14 Best Friend Photo Album Ideas To Reach Maximum Friendship Goals

Best friends enrich our lives and experiences. We immediately want to call our best bud when something special or funny happens in our day-to-day. These very special people have been through the ups and downs of life with us and it’s time to celebrate that special bond.

The best part about best friends is that you already have so many pictures with them on your camera roll. We invite you to gather your favorite pics and create a photo album documenting your friendship, shared interests and adventures.

Get inspired with this list of 14 best friend photo album ideas for you to start this fun project.

1. Brunch Besties Forever

custom professional photo book with memories and soft cover photo book designIf you and your bestie’s mission is to find the best brunch spots in the city, then you are obligated to chronicle your findings in a deliciously looking brunch photo album. Include food shots of your favorite brunch staples and perfectly crafted lattes, as well as pictures of you and your best friend before you dig in to enjoy the meal.

2. Childhood Friends

custom collage photo album or photo book with coffee mug and succulent plants.A childhood friendship a precious thing to have and behold. Maybe you were nextdoor neighbors or adorable ballet class besties. No matter how you both met, you surely have a bond like no other. Select your favorite photos to tell the story of your kinship in a lovely photo album.

3. Four-Legged-Best-Friend

custom high quality dog photo album with collage photos and hardcover Dogs are loyal and full of unconditional love — in other words, they are possibly the best kind of best friend. Plus, they are the cutest furriest things, especially when captured with your camera. Create the most darling doggie photo album as an ode to the unbreakable bond with your pet.

4. Fashionista Hot Spots

layflat custom collage memory photo book with hardcover and high quality photosIf you have that special someone who shares your passion for fashion, then creating this best friends photo album is a must. You both are always on trend and would most likely plan a trip to visit the major fashion capitals of the world. Celebrate your friendship with a custom made BFF photo book so you can remember the moments you have shared and will keep sharing for many seasons to come.

5. Adventures In Friendship

make your own custom professional travel photo book with collage pictures and layflat designDesign a best friend photo book with that one friend who shares your love for travel and adventure. If you have already checked a few locations off the list, then it is the ideal time to build a photo book that showcases the passion you both share. Include shots of stunning landscapes and sunrises, and of course shots of the two of you!

6. High School BFFs

photo book gift with collage photo book layout and hardcover High school memories are meant to be cherished forever, especially those with your best friend forever. You’ve grown up together and have been there for each other through those awkward years. Strengthen that bond by designing a photo album that can be a quick ticket down memory lane when you are longing for the good old days.

7. The Love Of Your Life

make your own photo book with high quality photos for a memory photo book gift Create a photo album celebrating the ultimate best friend you can have — your loving partner. Because you both share your lives, complete each other sentences, and have so much history to cherish, a couple’s photo album is the perfect way to celebrate your love.

We have come up with 8 additional best friend photo album ideas to inspire you:

  • Sibling Friendship: The most original and instant best friends in the world.
  • Kitty Bestie: Cats are cuddly great listeners and can make the best of friends.
  • Sports Team Friend: Ideal for that one friend you’ve shared your team spirit with.
  • Parent BFF: Parents often turn into the best kind of BFFs.
  • Cousin Love: Cousins share a part of your mischievous fun history.
  • Workplace Best Friend: That one friend who totally gets your work predicaments.
  • Concert Buddy: Dedicated to the one friend who shares your taste in music.
Friendships are treasures we find throughout our lives, but best friends are those special people who  fill our lives with joy, support and love. That is why we are sure that you will enjoy creating personalized photo albums to showcase each of these very special friendships.