75 Delightful Black & White Living Rooms

Despite their differences, black and white fit together quite well as a color scheme. If you’re thinking of creating a black and white living room, you may be wondering how to add your unique style to the room. To get inspiration for your new room, we have put together 75 black and white living room ideas. There are modern rooms that feature abstract art and rooms with eclectic, global details.

No matter what your style preference is, you’ll find a room here that you’ll love. Use the filters to check out all the different styles. Once you have an idea for your dream living room, make it truly yours by adding personalized home decor, including framed photos, candles and photo blankets.

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This modern black and white living room uses a houseplant to give the room a lovely pop of color.

Photo By: A Merry Mishap

We love the creative use of an artistic black and white map in this globally inspired living room!

Photo By: Alicia Macias

If your favorite thing is curling up with a good book, you'll love this living room that features a cozy fireplace and tall bookshelves.

Photo By: Alyssa Rosenheck

This living room uses a clever mixture of styles that work well together, including a classic French table and a modern piece of art.

Photo By: Anthony Harrison

If you want to add a little sparkle to a monochrome living room, take inspiration from this modern room that features gold pillows and artwork.

Photo By: Brandon Barre

We love how lively all of the plants make this black and white living room feel. The bamboo shades are also a nice natural element.

Photo By: Carole Poirot

Add color to your black and white living room by using an art piece, like this fun cow painting.

Photo By: Chronicle of Frivolity

This adorable black and white dresser looks wonderful paired with a modern black and gold lamp.

Photo By: Chronicle of Frivolity

This cozy reading nook features a jewel-toned chair and a black and white blanket that provides accent colors.

Photo By: Classy Clutter

This living room creatively uses a blue painting and pink flowers as accent colors. It also has adorable pillows with tree silhouettes.

Photo By: Cococozy

We love the way this fireplace was painted white to match the living room's color scheme. The black rug with gold accents is also a good touch.

Photo By: Colin Poole

This living room is full of lovely modern elements, including a black and white striped carpet and a glass coffee table with gold sides.

Photo By: Crane Concept

If you're looking for creative bookcase ideas, check out this unique fireplace bookshelf. We also love the abstract black and white carpet.

Photo By: Danielle Poff

In this living room, a simple black bench is the perfect base for a display of candles, vintage photos and a rustic lamp.

Photo By: Denis Krasikov

Via: CGTrader

Turn your living room into a beautiful monochrome forest by painting outlines of leaves, branches and flowers on a white wall.

Photo By: Emma Fiala

This living room uses a gothic black color scheme, with a black fireplace and black roses. The white lamp adds some brightness to the dark room.

Photo By: Erin Swift

Via: Jonny Valiant

This cozy living room includes a small fireplace, tall bookshelves and artwork featuring two silhouettes. Red roses also add a lovely contrast.

Photo By: Erin Swift

Via: Jonny Valiant

This living room shows how to make a big impact with a few minimalistic decorations. The monochrome painting pairs perfectly with the black couch and modern white lamp.

Photo By: Glen Allsop

Via: The Interior NY

A patterned rug can add a unique element to your living room. You can also pair the rug with a vase in a matching pattern.

Photo By: Hailey Wilson

Via: Simply Grove

The quirky cow print rug in this living room works perfectly with the simple gray couch and black coffee table.

Photo By: Heather Keeling

Via: Apartment Therapy

Throw pillows are a great way to add some color to your monochrome living room. The pom-poms are also a fun touch!

Photo By: Hi Sugarplum!

These tribal prints, animal masks, and zebra print rug all work together to create a lovely African-inspired room.

Photo By: Home By Tribal

Via: Baobab Interiors

Metal film reels are a great decoration for an entertainment center. A stack of black books also adds a nice contrast to a white entertainment center.

Via: How to Decorate

If you're looking for a bright statement piece for your living room, check out this white neon sign. Pink flowers and boxes provide some great contrast to the sign.

Photo By: Jamie Lauren Photography

Via: Style Me Pretty

Don't be afraid to use different patterns in your decorating scheme - as this living room shows, a mixture of animal prints and classic patterns can work well together.

Photo By: Janis Nicolay

If you're going for a rustic look for your living room, take inspiration from this cabinet that includes wicker baskets, a tin pitcher flower holder and a small brass lantern.

Photo By: Jenna Sue Design Co.

If you have a pile of firewood sitting outside, bring it into your living room and incorporate it into your living room decor.

Photo By: Julia Brenner

We adore all of the unique details in this room, from the black and white patterned walls to the white two-faced sculpture on the coffee table.

Photo By: Julia Robbs

Via: Home Polish

If you're using a black armchair in your living room, try placing a bright, uniquely shaped end table next to it.

Photo By: Julia Robbs

Via: Home Polish

The leopard print and black and white throw pillows look great on this living room's beige couch.

Photo By: Julia Ryan

Via: Arianna Belle

This daring yellow couch pairs perfectly with a black and white blanket. The plants add even more brightness to the room.

Photo By: Julia Steele

Via: Apartment Therapy

We love how the quirky eye throw pillows perfectly match the eye illustration on the wall. The cactuses are also a fun touch.

Photo By: Katie Lavie

A colorful rug looks great with a neutral-colored couch. It's also fun to use different throw pillows that you can switch out as your style changes.

Photo By: Kimberley Genvieve

If you want break up the monotony of a white wall, try adding colorful pieces to your wall. For an example, check out this living room's gold mirror and wooden antlers.

Photo By: Love by Serena

Via: The Every Girl

Try mixing together different styles-as this eclectic living room shows, an abstract art piece and a classic gray couch can go together perfectly.

Photo By: Lukas Machnik

Via: My Domaine

Check out the quirky gold pineapples on this living room's white mantel. The yellow throw pillows also add a nice colorful touch.

Photo By: Maggie Stephens Interiors

Via: Arianna Belle

This living room nicely balances its bold black and white rug with a softer painting that features pastel colors.

Photo By: Maggie Stephens Interiors

By stitching pieces of a black sheet onto a white drape, you can easily create your own black and white striped curtains.

Photo By: Megeletto

This living room shows a great example of minimalism-the simple black candleholder and coffee table add a bold touch to the otherwise white and gray room.

Photo By: Mikael Axelsson

Via: Ollie and Seb's Haus

If you want to do something different for your coffee table, try using an ottoman. You can style the ottoman with patterned trays, colorful flowers and more.

Photo By: Monica Wang

Via: The Style Editrix

Accessories are a great way to add personality to your living room. There are plenty of accessories that you can use, from patterned rugs to colorful throw pillows.

Photo By: Monica Wang

Via: The Every Girl

Black mullions are a great statement piece for your living room's windows. For contrast, try using gold accessories and throw pillows.

Photo By: Naja Munthe

Via: Jacquelyn Clark

Don't be afraid to add some eclectic details to your black and white living room décor. As this room shows, a quirky painting of a movie character can fit into a room perfectly.

Photo By: Plastolux

Via: Apartment Therapy

You can easily make your own striped candles by using plain white candles and black washi tape. To make the candles really pop, put them in brass candleholders.

Photo By: Refunk my Junk

Via: Refunk My Junk

This living room expertly mixes together chic pieces, like a chevron rug and a black piano, with a rustic wooden slat ceiling.

Photo By: Stephanie Wiley

To add a pop of color to a black and white living room, try placing houseplants on either side of your couch.

Photo By: Steve Cordony

If you want to add some brightness to a black and white couch, try using a few yellow accessories, like a throw blanket or a pillow.

Photo By: Studio Revolution

Via: Decoist

A diamond patterned rug is an elegant addition to a monochrome living room. This living room also uses a brass elephant sculpture for added contrast.

Photo By: Studio Ten

Via: Studio Ten

This living room pays homage to its seaside setting by including a brass crab decoration on the brown coffee table.

Photo By: Tara Striano

Via: Lonny

Black walls aren't something that are often used. But as this living room shows, when black walls are mixed with contrasting colors, they can make a room look wonderfully elegant.

Photo By: Tatiana Shishkina

Via: Home Designing

If you adore all things sparkly, you'll love the way this black and white living room uses a silver sequined pillow on its gray couch.

Photo By: That Nordic Feeling

Via: The Little Designer Corner

This living room uses a classic burgundy and gray color combination to great effect - take a look at how well the burgundy throw pillow goes with the gray couch.

Photo By: That Nordic Feeling

This living room is full of elegant details, from the lovely marble fireplace to the marble bust on the mantelpiece.

Photo By: The Design Co

Via: Progression by Design

In this rustic farmhouse living room, black and white gingham pillows provide contrast to the beige couch and armchair.

Photo By: The DIY Mommy

We love how this family chose photos that perfectly match their black and white color scheme. The green apples also provide a good pop of color.

Photo By: The Yellow Cape Cod

This zebra armchair pairs well with the white cabinet behind it. The potted plant adds a nice contrast to the chair.

Photo By: The Yellow Cape Cod

These bold DIY striped drapes look great next to the black table. The red lamp adds some nice color too!

Photo By: The Yellow Cape Cod

In this living room, the black, white and red photo frames are expertly matched with the throw pillows on the black couch.

Photo By: This Is Our Bliss

The quirky details on this cabinet really make it stand out. We especially love the different sized lanterns in black and gold.

Photo By: Tracey Ayton Photography

A regal marble bust is always in style. The bust pairs perfectly with black and white patterned curtains.

Photo By: Verandah House

Turn your coffee table into an upholstered bench by covering the coffee table in your favorite patterned fabric.

Photo By: Vintage Junky

This black and white living room showcases a variety of brass decorations, including brass candleholders, brass deer head table legs and a brass skull.

Photo By: Wendy Labrum

Via: The Decorista

Create a rustic DIY photo display by using clotheslines and clothespins. The possibilities for this project are endless.

Photo By: Shutterfly

Create a sweet family photo display by placing black and white images on a white cabinet. For an added treat, put some macarons next to your photos.

Photo By: Shutterfly

If you have some extra throw pillows that you're not using on your couch, place them in a white wire basket and use them as black and white living room decor.

Photo By: Shutterfly

For great contrast, place a colorful family photo between monochrome images. The colorful photo will also look great next to white furniture.

Photo By: Shutterfly

If you're looking for some new accessories for your couch, try using a mixture of photo pillows and patterned pillows.

Photo By: Shutterfly

In this living room, the black and white wall art stands out against a neutral wall color. The rug adds contrast to the off white furniture.

Photo By: The Decor Stylist

This zebra print rug adds dimension to the coffee table, and the pink florals create an enticing contrast.

Photo By: Beauti Curve

Add a modern twist to a simple living room, with a black and white striped rug. The colorful ocean portrait also provides a coastal feel.

Photo By: The Gold Hive

Build or buy a bookcase with painted steel for a masculine look.

Photo By: Voir Grace

Pair an all white bookcase with black accents for a classic look.

Photo By: HANGTW

Black and white make for great accent colors in throw pillows and more.

Photo By: Mae Foster

Pick a large black and white graphic print for something that will pair easily with any decor.

Photo By: Foxy Oxie

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