100 Welcoming Dining Room Ideas

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Where you host everything from Thanksgiving dinner to your children’s birthday parties, the dining room is one of the most traditional spaces in the home. If you are feeling inspired to redesign, upgrade or simply rearrange table and chairs, these 100 dining room decorating ideas are a must have resource to help transform your room.

Are you going for a big, rustic feel or the small, classic dining room set up? Use the filters to find the look that fits the vibe you are going for. Then put the final touches with home decor options like wall art, personalized glassware and candles.

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Add a vintage rug to your dining room for an instant piece of elegance.

Photo by: Journey of Doing

Bring the jungle to your kitchen table by printing matching mugs, tray tables and more.

Photo by: The Jungalow


Add a simple long table runner to your dining room table for a touch of whimsy.

Photo by: Wit & Delight


Mix and match floral prints on your dining room table for a fun, modern feminine look.

Photo by: SF Girl By Bay


Use fresh herbs as a fun twist to a traditional table arrangement.

Photo by: The Idea Room


Find inspiration from nature to make a sweet tablecloth or dishware pattern.

Photo by: Camille Styles


This dining room table decor beautifully matches the rest of the room. The table combines bench style seating on one side with white chairs on the other.

Photo by: A Burst of Beautiful

This smaller dining area still packs in style with its classic hanging lamps and giant 'EAT' sign, letting everyone know where to come to dine.

Photo by: Adventures in Decorating

Via:Classy Clutter

The hanging chandelier and mirror are masterful touches in the design of this smaller dining room area.

Photo by: Bagnato Architects

Via:Home Design Lover

A white table top with baby blue base and matching chairs is a subtle yet stunning change to the classic dining room.

Photo by: Celebrating Everyday Life

Via:Addicted 2 Decorating

This charming dining area by the window looks twice the size from the stunning legs of the table.

Photo by: Centsational Girl

This large dining table is illuminated from above by an amazing globe-style hanging light fixture that brings so much to this room.

Photo by: Cornerstone Architects

Via:Home Design Lover

Simple white drining room chair covers make all the difference in this decor of this classic room. The round table easily fits a family of six.

Photo by: Designer Trapped in a Lawyers Body

We love the classic cut on the backs of these dark wooden chairs. They bring class and sophistication to an already beautiful table.

Photo by: DIY on the Cheap

These dark brown table tops and chairs pair gracefully with the off-white color and baby blue ceilings.

Photo by: Jerrica Zaric Interior Design

Via:House of Turquoise

Navy chair covers give this room an almost royal feel. We especially love the extra seating on the wall benches.

Photo by: Lauren Liess/Helen Norman

The incredible dark wood table in this dining room matches nicely with the brick. The hanging lamp is a fantastic touch.

Photo by: Live Love DIY

These rustic chairs and hanging chandelier look amazing with all of the natural light in this classic dining room.

Photo by: Miss Mustard Seed

Via:The Shabby Creek Cottage

This magnificent dark wood dining room table is supported by a mix of reds, browns, and golds around the room.

Photo by: Ohara Davies-Gaetano Interiors

Via:Home Design Lover

A highly ornamented mirror sits atop a fireplace and is flanked by two statues that overlook the dining room table.

Photo by: Phillip Ennis/White Webb

This dining room has a retro feel to it with the low-backed chairs with cushion and rounded-edge table.

Photo by: Redmond Aldrich

Via:My Domaine

This open dining room has a black and white motif complete with black fireplace and hanging chandelier.

Photo by: Shannon McGrath

Via:Georgiana Design

A small round table is all you need to feel at home in this humble dining room.

Photo by: Simple Details Blog

Via:Addicted 2 Decorating

Try incorporating some color in your dining table decor, like this fantastic mix of whites and reds. Each color compliments rustic old fireplace.

Photo by: Sparkling Footsteps

The sleek table here fits nicely with the mix of modern chairs. We love how the curtains also match the two head chairs.

Photo by: The Decorologist

This classic dining room features a gallery wall that overlooks the table and gives the room great character.

Photo by: The Happy Housie

Via:Savvy Southern Style

A small round table looks a lot bigger in this open room design. The dining room easily flows into other living spaces in the house.

Photo by: Ellis Custom Homes/VJ Arizpe

High ceilings, marble pillars and large windows give this dining room a luxurious feel with ample lighting to enjoy a meal.

Photo by: Ellis Custom Homes/VJ Arizpe

A classic, homey dining room has a nice off-white rug with green trim that matches the brown wood of the table and chairs.

Photo by: Home Made by Carmona

Turquoise drapes, cabinetry, and chandelier ornamentation tie in beautifully with the white and browns of the dining room table and chair.

Photo by: I Should Be Mopping the Floor

A great decorating idea for a smaller dining room is to coordinate vertical lines, like the rug and the chairs. It makes a small room feel much larger.

Photo by: It All Started With Paint

The elegant hanging chandelier in this room matches nicely with the deep black chairs surrounding this large wooden table.

Photo by: Laurel Bern Interiors

The stunning paintings that surround the house provide the perfect backdrop for a meal in this classic dining room.

Photo by: Margaret Donaldson Interiors

The bold art pieces make great dining room wall decor ideas and bring a nice focal point to the room.

Photo by: Marko Zirdum

This dining room area has a perfect view of everything going on in the kitchen. We love the hanging lamps here as well.

Photo by: South Shore Decorating

A classic dining area for the family, this room features some baby pictures in a mini gallery wall.

Photo by: Rebecca Crosby Photography

Try changing up the wall decor in your dining room and go with bold, unique patterns.

Photo by: Addisons Wonderland

Purple and gold is the theme in this dining room. If you look closely enough, you will even find purple candles and floral patterns on the rug.

Photo by: Amy Howard Home

A beautiful all-white dining room like this could be the perfect fit for some pre-wedding bridal photos.

Photo by: Ballard Designs

The centerpiece of this room is the amazing globe-like chandelier that illuminates the table. The silver looks great with the all white table.

Photo by: Better After

A collection of globes decorate this large dining room. The very unique chairs at the head of the table look extremely comfortable.

Photo by: Caroline Lizarraga

Via:My KuKun

A fun addition to your dining room wall decor is a hand painted mural. This amazing and beautiful floral artwork is a great example.

Photo by: Catalina Estrada

Via:79 Ideas

This sleek, modern table looks right at home with bright orange chairs. The complementary wall color ties them all together.

Photo by: Constance Gennari / The Socialite Family

Via:The Socialite Family

The liquor cabinet is conveniently placed within arm’s length of the dining room table in this smaller, classic set up.

Photo by: Dabito

Via:Old Brand New

The artwork on the wall and matching colors around the room make you feel like you are eating under a willow tree.

Photo by: DD Interiors


Some of the best decorating ideas for small dining rooms are bold pieces, like this beautiful chandelier.

Photo by: In Honor of Design

Via:Hunted Interior

Between the miniature palm trees and the sandy colored rug, you might as well be eating on the beach in this dining room.

Photo by: Joyelle West

This dining room has the advantage of some great natural light. The wicker chairs also give it a very unique look.

Photo by: Margaret Donaldson Interiors


This dining room screams art deco. The mirrored glass ceiling, glass tabletop and angular chairs make the room seem even larger than it already is.

Photo by: Marko Zirdum

Via:My KuKun

A unique pairing of white chairs with forest green cushions fits nicely with this deep brown wooden table. And the animal hide rug is a nice touch.

Photo by: Style By Emily Henderson

This luxurious dining room features an extremely elegant mirror and very unique chandelier. The bird centerpiece is a nice touch.

Photo by: Gina Julian

Via:South Shore Decorating

Nine large windows make up an entire wall in this large dining room, giving you the feeling that you are eating outdoors.

Photo by: Margaret Donaldson Interiors

This small, elegant dining room coordinates patterns and colors between the head chairs, wall mirror and chandelier.

Photo by: Nagwa Seif Interior Design

The vases are a beautiful addition to this classic dining room. The alluring olive walls fit the room's aesthetic as well.

Photo by: No Minimalism Here

This brightly colored dining room features a gallery wall of delightful plates which closely match the pattern on the backs of the chairs.

Photo by: One Project Closer

The exotic rug in this dining room is simply exquisite. We also love the large wooden table with minimalist decor.

Photo by: Ramshackle Glam

Try switching up your dining room chairs with alternating colors, like these turquoise and green chairs.

Photo by: Refined Rooms LLC

These three-legged dining room chairs are extremely unique and a great compliment to the stunning artwork throughout the room.

Photo by: Susan Jay Design

Sometimes it is really nice to mix up the the style of chairs around the dining table, and in this room they look amazing in yellow.

Photo by: A Beautiful Mess

Via:The Kitchn

An all-white table and chairs matches the enormous amount of light beaming through the white window shades.

Photo by: A Beautiful Mess

Adding bold, fun artwork is a great idea for your dining room wall decor because it replaces the need for paint.

Photo by: Ashley Muir Bruhn for Hither & Thither

Via:Cup of Jo

This dining room is reminiscent of an office or classroom with its topography map and unique chairs.

Photo by: Design Sponge

Via:The Kitchn

A minimalist design in this dining room keeps everything very simple. The hanging chandelier is a nice touch and coordinates perfectly with the green chairs.

Photo by: Belathée Photography

Even though the backs of these chairs don't match, they still look wonderful in this sleek, modern dining room.

Photo by: Greg Premru/Zero Energy Design


This open dining room has easy access to all of the other rooms in the house and features some sleek globe lamps.

Photo by: Justine Hugh Jones

This dining room has an amazing minimalist design with matching modern lamp and white/charcoal rug.

Photo by: Retegui Arin


The wireframe lampshade here is the perfect compliment to the baby blue chairs. The circular table also makes great use of the smaller space.

Photo by: Sarah Stacey

Via:Apartment Therapy

This long dining room table matches the hardwood floors, while the red chairs are cleverly partnered with the books on the surrounding walls

Photo by: Vintage Industrial

Glass is the theme in this cozy dining room. The glass table top, glass flower pots and glass lamp above all tie together nicely.

Photo by: Vintage Revivals

Via:The Shabby Creek Cottage

This open dining room is part of a very modern apartment. The yellow/orange patterned chairs are a nice match with this unique hanging lamp.

Photo by: Zeev Beech

Via:Home Design Lover

The rustic farmhouse decor of this dining room looks great with the metal chairs and wire lampshades overtop the big wooden table.

Photo by: The Design Atelier


This ultra-modern room is equipped with translucent dining room chairs, and matching neon sight. There is an amazing hanging lamp that reminds us of old-fashioned bike horns.

Photo by: Marko Zirdum

Sleek and elegant, we love the hanging lamp here. Also note the full wall open shelving, it is a fantastic use of space.

Photo by: Marko Zirdum

This modern dining room almost looks like it is a painting. The color scheme is very inviting and uplifting and the mirror wall is a great touch.

Photo by: Rae McConville Interiors

This small dining room makes great use of bold green colored walls to match the plants. The cowhide rug really ties it all together.

Photo by: Sarah Gibson

Simple, classic dining room table and chairs look great in this dining room. The matching wicker-topped bench is a great choice to add a few more people.

Photo by: At the Picket Fence

This rustic table is met with neutral whites and tans all around the room, from the chair covers to the gallery wall above.

Photo by: Brandon Architects/Jeri Koegel

Via:A Stroll Through Life

This modern yet rustic dining room has some great multi-colored chairs that support the white table and liven up the room.

Photo by: Christina Williams Blog

The lanterns on this table are a great fit in this rustic dining room. We love the painted white bench and table.

Photo by: City Farmhouse

This dining room setting combines traditional elements with rustic aesthetics. The large wooden table looks beautiful in front of the large window.

Photo by: Cottage and Vine

A farmhouse table meets classic dining room decor with this beautiful hanging chandelier and lovely floral design throughout.

Photo by: Dear Lillie blog

This large, rustic dining room features wooden everything, from the ceiling to the floors, to the large farmhouse table in between.

Photo by: Decor Provence

Via:House of Turquoise

Although this dining area is smaller, the large chair and bench give added seating areas in this rustic setting.

Photo by: House of Smiths

Via:Classy Clutter

This simple dining room has a set of metal chairs paired with a lovely set of white-covered chairs.

Photo by: House Seven

Large, white chairs and a small, circular dining room are an interesting mix, especially with the one-of a kind hanging lamp above.

Photo by: House Seven

This quaint farmhouse table sits in a simple room, but provides a ton of character with its rustic look.

Photo by: I Heart Naptime

Via:The Kitchn

This modern dining room combines mismatched chairs with unique art on the walls and copper colored lampshades.

Photo by: Int2 Architecture

Via:My KuKun

This extended bar top is easily converted into a dining room table by adding these great striped benches and metal stools.

Photo by: Kammy's Korner


This dining room combines modern, dark colors and muted lighting with an old-fashioned, large wooden table. The low-backed benches are a unique addition as well.

Photo by: Lisa Kanning

Via:Home Design Lover

This large, long wooden table looks great in the vast, open space. The eight seats below this amazing chandelier also have a great view of the outdoors.

Photo by: Michael Van Oosten

Via:My KuKun

This dining room looks very cozy. Surrounded by calm, neutral colors, the natural light easily pours into this rustic setting.

Photo by: Ohara Davies-Gaetano Interiors

Via:Home Design Lover

White and brown make up this entire room. The wall is a nice light tan, to meet the two right in the middle.

Photo by: Our Vintage Home Love

Via:The Kitchn

The fantastic, rustic table is the focus in this dining room. The aged wood matches the lampshades above almost perfectly.

Photo by: Our Vintage Home Love

This dining room uses a mix of wicker chairs and a rich wooden table to give it a humble, rustic feel.

Photo by: Sophias Decor

Via:Simplify Create Inspire

A ceramic owl plays centerpiece in this rustic dining room, complete with Betsy Ross American Flag as decoration in the back.

Photo by: Sweet Tea and Saving Grace Blog

This large square table takes up most of the room, but easily fits the aesthetic, especially when it is paired with the wonderful black and white chairs.

Photo by: The Idea Room

This light, bright dining room is super cozy. We love the retro fan on the side and matching lanterns that make up the centerpiece.

Photo by: The Painted Hive

This large dining room takes style elements from multiple sources, from the exposed brick to the oversized art, to the extreme chandelier overtop the table.

Photo by: Union Studio

Via:Home Design Lover

The walls in this room look like a Picasso painting, and the elegant table and chairs are reminiscent of medieval times.

Photo by: Ellis Custom Homes/VJ Arizpe

High ceilings and big windows really make this dining room enormous. The wood theme carries across all of the decor throughout the room.

Photo by: Margaret Donaldson Interiors

Bold colors, like these red flowers, make great, simple dining room table decor, and look perfect in this log cabin.

Photo by: On Site Management

This simple dining room coordinates deep browns with white and blue accents throughout the room for a unified flow.

Photo by: Sypsie

A peek into this dining room shows the wild zebra print rug and matching black and white chair cushions.

Photo by: The Yellow Cape Cod

This sleek metal table top is one of a kind. It artfully matches the rustic vibe throughout the room, complete with chalkboard and wall mounted wine rack.

Photo by: Unexpected Elegance

Brown and tan colors make up this dining area. It is smaller but we love the thick, mighty dual legs of this dining room table.

Photo by: LCR Furniture

This old school dining room is quaint and highly ornamented. The intricate, colorful design on the cushion backs are amazing.

Photo by: LCR Furniture

This traditional style dining room is a step back in time. The detailed woodworking that make up the surroundings are breathtaking.

Photo by: LCR Furniture

A large, deep brown wooden table is the center of attention in this dining room which easily sits 8 in large cushioned chairs.

Photo by: Kevin and Amanda

This wild, modern dining room features a large Native American rug. The unique hanging lamp adds an extra layer of character.

Photo by: Amy Bartlam

Multi colored, mismatched dining room chairs still coordinate when paired with other colored table decor.

Photo by: Larnie Nicolson

Via:Desire to Inspire