75 Charming Gray Living Rooms

The living room is where you spend a lot of your free time in the house. Whether you are watching TV, reading a book, or entertaining guests, choosing the right color scheme for your living room is very important. Gray is one of the most popular colors because it works so well with other colors—even black and white. So, we’ve put together 75 gray living rooms to help you decorate the most popular room in the house. Be sure to pick up a few personalized decor pieces to put the finishing touches on your living room.

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A gray sectional sofa utilizes the corner space in this living area.

Photo By: Gracie Blue

Comfortable sofas set in gray allow for colorful accents like throw pillows and blankets to really pop.

Photo By: Not Entirely Ordinary

Gray window seats allow for colorful pillows to help bring in the beauty of the outdoors.

Photo By: Seamstress Erin

Allow for your subtle style to come through without overpowering the space with this classic gray living room idea.

Photo By: Sophie Paterson Interiors

Luxurious grays swath a living room with classic elegance.

Photo By: Sophie Paterson Interiors

This holiday setting pairs shimmering whites with gray textures throughout the living room.

Photo By: Nancy Nolan Photography

A lovely gray couch can be offset with aqua colored drapes for a stunning color combination.

Photo By: Project Motherhood NYC

Easy chairs upholstered in gray are an elegant way to show off your living room.

Photo By: Love Grows Wild

Don't shy away from gray living room ideas - seating, art, and wall colors in complementary grays show a level of true sophistication.

Photo By: Jaclyn Colville

This aqua blue upholstered furniture fits amazingly well when the walls are accented gray.

Photo By: Addison's Wonderland

With different shades of gray for a chaise and a large china hutch, you'll see how it makes reds and golds glow with warmth.

Photo By: Alyssa Lee Photography

Go gracefully gray with walls, couches, and rugs cast in cool hues.

Photo By: Katie Grace

Gray goes perfectly with accents in cool blues and warm golds.

Photo By: Maggie Holmes Design

Gray walls are the best friends of gold accents. See how the sumptuousness of the gold gleams against the gray.

Photo By: Miguel Flores Vianna

The stylish angles of modern furniture and lighting pieces are best cast against the backdrop of gray walls trimmed with white.

Photo By: Danielle Moss

Subdued blues and oranges in accents like throw pillows make a room with gray walls a conversation piece.

Photo By: Katie Grace

Bare wood treated to look gray captures the shine of marble and adds a royal sheen to your living room.

Photo By: Pretty Real Blog

A gray patterned carpet, offset by gray walls of a lighter shade, add depth to your living area.

Photo By: Sita Montgomery

Bold modern tactile art perfectly dresses gray walls.

Photo By: Love and LaRock

Make your living room a study in grays and whites - a textured gray carpet and patterned sofa make modern rooms look fantastic.

Photo By: Nina Holst

Have a penchant for black and white photography? Match them to a furniture piece to bring out the artistic themes.

Photo By: Nina Holst

A stone fireplace is well matched when paired with a gray sofa and modern art in similar colors on the mantel.

Photo By: House of Jade Interiors

Gray walls and a gray patterned sofa allow your family photos to really pop when you hang them in the living room.

Photo By: Pretty Life Girls

Rustic black furniture is perfectly paired with a gray landscape scene in the background.

Photo By: Orphans with Makeup

Give your living room the clean lined feeling of Scandinavian design with cool grays in angles and arcs.

Photo By: Shoko Design

Via: Decoholic

Wooden accents and leathers look better when surrounded by cool gray walls.

Photo By: Shutterfly

Give your room a gray couch and see how it allows rustic elements like wood grains to get their due.

Photo By: Shutterfly

Dark gray walls are the perfect canvas on which to create a creative wallscape with pictures and pieces of art.

Photo By: Shutterfly

Use a small gray vase for a succulent to add a subtle hint of sophistication to your living room.

Photo By: Simply Grove

Back a bookshelf with dark gray slats to bring out the shapes and shades of any art objects.

Photo By: An Urban Cottage

This gray living room uses a fantastic gray zebra rug to give it an exotic look.

Photo By: Classy Glam Living

Wash that gray all over your living room and watch accents like mirrors and light fixtures really gleam.

Photo By: Copy Cat Chic

Gray walls turn your living room into a place for you to express your artistic flair.

Photo By: Embracing Change

A gray bookshelf gives pictures and other pieces luxurious life.

Photo By: Nell Hill's

Spread the shades across pillows, couches, and curtains for a classy living room.

Photo By: Adan Crohill from Rock My Style

A patterned gray sofa paired with gray walls make a perfect home for fun textured throw pillows.

Photo By: Six Sisters Stuff

Sumptuous textured gray upholstery, walls, and fixtures grant an element of elegance to any room.

Photo By: Sophie Paterson Interiors

Wickers, woods, and green accents go perfectly with gray upholstered sofas.

Photo By: The Fabulous Life of a Natural Disaster

Fresh cut roses just seem to glow when set next to a classic gray sofa.

Photo By: Mom Wife Foodie

Gray textured walls give adorable accents, like this throw pillow, a chance to shine.

Photo By: Shutterfly

Allow warm accents and fun family photos to truly pop when put against a gray wall.

Photo By: Shutterfly

Give new life to a gray wall with fun family photo set ups.

Photo By: Shutterfly

Cool blue accents seem even cooler when given a gray walled backdrop.

Photo By: A Day in the Lalz

Beautiful blues wash over the room when a gray sofa is a setting on which to rest the eye.

Photo By: Zeke Photography

Via: Ginny MacDonald

Silver gray hues are a testament to true elegance. Use every shade available when choosing your gray living room palette.

Photo By: Alyssa Lee Photography

Pastels pop perfectly against gorgeous gray walls.

Photo By: Honey of California

Gray and gold simply go great together. A gray rug and cabinet set off with gold accents is the pinnacle of elegance.

Photo By: Katie Grace

Gray bookshelves and moulding plays well with black and white furniture pieces.

Photo By: Our Fifth House

Live a modern life with a gray living room motif featuring a gray couch.

Photo By: Stuff Steph Does

Gray walls are perfectly matched with black and white textured pieces of art.

Photo By: Hot Pink Style

Minimalist textured art in grays, whites, and blacks reads superbly on cool gray walls.

Photo By: Hannah in the House

For gorgeous gray living room ideas, offset light gray walls with dark gray shelving for pictures and tie the room together with a comfy gray sofa.

Photo By: Vosgesparis

Gray and green are two cool shades that share their lives together gracefully. Green accents look almost magical in this gray living room.

Photo By: A Turtle's Life For Me

Wood tones and rustic elements play nicely with a gray walled living room.

Photo By: Chris Loves Julia

Make your sofa into a statement by filling a gray couch with black and white throw pillows.

Photo By: Kristina Lynne

A gray credenza is a great way to give greenery a lift and show off your style.

Photo By: Kristina Lynne

For a gray living room idea, cover the floor with an earth tone and see the other elements pop.

Photo By: Provident Home Design

This bright pastel oriental rug looks truly beautiful when laid in relief to the gray walled living space.

Photo By: The 2 Seasons

Gray walled living rooms allow you to get creative with rugs and floor coverings without overloading the room.

Photo By: Grasie Mercedes

Neutral gray offsets the white mantel allowing for a cool and calm visual.

Photo By: Hot Pink Style

If your sofa is gray, try light brown accents in the living room for a rustic and homey feel.

Photo By: Hot Pink Style

A gray rug is groovy in this hip homestead. Use your gallery wall to add some color accents and extra character.

Photo By: The Happy Scraps

Cast gorgeous corals and aquas against a gray background to create a warm wash of color.

Photo By: Shutterfly

This black and white patterned pillow is a perfect match for a dark gray upholstery.

Photo By: Shutterfly

A creative gray living room idea is to get a white collage frame and fill it with colorful photos.

Photo By: Shutterfly

Great gray living room ideas include wood grain shelving and black and white accents.

Photo By: Dear Lillie

I'll be gray for Christmas - class up your decor with white chalk art against a gray background.

Photo By: Lia Griffith

A gray walled living room adorned with whites and earth tones create a cool and elegant kind of warmth.

Photo By: Dear Lillie

Fun and funky art pieces and exposed brick fireplaces match perfectly with gray walled living spaces.

Photo By: Honey of California

Gray paneled doors are a stylish addition to a living room with walls of the same color.

Photo By: Not Entirely Ordinary

Give green a chance! You'll be stunned at how gray walls add depth to a green accent piece.

Photo By: Orphans with Makeup

Love the elegance of gray? See the subtle set of shades in the furniture, knits, and walls of this living room for some great ways to go gray.

Photo By: Adan Crohill from Rock My Style

Gray can be formal or casual - or both at the same time - as this fun living room festooned with gray walls graciously demonstrates.

Photo By: Shutterfly

Pair your dark, textured gray sofa with any combinations of black and white frames to create a modern aesthetic.

Photo By: Le Happy

For a living room that pops, paint your wall a dark gray. A white fireplace pops against a dark wall color.

Photo By: Harlow and Thistle

A plush gray chair looks great for any living room. Pair with a fun statement pillow for a pop of color.

Photo By: Becca Tilley

Make your living room stand out with a detailed gray wallpaper. Choose simple decor pieces to accompany the wallpaper pattern.

Photo By: Decor 8

Try a rustic farm print to switch up your living room style. For a farm-like side table, try using a refurbished barrel.

Photo By: Elements of Ellis

A white orchid is a great indoor plant for the coffee table. Decorate with your favorite decor and cooking books as well.

Photo By: Andrea Porritt

For a minimalist living room, try a gray leather couch with a few simple decor items. A small succulent is all this coffee table needs.

Photo By: Pretty Providence

Install white shelves against a gray wall and place your favorite frames atop. A metallic end table also complements the gray pieces.

Photo By: Laura Elizabeth Lifestyle

Use fun unique pillows to contrast a gray sofa. For an extra vibrant living room, add a colorful wall canvas.

Photo By: Simply J and K

Paint a dark gray wall and hang a large white victorian mirror to create a beautiful contrast. Pair with other white pieces such as large vases and faux flowers.

Photo By: Home and Fabulous

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