Graduation Gifts

If you’re wondering what to gift your new grad, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to browse personalized graduation gifts that will get your graduate ready for their next stage in life. Celebrate your graduate with grad gifts like a senior photo album, a personalized laptop case and more.

January 14, 2021

30+ Unique Graduation Gift Ideas for 2021

Graduation is a huge milestone in everyone’s life. One of the best ways to congratulate your friend or family member on their accomplishment is to give them a thoughtful, handcrafted present. It can be difficult to come up with original present… 10 min read

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June 25, 2020

Celebrate Your Grad With A College Send Off

For graduating seniors, the transition from high school to college is an important milestone. Celebrate it with a send off to college or whatever exciting plans they have next that recognizes and commemorates your grad’s new chapter in life!… 7 min read

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cheerleader jumping
June 3, 2020

100 Clever Yearbook Superlatives

Yearbooks give us the chance to keep track of school memories over the years, and superlatives can help you make even more special memories. Since there are so many things to keep track of around graduation—from thank you cards and invites to… 5 min read

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graduation announcements on wall
May 13, 2020

Graduation Quotes and Sayings

Honor your grad by sharing one of these heartfelt graduation quotes and sayings to celebrate and inspire new graduates on their rite of passage. These words of wisdom are sure to be perfect for any thoughtful graduation card, gift inscription,… 20 min read

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Corkboard with graduation cards.
April 16, 2020

40 Best College Graduation Gift Ideas

Graduation season is finally here. Exams are all done, the dorm room is packed up, and there are big career plans on the horizon. It’s finally time to celebrate four years of hard work. To make a big impact, you need a college graduation gift idea… 11 min read

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April 14, 2020

Unique Gift Ideas For 2020 Graduation

After years of all-nighters, tests, and report cards, all their efforts have paid off. Graduation is a time to find that personalized gift idea that truly celebrates the hardest-working student you know. Whether your favorite grad is about… 9 min read

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High school graduation portrait.
April 10, 2020

32 Best High School Graduation Gift Ideas

Graduating high school marks a turning point in a young person’s life. They are taking a step towards adulthood and the real world, whether they are college-bound, joining the workforce, or taking a gap year. Celebrating this milestone in… 9 min read

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Graduation party cupcakes and decor
April 2, 2020

36 Best Graduation Gift Ideas For Him

Whether he’s graduating from high school or college, graduation is an important milestone in any young man’s life. He’s signaling to the world that he’s ready to take on the next chapter in life, and you want to be there to cheer him on every… 9 min read

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Graduation cards and invites with thank you cards.
March 26, 2020

Honor Your Grad In The Time Of Coronavirus

Graduation from any level of education is an event to celebrate and enjoy with family and friends, and it’s more important than ever to honor your graduate. Graduation is more than just one day or party — it’s honoring a graduate’s… 6 min read

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March 16, 2020

How To Make A Graduation Photo Book

Graduating is one of life’s major milestones—honor this moment by commemorating your journey with a series of nostalgic photos. Create a keepsake photo album to preserve your photos and tell a story of your achievement. A grad photo… 6 min read

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sfly grad gifts
March 16, 2020

40 Personalized Graduation Gift Ideas For Her in 2020

Graduation is an exciting time for the whole family, signaling the end of one era in your grad’s life and the start of a new one. Whether she’s graduating from high school or university, trying to figure out the perfect graduation gift can be stressful.… 9 min read

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kindergarten graduation ideas
March 18, 2019

40+ Kindergarten Graduation Ideas For Your Little Graduate

It’s time to celebrate your little graduate. They’ve worked hard, made new friends and, most of all, made you proud. Whether you want to recognize your child or plan a party for the whole class, you can create a unique celebration. To offer you… 9 min read

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