Show Your Thanks With Cards & Personalized Home Decor

Having family and friends who support you in life is wonderful, and it’s important to express your thanks to these people whenever you can. Even if you already try to do so with your actions, there are still plenty of occasions when sending them a thank you card or another gift of thanks will brighten their day. At Shutterfly, we make it easy to find cards of gratitude that express just how you feel while also letting you design your own card elements and gifts that ensure your expression of thanks will have a positive impact and be meaningful for your recipient. Here are just a few of our ideas for the best way to say thank you to those who mean the most to you.

Regardless of the situation, saying a heartfelt thanks or being thanked in return is always a nice gesture. Not only does it bring people closer together, but expresses appreciation on a deeper level with someone. Continue reading to discover all the creative ways you can say thanks to those you love today with Shutterfly.

Say Thanks With Custom Appreciation Cards

Cards that express thanks are often themed around a holiday or special event, but there are times when you’ll want to show general appreciation for a person’s generosity or make a kind gesture to show that your relationship is important. We know that expressing such feelings can be more complicated than it seems, which is why we have so many appreciation cards and options at Shutterfly. Do you have someone who’s a hero in your life? Celebrate special memories with them with one of our collage-style recognition cards that can be customized with up to six photos and a personal message. We also offer wrapped canvas expressions of thanks so your recipient can keep your message at their work desk or anywhere else.

I can't thank you enough appreciation card featuring six photos of a girl modeling outside in a field

Birthday Thanks Cards

Whether you’ve hit a milestone yourself be it­ your Sweet 16, or your son or daughter’s first birthday, you want to show thanks to the guests who attended your celebration or your child’s party. Or perhaps you just want to thank friends who showed up and shared a strong beer with you. We have all the birthday cards you’ll need to suit the occasion. At Shutterfly, we have plenty of templates for children’s birthday thank you cards, including options with their favorite movie characters to give them a personal touch. Speaking of personal, you can even upload your orig­­­­­inal design featuring pictures of the birthday honoree or some of the most fun photos of the party.

Pink personalized thank you card featuring a photo of a little girl surrounded by Disney princesses

Father’s Day and Mother’s Day Thank You Cards

Your parents gave you the gift of life, and it’s important to show your thanks for all the unconditional love and support they give you. With Shutterfly, you can always upload your original designs to create personal, heartfelt cards for your parents, and we have some other great, personalized gift options as well. For example, consider at our ceramic coaster sets for Dad. Our collections of set of four ceramic coasters can be customized with your favorite photos together, and it pairs great with a thank you note and even better with one of our love mugs with customizable colors and photo options. Show Mom your thanks as well with gifts like customizable blankets and pillows to keep her cozy or a ceramic tile that she can display anywhere with your best family photos.

Wedding Thanks Cards

If you’ve just married the love of your life, then you both have a great deal to show thanks for. Make sure you express it to all of your family, friends, bridesmaids, and groomsmen who attended your wedding day with custom Shutterfly wedding thank you cards. If you want to make a standout expression of gratitude, have a look at our elegant foil-stamped wedding thank you cards with foil color options in gold, silver, and bronze. These 5×7 landscape cards are printed on our finest cardstock yet, and they can be beautifully personalized with design colors, a heartfelt message, and your choice of six trims, including scallop and ticket, to make a great impression.

Wedding thank you card with a scalloped border featuring a bride and groom holding hands on a bridge

Show Your Thanks With Gifts for Any Occasion

Whether it’s for holidays, important milestones and events, or congratulations, we have customizable gifts at Shutterfly that will make a memorable expression of thanks. Here are some of our thank you ideas to express a lovely thanks to anyone on your list.

Say Thanks With New Home Decorations

Moving into a new home is an exciting milestone for anyone. With Shutterfly, you can show your thanks to family and friends making a move by helping them decorate with home decor. Get started by designing a heartfelt desk plaque for them, featuring photos of their loved ones or special moments. If you’re looking for something lighthearted, a cocktail plaque for a personal bar is a great choice. For those who work remotely with in-home offices, you can design personalized calendars, or even mouse pads, so they can remember their favorite people while they work throughout the day. All of our mouse pads are stain-resistant and simple to clean as well.

Family is everything personalized desktop plaque featuring five photos of a couple holding their baby in a hay field and by the beach

Express Thanks to a Recent Graduate

Graduating high school or college is a big life milestone. If you have a favorite recent graduate, this is a perfect time to say thanks for all they do and all the hard work they’ve put into their studies throughout the years. You could gift them a Shutterfly yard sign that’s customized with their photos and graduation year to show off their accomplishment. Help them plan a graduation party with our gorgeous glitter graduation invitations. We even have graduation-themed metal ornaments so they can celebrate their accomplishment on the Christmas tree this holiday season.

Give Thanks to Your Pets

Pets are an important part of the family, so it’s important for you to show them your thanks as well, this time, not just with treats or belly rubs. If you’re a dog owner, check out one of our uniquely designed dog bandanas for both small and large breeds alike. You can personalize the bandana with up to three photos and choose your background color as well. Cat owners know how much cats love to sleep, so gift yours with a photo gallery fleece blanket that shows off your best moments. You can even take your coffee on the go with a pet-collage mug for morning walks.

Give the Gift of Thanks to Someone You Love

No matter how you choose to show thanks to someone in your life, you can be sure they’ll appreciate your kind sentiment. Whether it’s going out of your way to purchase them something nice that reflects their unique personality, or writing out a heartfelt message, the options are endless as to how you can show your appreciation. When you’re in need of a special kind of card or personalized gift, keep Shutterfly in mind the next time you need to give the gift of thanks to someone you love.