54 Unique Housewarming Gift Ideas to Wow Your Hosts

A new space requires a bit of extra love to make it feel like home. When your friends load up the moving truck and settle into a new house or apartment, personalized housewarming gift ideas and a loving note card can make all the difference. Homemade gifts add a bit of style to the room while reminding your friends and family of their supportive community as they make this transition.

Our list of handmade new home gift ideas features personalized essentials for the kitchen, dining room table, bedroom, and living room. Housewarming gifts also come in the form of delicious recipes, DIY self-care packages, or framed photographs. Whether you’re headed to a housewarming party or sending a gift to greet your friends in the mail, these DIY housewarming gift ideas can be customized to every style, personality, and home design.

1. Rope Basket Collection

housewarming gift ideas rope basket

Source: Decor Hint

These classic and versatile rope baskets make excellent DIY gifts, utilizing just a cotton clothesline and a sewing machine. The baskets remain sturdy and durable while keeping a soft and natural look for storing home odds and ends.

2. Retro Golf Leaf Coasters

Customize your own tile coasters by adding variegated gold leaf to the top of richly hued wooden coasters. Mix together the colors in your own design, ensuring each coaster is different from the next. Pair with personalized mugs and loose tea leaves for a tea-lovers gift set.

3. Colorblock Tote Bag

housewarming gift ideas tote bag

Source: Shutterfly

Choose a metallic color block of your choice and add your friend’s monogram to the front of this canvas tote bag. Fill with helpful home kitchen items and home decor for a unique housewarming gift set.

4. DIY Fabric Coaster

Without sewing a stitch, transform your favorite fabric into square coasters with the help of Mod Podge and felt backing. Create a housewarming gift set by pairing with DIY decorated glasses as well.

5. Terrazzo Incense Holder

housewarming gift ideas incense holder

Source: Bliss Makes

Roll out a handful of multi-colored pieces into a circle of white clay for a classic terrazzo stone look. Add an additional ball of clay to the center of the dish before it dries and include a small hole to safely hold a stick of incense.

6. Customized Bedding

housewarming gift ideas custom bedding

Source: Shutterfly

From pillow shams to throw blankets, build a gift set of customized bedding and cozy home accents that warm your loved one’s new home. Design each item with photos, stylish designs or their monograms.

7. Handmade Kitchen Towels

If you’d like to forego the beet route, follow these simple instructions for dip-dying handmade tea towels with traditional dye. The tutorial also includes set-by-step instructions for constructing napkins from your favorite fabric.

8. Unicorn Succulent Planter

Mirror the trendy look of unicorn cakes with a playful planter filled with succulents. All you need is a plain mason jar, glass-friendly paint and a collection of colorful felt for the floral headpiece. Use a cutout of glitter craft foam for the horn.

9. Monogrammed Planter Box

housewarming gift ideas monogram plant holder

Source: Shutterfly

This simple and small gift idea is the perfect answer to warm a new home. Customize your flower box design with a large monogram and fill with your herbs, wildflowers or season plant of choice.

10. Embroidered Cloth Napkins

Add an old-fashioned message onto a set of plain cloth napkins by following these easy cursive instructions. After choosing your favorite phrases, use a template over top of your embroidery hoop for a clean look.

11. Natural Wood Bead Garland

Garlands are the simplest way to add personality to a room year round. String a set of large, unpainted wooden beads onto your choice of twine or cord and finish off with a DIY tassel on either end.

12. Photo Collage Beer Stein

housewarming gift ideas custome beer stein

Source: Shutterfly

Gather together your favorite memories and cover a frosted beer stein with images of your friendship. Personalize with a special message and gift in a set of two for a couple moving into a new home.

13. DIY Wood Slice Cake Stand

A cake stand can act as the focal point of a centerpiece as well as a practical spot to keep cakes and other homemade goodies. Polish a natural slice of wood with mineral oil and attach it to a small ceramic ramekin to act as the stand.

14. Decanter Tassel Labels

Spruce up your friend’s bar cart with DIY decanter labels. String large wooden beads and a playful thread tassel adorned with their handwritten monogram. Create a set of labels to mark their various decanters and wine bottles.

15. Woven Wall Hanging

With its use of thick yarn and warm, earth-toned colors, this abstract wall hanging takes on a rustic feel. Use a weaving loom to build a customized wall hanging, alternating patches of color and thread thickness for a quilt-like appearance.

16. Hanging Photo Holder

housewarming gift ideas photo holder

Source: Shutterfly

In the wooden frame of your choice, string a decorative piece of twine through the top and bottom of the center of the frame. Connect gold clips and favorite photo prints to personalize the housewarming gift. Include extra photos in your gift box to be swapped out during the year.

17. Round Wall Mirror and Shelf

housewarming gift ideas round mirrow shelf

Source: Making It!

Flex your carpentry muscles with this simple, yet effective mirror-and-shelf combo. Attach a circular mirror to two half moons of plywood. Attach mounting strips to the back for easy display.

18. Faux Terracotta Pitcher

housewarming gift ideas terracota pitcher

Source: Bliss Makes

Transform a plain white or cream-colored porcelain pitcher with spray paint to create a faded terracotta look. Begin painting at the bottom of the pitcher and work your way up, slowly fading the layers of paint as you go.

19. Dry-Brushed Planters

With a thin layer of acrylic paint, add rough layers of white to three small traditional terracotta pots. Add three different plants inside each one as a housewarming gardening gift, creating an herb garden, wildflower display or grouping of succulents.

20. Hand-Painted Wooden Tray

A practical piece of DIY home decor, this hand-painted wooden tray uses a straightforward stencil to create an eye-catching pattern. Use metallic paints for an extra touch of style and personalize to your friend’s home design.

21. Personalized Drink Koozies

housewarming gift ideas drink coozy

Source: Shutterfly

Every time your friends and loved ones cheers to their new home, they’ll think of your great housewarming gift. Add a photo, customized design and monogram to a set of drink koozies and gift with their favorite local craft beer.

22. Gemstone Wine Bottle Stoppers

housewarming gift ideas gemstone wine stopper

Source: Freutcake

Buy a set of multi-colored Sculpey clay to create a set of geometric, gem-inspired cork toppers. Attach each to the tops of thin corks to preserve an opened wine bottle. Pair your stopper set with your friends’ favorite bottle of wine as a housewarming gift.

23. Whiskey Maple Syrup

Combine genuine Vermont maple syrup, vanilla extract and the whiskey of your choice for a winter-themed small gift idea. Design a personalized label with a loving message and wrap it up with a decorative ribbon and a serving spoon.

24. Air Plant Terrarium

Choose a real or faux air plant to act as the focal point to your geometric terrarium display. Fill a glass vessel with aquarium sand and decorative glass or gemstones and nestle your plant into the center of the planter. Include air plant care instructions with your gift.

25. Leather Wine Tags

housewarming gift ideas diy wine tags

Source: Story Piece

With the use of a hand-stamping set, punch festive messages or personal monograms into swatches of leather to hang on wine and spirits bottles. Bring your favorite bottle to the party marked by your handmade tags.

26. Minimalist Clay Art

Arrange a collection of simple, geometric shapes into the center of a wooden frame to create a gift-worthy work of art. Utilize naturally hued clay for a calming, minimalist look.

27. New-Sew Felt Floral Pillow

housewarming gift ideas flower cushion

Source: Smitha Katti

No sewing machine? This no-sew craft glues together two pieces of gray felt and tops it with multicolored flowers, leaves and hearts. Customize your pillow to your friend’s new home’s style and color scheme.

28. DIY Perfume Trio

housewarming gift ideas diy perfume trio

Source: Hello Glow

Solid perfume is a great alternative to the typical liquid form, and work beautifully in gift sets. Combine your favorite combination of essential oils with beeswax and almost oil and pair in a pack of three as a great small gift idea.

29. Best Friend Photo Books

housewarming gift ideas photo book

Source: Shutterfly

Immortalize the best photos of your friendship in a coffee table book for their new home. Use the online layout tool to customize your book to tell the story of all your memories together.

30. DIY Area Rug

Line a circle of canvas material with washable pom-pom trim to create this easy DIY area rug. Customize to your loved one’s home design for a personalized approach. The rug adds a pop of color to a kid’s room or a playful addition to an office.

31. Ombre Knit Blanket

This handknit blanket makes for a classic housewarming gift, ideal for draping across a loveseat or at the base of a bed. Transition from a deep rich pink colored yard to a paler variety as you go, creating this trendy ombre effect.

32. Wooden Holiday Centerpiece

Personalize a wooden disk to place at the center of the holiday table with the use of a Cricut machine. Line the edges with a leaf or floral design and include a loving message or monogram at the center.

33. Vintage Map Pillow

Looking for the perfect DIY gift for your travel-loving friend? Design a vintage map of your friend’s favorite spots and upload the photo design online to create a customized set of throw pillows.

34. Wrapped Beeswax Candles

housewarming gift ideas bees wax candles

Source: Hello Nest

Buy a set of beeswax sheets online or at your local craft shop and roll them into pillar candles the height on your choice. Before rolling, fold a long cotton wick into the height of the candlestick. Pair with a set of DIY candlesticks holders.

35. Silhouette Kitchen Towels

Create a set of classic tea towels by printing basic kitchen tool silhouettes and classic, food-centric messages onto iron-on paper. Gift with other kitchen essentials to create a full housewarming gift set.

36. Hand-Stamped Tea Towels

Perfect a childhood craft favorite by using carved apples and potatoes to customize fabric stamps. Add a summery pattern for a bright and cheerful look to your new home gift set or keep it simple with minimalist shapes and patterns in a solid color.

37. Brushstroke Monogram Letters

Acrylic paints can create a textured, vibrant look when layered on top of one another without blending. Layer a collection of bright colors on two canvas letters to hang in your friends’ new home, personalizing whichever room they choose to hang it.

38. Flower and Herb Encrusted Candle Holders

Dried flowers and herbs can line the outsides of glass holders as an alternative to glitter or paint, giving them a natural, rustic appearance. Use painter’s tape to create a pattern on the front of each jar and gift in a set of three with your favorite scented tea candles.

39. Face Painted Planters

Small ceramic egg cups also make for excellent mini-planters, ideal for starting seedlings before the spring. Draw two blinking eyelashes and a spot of pink to the front of each to create a set of blushing planters.

40. Cake Slice Coasters

housewarming gift ideas cake slice coaster

Source: Demetres

If you’re looking for a truly unique housewarming gift idea, transform a sheet of cork into lifelike cake slice coasters. Follow simple geometric patterns to pull of the look, mixing together different cake flavors and varieties for a full gift set.

41. Colorful Taper Candle Holder

Fill their new home with natural light and colors of the rainbow with this wooden, tapered candle holder. Drill ¾” holes throughout a long block of wood to hold candlesticks of varying height and color.

42. Felt Floral Wreath Trio

Perfect for decking out a bare wall or front door, this trio of faux wreaths features a collection of felt flowers fit the given season. Choose richer colors for fall and paler for the spring, whenever your friends move into their new place.

43. Oversized Cat Pillow

Create this playful throw pillow idea by sewing together two cat-shaped sheets of fabric and stuffing it with Polyfil until full and fluffy. Finish it off by also connecting two Halloween-themed bath mats and by placing the filled pillow inside. Gift to a cat-loving friend throwing a housewarming party.

44. Multi-Colored Gradient Jar

housewarming gift ideas gradient jar

Source: Club Crafted

Great for holding kitchen snacks and sweet treats, gift this hand-painted jar with a fun phrase adorned on the outside. Be sure to grab spray paint specifically for glass and let the jar dry completely before removing the lettering stencil.

45. Oversized Pom Pom Garland

housewarming gift ideas jumbo pom garland

Source: Lia Griffith

A simple pom-pom garland can add a level of elegance to any room—from the nursery to the kitchen. Grab a skein of thick yarn and attach store-bought or handmade pom poms in your color choice.

46. Personalized Rolling Pin

Looking for a housewarming gift for your favorite ameteur baker? Add your own touch of artistic style to a rolling pin, wooden spoon or spatula with a wood-burned pattern of your choice. Choose a playful collection of polka dots, stars or even their monogram.

47. Handmade Napkin Tray

housewarming gift ideas napkin tray

Source: Oh Oh Deco

This simple kitchen centerpiece is both eye-catching and practical. Connect two coat hangers wires to a small block of wood and decorate each wire with natural wooden beads. Pair up with DIY cloth napkins as a housewarming gift set.

48. Beet-Dyed Tea Towels

housewarming gift ideas dyed tea towels

Source: Hello Nest

Naturally stain the ends of white cotton tea towels without chemicals. Combine beet juice, vinegar and water and dip the ends of the towel to soak up the color for a color block or ombre design.

49. Paper Botanical Monogram

This simple, yet effective DIY gift involves cutting simple, natural shapes from three colors of craft paper. Paint or cut out a letter in the monogram of your recipient and line with paper leaves, petals and branches to create a 3-D, floral look. Emboss the leaves and petals for extra detail.

50. Gold Leaf Throw Blanket

Add a unique touch to your DIY throw blanket project with the use of your Cricut machine. Metallic iron-on vinyl permanently attaches to the lining of a cozy comforter while adding a customized look to a classic housewarming gift.

51. Handmade Macrame Wall Hanging

housewarming gift ideas macrame

Source: Hello Nest

This list wouldn’t be complete without the popular Macrame DIY home decor gift. Weave 1-2 skeins of macrame cord to a wooden dowel for a simplistic wall accent in your friend’s new place.

52. Modern Clay Candle Holder

housewarming gift ideas clay candle holder

Source: Wonderwood

Inspired by a classic look, modernize your DIY candle holder by molding thick, white clay and a gold candlestick holder. If you wish, add a simple design or monogram to personalize it for your friend’s new home.

53. Refreshing Room Spray

Natural room sprays can make a space feel calm and cozy. Combine your favorite variety of essential oils in a small spray bottle and create a label with a fragrance title of your choice. Adding a touch of vodka helps spread the oils more evenly for a balanced scent.

54. Cozy Flower Pot Tea Candle Holders

Fill your friend’s new home with the smells of mulling spices and coffee beans by nestling them around a tea candle in a painted flower pot. Add a simplistic hand-painted design of holly or flowers depending on the season.

Home decor gifts are always personal when created by hand. Narrow down your choice of housewarming gift by combining your friend’s home style and your strongest DIY skills. Be sure to pair each present with a greeting card that makes them feel welcome in their new home.