Dog Bandanas

When you bring your pups home from the groomer, and they smile at you with their custom dog bandanas and carefully combed fur, you can feel their newfound confidence. Of course, you can manage to replicate this on your own with a good brushing and a dog neckerchief. Customize your own personalized dog bandanas in different sizes and styles. Watch your pooch become even more adorable than they naturally are with a custom dog bandana. From puppy bandanas for everyday wear to dog scarves for holidays and other events, you can build a collection of bandanas for dogs with a fashionable solution for every possible occasion.

Personalized Dog Bandanas for Everyday Wear

The best dog bandanas are those that your furry friend can wear, whatever the occasion. With that in mind, it makes sense that some of the most popular designs here at Shutterfly are those that feature colors, patterns, and styles that are suitable for every day in the life of your canine companion. Have fun creating personalized dog bandanas that suit their personality. To make them even friendlier, create a neckerchief with their name or one that calls them a good boy or girl. Or, choose subtle colors, patterns, and other designs with phrases touting your pet as one of the best—after all, every pet is the best in the world in their owner’s eyes.

Personalized dog bandanas made with woven cotton/poly blend and with photo and text customization.

Let Your Fur Baby Play Dress-Up

For a fun fashion statement for your pooch, you’ll find that custom dog bandanas are some of the best options you could use when it comes to puppy dress-up. Whether it’s just for fun, to show your pup is a service dog, or it’s part of a whole assortment of canine accessories, like dog tags, our various creative designs will support you and your pup through every occasion. With pet-friendly materials, a dog neckerchief is perfect for styling your pup.

One of the best reasons pet owners reach for dog bandanas is the opportunity to help your pet show off their personality. With dog bandanas around your dog’s neck, you have a convenient alternative to canine clothes. This becomes an especially worthwhile addition if your pet isn’t a particular fan of hoodies or jackets. This is a great way to let your pup play dress-up, while ensuring they’re comfortable. For those who feel most confident after a trip to the groomer, you can manage to take advantage of that self-esteem boost by offering them unique dog bandanas between trips to the pet salon.

Design Custom Dog Bandanas for Your Four-Legged Friend

Whatever your motivation for seeking out custom dog bandanas, you have yet another opportunity to make something special with the help of our upload your own design options. Whether you’re an accomplished artist in your own right, you commission an artist to perfect a doggy design, or you try your hand at digital art for the very first time, you can upload your favorite photo or work of art to a bandana. Of course, you’ll get just as fantastic a result with your own unique take on these neckerchiefs as you would with one of our pre-made designs, just with an added dose of originality. For more ideas, especially if your friend’s adopting a dog, explore our whole collection for pet gifts they’ll love.

Distinguish Your Service Dog From Other Pets

For service dogs and other working pets, dog bandanas can have the added benefit of distinguishing your pup as more than a pet. Much like the vest patches and other gear that service animals might wear, your bandanas can be personalized to declare their wearer is a trained service dog or tell people to leave your pup to its work. Of course, the same principle can apply to other working dogs, outlining your emotional support animal or other pets who have a job besides just being adorable and living life to the fullest.

Pick Your Favorite Seasonal and Holiday Dog Bandanas

Of course, there are other opportunities where you want your dog bandanas to be a bit more specific, such as with the changing seasons. Be it winter, spring, summer, or autumn, you can customize a seasonal or holiday dog bandana that your pup will love. Look for patterns like snowflakes, festive plaids, flowers, fall leaves, and more, and ensure that your pup always has an accessory to suit the season. You could even keep things simpler still, reaching for dog accessories in different colors to suit each season, such as blue for winter or bright orange and yellow for summer.

Beyond these seasonal changes, there are lots of holidays and other events where the right dog bandanas can help your pup show off just how special they are. Your dog’s birthday, for example, can be celebrated, in part, with a bandana celebrating the birthday pup. The same is true of holidays. Celebrate Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween, New Year’s Eve, and more with just the right bandanas for your pet. You’ll find personalized dog bandanas in various designs ready to be customized for all these occasions and more, right here at Shutterfly.

Build a Closet of Canine Accessories

With so many designs to choose from for both large and small dog bandanas, you may find a new hobby that comes from your time browsing Shutterfly. For instance, you may well decide to create a whole rainbow of unique dog bandanas for your special pup, with various colors, patterns, and other details to choose from. Have fun stocking your closet with bandanas for every occasion, as well as custom collars and other must-have pet accessories. You can also pair these with custom dog bowls and pet placemats for their mealtime or for when they’re thirsty.

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