of style. This futuristic, no-nonsense style can breathe new life into an outdated kitchen or bedroom. Pair with a coordinating accessory like a black and gold lamp to mirror the unique accent throughout the whole room.

5. Art Gallery

accent grad desk photos

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Create your own custom art gallery by displaying a collection of photographs that are uniquely your own. Select simple frames for a busy accent wall, or break up the monotony of a single color wall with a collection of wall art. You can choose photos with colors combinations that coordinate with your accent wall for a cohesive, uniform look.

6. Shades Of Grey

Any wall can be transformed with accents of color. Wall decor becomes simple when using shades of the same color. From subtle hues to rich tones, choose decor that barely offsets the original color to completely change the look of a room.

7. Collage Art

accent beach blue yellow

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Choose three-picture collages to display a single photograph for an accent wall decor idea that is simple, yet stunning. If your decor supports it, keep the viewer engaged with ropes or string between photos that helps draw the eye.

8. Lightening Up

Lighten up any room with bright white paint and silk accent plants to highlight a darker wall. This navy accent wall is made even more dramatic with bright white trim and simple silk tree. Plants are the perfect way to bring a homey feel to an elegant room.

9. Hanging Hooks

accent towels wood

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Turn an accent wall into a functional part of the home with simple hooks that can be used for everything from hanging up wet towels in a beach house to cozy fleece blankets in a cabin. Every day is a new design with these simple accents.

10. Geometric Nursery

A geometric accent wall is an ideal way to bring a whimsical feel to a room. Contrast colors with shapes to create fanciful designs that never feel overbearing. A floating shelf or two helps contribute to the whimsy.

11. Plank Decor

accent green pink pillow

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Wooden plank wall accents are ideal for homes that need a little something different. Select weathered or reclaimed wood for a rustic feel or a light-colored bamboo for a nautical style. Pair with brass and other metallics for a bold combination.

12. Wallpaper Accent

Wallpaper can create a bold statement in any room. Add a patterned accent to offset single wall colors, or a textured wallpaper to create a luxurious feel. Pair accessories like pillows in coordinating colors to tie the whole room together.

13. Arrow Decals

Wall art decals are a fun way to make a dramatic statement on any accent wall. Choose from removable decals or permanent graphics and murals. It’s simple design on a low budget.

14. Checkerboard Checks

Painter’s tape and a creative attitude are all you need to create simple wall art decor with checkerboard patterns or dramatic geometric designs. Add decor with subtle geometric metal print and complementary colors to keep things from getting too busy.

15. Going Glam

Antiquing a mirror is a simple way to create a vintage look. Distress a new mirror or simply change out the border for a classic frame that dresses up any accent wall.

16. Growth Chart

A growth chart is not only a way to track your child’s progress, it also makes the perfect wall accent! Personalized growth charts are the perfect way to make a house feel like home.

17. Quatrefoil Wall

Quatrefoil is a versatile accent that can be used to create everything from Marrakesh tile to Moroccan tiles. Choose neutral colors and patterns to pair with this wallpaper so that it remains the focus of the room.

18. Shiplap Wall

Shiplap accents are an excellent way to draw attention from one room to another. Pair with natural wood furniture to keep the look cohesive and accent with earth-toned accessories, like chairs and lamps. Opt for minimal decor if you’re looking to create a smart study room.

19. Rope Wall

Create the perfect wall accent with rope. Whether you choose sisal for a creative cat-centric accent or cotton for a nautical nod, rope decor is a practical way to create a custom look on any accent wall. It also provides a creative backdrop for natural features like wood shelves and plants.

20. Bright Blue

Don’t be afraid to bring color into your life. Wall art can help reduce the stark contrast — choose pieces that accent both the feature wall and existing lighter colors.

21. Kitchen Accent

Shelving is an excellent way to break up a busy design. Choose simple shelves that accent bold, colorful patterns to give a country-chic feel to kitchens.

Whether you’re transforming a feature wall in your living room, a guest bedroom or adding some office wall art, accent decor provides many ways to make your house into a home. Live boldly with rich, colorful decor or intricate accents that reflect your personality and inspire you to new creative heights.