Back to School Gifts

The start of a new school year is a busy time for parents, students, and teachers alike, but taking the time to create back to school gifts with Shutterfly can help start the year off right. Surprise your kiddo with a fun gift on their first day or greet a new teacher with a great gift that shows your support as the school year starts. You could even send small gifts to your favorite students and teachers through the end of the year if you want to keep this joyful part of the back-to-school season going strong.

Even as you make your teacher’s day with back to school gifts like these, you can give your child a bright school year by starting it with something special. A cute gift that’s customized with them in mind can act as a boost of encouragement on that first day back or serve as reminders through the end of the year that you support this kiddo in all their academic and extracurricular adventures. With you by their side, they’ll know that they can tackle whatever this year brings.

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Offer Words of Wisdom with Back to School Cards

When you decide to prioritize greeting cards as back to school gifts, you’ll have a creative tool ready to support students and teachers alike. For your child (or one you care about), you can design a card with photos of the friends they’re reuniting with in the classroom or perhaps the furry pal who’ll have to stay at home. Paired with some thoughtful well-wishes, you’ll be handing them something they’ll cherish. The same concept could apply to cards made for the teachers in your life; you could offer more generic greetings for your child’s new teacher while you look forward to becoming acquainted with them.

Browse New School Year Supplies & Gifts

For more back to school gifts that teachers and students alike will love, turn to one-of-a-kind stationery and other school supplies. These make for some of the best teacher gifts, as everyone knows that teachers can always use extra supplies. Students, too, will love and depend upon their personalized notebooks, pencils, folders, pencil cases, and other back-to-school essentials. Add your child’s or their teacher’s name to any number of school supplies and pack it in a custom tote bag or send it in as a stand-alone gift. Either way, you’ll be making their 1st day (and plenty of school days after) a bit brighter.

Shop Back to School Drinkware

Both students and school teachers will find that some of the greatest back to school gifts are those that keep them going through the busiest of days. Pick out a coffee mug for the teacher’s lounge, a travel mug for those early mornings in homeroom, or a water bottle to keep your kiddo hydrated between the morning bell and their after-school extracurriculars. Any school teacher will assure you that coffee (or tea, water, or another beverage) is a crucial part of their school survival kit, and mugs, cups, or water bottles are a great way to help show your support.

Create Personalized Backpacks & Bags as Back to School Gifts

Alongside any of these other back to school gifts or as a student or teacher gift in its own right, consider designing a one-of-a-kind bag as an easy way to start off a great year. Depending on your particular recipient, you might pick out a drawstring backpack, cotton tote bag, custom backpack, lunchbox, overnight bag, or another style of bag, each of which can be customized with your favorite photos or thoughtful text. This simple gesture can work in a few different ways: As a first day of school teacher gift or part of your student’s back to school supplies, it will hold all their essentials from the 1st day of school onward. Or, fill it with everything from glue sticks to a pack of extra gum, keeping your favorite student or teacher well-stocked from day one.

Back to School Gift Ideas for Students and Teachers

With any of these back to school gifts, you can help your kiddo or your kid’s teacher in countless ways. You might encourage your child to put in plenty of hard work all year round. Or, you could simply thank a teacher as they return to the classroom.

When you choose an especially useful gift from your range of possible back to school gifts for teachers or students, you’re showing your favorite teacher that you’re here to help. Whether it’s keeping their desk stocked with paper clips and rubber bands or sending practical gifts that keep your student ready for every assignment, any little gift can make for a successful year.

Find Ways to Say Thank You All Year Long

While all of these options make for great back to school gifts, they’ll be a fun idea at any point in the school year. Whether you’re keeping a teacher’s desk stocked with plenty of sticky notes, pens, and other school supply gifts or you’re slipping a gift card inside a beautiful tote bag you’ve designed, you can offer inspiration to students and teachers alike whether it’s the first day of school or the end of the year.

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