75 Lively Purple Living Rooms

Traditionally, purple was known as the color of kings and it still adds a dramatic sumptuousness to any room. However, you no longer have to be in the ruling class to afford lavender accents. Violet touches are a perfect way to say something about the vibrancy of your character, but purple can also be calming in lilac, or sensual in plum. Textures read particularly well in purple and that’s why you so often see a velvet sofa or textured wallpaper adorned in the hue. Here are over 75 purple living room ideas to tempt your senses and give your guests the royal treatment.

Use the filters to find the best fit for the style you are going for, then choose some home decor pieces that will make your purple room truly unique.

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Live luxuriously with different purple shades together in one living room. The throw pillows here are a treat for the eyes.

Photo By: Avanzato Design

This living room has lovely ideas for a purple enthusiast who doesn't want to overdo it. Patterned throw pillows and a classic print curtain allow the hue to speak for itself without overpowering the room.

Photo By: Bethany Nauert

Sometimes just a hint of purple will play perfectly. Here these purple blossoms make a passionate point.

Photo By: I Heart Organizing

Wonderful purple living room ideas in this room include shimmering drapes and a vibrant velvet bench all in violet.

Photo By: Jenna Halvorson Designs

Play with purple armchairs when using gold accents, like in the curtains of this well-appointed living room.

Photo By: Joe Schmelzer

Via: Alexandra Loew

In this living room, the color purple creates a sense of order and stability - especially in this modern light fixture.

Photo By: Kenneth Brown Design

The texture in the fabric of any sofa is made more dramatic when it has a purple hue.

Photo By: Kevin O'Shea

Via: Design Sponge

The pale purple walls of this living room give golden accents like the simple curtain rod or more elaborate candelabras a chance to really sing.

Photo By: Kim Frost

Via: Laura Trevey

Floral elements are softly accented by purple pieces like this throw pillow.

Photo By: Lee Caroline Art

These passionate and vibrant purple velvet chairs make a distinctive and strong statement.

Photo By: Lesley Myrick for 55 Downing Street

This living room is centered around one abstract purple piece of artwork that gives the space gravitas without overwhelming the place.

Photo By: Lia Griffith

Chrysanthemum wallpaper is a purple living room idea that adds an abstract beauty to a space that is otherwise adorned with silver and white.

Photo By: Lux Design

Via: Houzz

A passionate purple curtain like this one adds elegance, especially when paired with a gilded rod across the top.

Photo By: Maura McEvoy

Via: House Beautiful

Purple accents in this living room give it a controlled and calm atmosphere and silk hydrangeas are a lovely added touch.

Photo By: Robert Lowell Photography

Via: Houzz

Simple purple accents, like these throw pillows, make a room feel festive.

Photo By: Stephanie Godfrey

Via: Arianna Belle

The pillow on this plush purple couch says it all - a calming lavender sofa tell you when you sit here you are home.

Photo By: 2 Ladies and a Chair

A plush plum sofa looks deep and luxurious, and even matches well with a large piece of textured black expressionist art.

Photo By: Anne-Claire Rohe

Via: Design Sponge

The black and white stripes underneath this purple oriental patterned rug make the colors pop even more.

Photo By: Classy Clutter

Capture the resonant beauty of gold hangings by putting them against a deep plum wall.

Photo By: Cure Design Group

The sumptuousness of purple is expressed perfectly when featured in this living room, particularly in the plush velvet of the sofa, and patterned wall paper.

Photo By: Decoration Channel

Via: Rilane

The slim line of purple that dresses the mantelpiece here demonstrates definition against a lovely yellow wall.

Photo By: Designing Solutions

Via: Houzz

Purple and gold match together to create a truly luxurious space. Gilded frames on a pale purple wall give the artistic pieces a kind of glow.

Photo By: Gary Riggs

Via: Apartment Therapy

Lovely purple glass pieces on the sill cast a soft violet light that sweeps the living room in lavender.

Photo By: Heather Frazier

Via: Design Sponge

This purple living room idea recalls the luxury of the Casbah and Moroccan modes.

Photo By: Larry Arnal, Arnal Photography

Via: Nikka Design

This elegant purple glass lamp simply says style without shouting out for attention.

Photo By: Maree Homer

Via: Brendan Wong Design

The deep violet shag of this living room rug makes it a perfect purple place for bare feet.

Photo By: Marianne Cotterill

Via: Desire to Inspire

This purple living room uses the splashes in a piece of artwork as a beautiful way to center the room around a central color theme.

Photo By: Mary Summers

Texture is accentuated by purple -- something clearly demonstrated in this crushed velvet couch and fabric wall paper.

Photo By: Susan Glick Interiors

Via: Decorpad

This beautiful purple agate coffee table top is a mesmerizing piece.

Photo By: A Kailo Chic Life

The dramatic violet upholstery of this easy chair works perfectly and deepens the navy sofa, giving the room a sense of flash.

Photo By: Amanda Nisbet

Is there anything more gorgeous than plum colored furniture? This velvet chaise calls out to be lounged upon.

Photo By: Amoroso Design

Via: Houzz

The distinct patterns on a purple navajo style rug gives visual excitement to a themed living room.

Photo By: Cindy Loughridge

Via: SF Girl by Bay

This solid purple sofa calls the eye in this modernist living room.

Photo By: Dawson Clinton

In this modern living room, a purple couch claims a place of honor and is matched with similarly colored vases and hand towels.

Photo By: Design OD

Via: Houzz

This sweeping easy chair demonstrates the calming effects of a cool purple.

Photo By: Gorta Yuuki

Via: Doherty Design Studio

This patterned ottoman adds drama to this living room and creates a perfect place to put your feet up by the fire.

Photo By: Jenna Halvorson Designs

A staid purple velvet sofa, like this one, holds its own even when matched with a bright animal print chair.

Photo By: Mark Millman

Via: Mark English Architects

The purple walled living room gives a vibrancy to the other modern elements in this living room.

Photo By: Nikola Milcic

Via: Lux Deco

Let your purple patterned rugs shine by matching them with a see through glass coffee table.

Photo By: Ryan Garvin

Via: Rue Mag

This living room uses a lilac sofa and chair to stunning effect, made all the more majestic when matched with pure white walls.

Photo By: Sarah Dorio

Via: Burnham Design

A vibrant purple patterned rug lends a sense of majesty and royalty even when in a modern living room.

Photo By: The Decorista

Matching the purple geometric patterned throw pillows with the walls in this living room is a visual delight.

Photo By: Tobi Fairley

Via: House Beautiful

This modern living room isn't afraid to let the true vibrancy of one solid purple color take over and rule the space.

Photo By: Tracy Murdock Interior Design

A soft pale purple sofa recalls a field of lavender and here is accented with flower filled throw pillows.

Photo By: Catherine Frawley

Via: Charlotte Evans

Settle into a the luxury that comes with this purple couch, here made more festive with fun throw pillows.

Photo By: Eunice Fernandes

Via: Design Trends

The beauty of the dark violet throw pillow on this classic purple sofa is that these shades of purple don't clash.

Photo By: John Bessler

Via: Veranda

Try combining purple accents with a bright orange for a sensational and vibrant color combination.

Photo By: Julian Wass

Via: House Beautiful

Bright patterned purple drapes liven up any living room and work well with gray walls.

Photo By: Matthew Williams for Novogratz

This inviting purple armchair is matched with a similarly colored oriental rug that gives the room a level of sophistication.

Photo By: Meg Lonergan

Via: La Dolce Vita

Purple has amazing personality, as is demonstrated in this wild living room set up complete with a zebra skin rug and deer's head wearing a tie!

Photo By: Melanie Biehle

Deep purple gives a sense of place in this living room that is built on a foundation of two plush violet sofas.

Photo By: My Bespoke Room

Use the power of color psychology to help focus on warm, calming and peaceful designs.

Photo By: Oliver Burns

Via: Design Trends

Different shades of purple upholstery and patterned throw pillows add a sweetness to this contemporary living room.

Photo By: Patricia Mcgrath

Via: Completely Coastal

In this rustic living room a purple leather couch accentuates the theme of wealth, home and hearth.

Photo By: Robert Sanderson

Via: House to Home

The elegance of this classic purple velvet sofa is wonderfully contrasted by a rustic exposed brick wall.

Photo By: Ryon Lockhart

Via: 100 Layer Cake

Use dark violet as an accent wall to set a moody and dramatic tone in your living room.

Photo By: Alex and Corban

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