Mother’s Day Gifts for a Dog Mom or Cat Mom

Caring for others is in your DNA. It’s so integral to your being that you’ve adopted a cat or dog (or two or three) and have become a mom to a house full of fur babies. While your beloved pack of canines might not have Mother’s Day gifts for a dog mom lined up—and your kitties are too busy sunbathing to pick out Mother’s Day gifts for a cat mom—you can still treat yourself to gifts from our Mother’s Day gift guide for the caring pet parent you are. Browse our picks for the best Mother’s Day gifts for a dog mom or cat mom, and get ready to gift in style, for yourself or a fellow pet parent. The Mother’s Day holiday is Sunday, May 9, 2021, but don’t wait too long to get your paws on these personalized Mother’s Day gifts for pet lovers.

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Browse our wide range of pet friendly products that will make any pet mom jump for joy when she receives these gifts for their furry kids. Each product is fully customizable to add pet names and other festive designs to make each gift one-of-a-kind. For moms who have kids and pets of her own check out our Mother’s Day gift guide to incorporate both her pets and kids into her Mother’s Day gifts. These personalized products make great gifts for mom this Mother’s Day.

Personalized Pet Bowls

Custom pet bowls make keeping your furry friends fed easy. Forget the mismatched bowls and the plastic containers taking up space on the floor. Level up your breakfast, lunch, and dinner game with personalized bowls for dogs and cats that are as functional as they are attractive. Match custom pet bowls to your home decor, such as minimalist, rustic, or modern, and add any fun details like your pet’s name, custom designs, and photos. If you’re looking for great Mother’s Day gifts for a dog mom or cat mom, personalized pet bowls are a great treat for pets as well as pet parents.

Custom Pet Placemats

While pet bowls are great gifts for dog lovers, you’ll still need something to keep your feeders or floors clear of pet food and splashes from the water bowl. Enter dog and cat placemats. A fantastic tool for maintaining a clean space, placemats sit right underneath food and water bowls, or even inside crates and other favorite places, keeping food, dirt—and anything else your pet might track around—off the floor of your home. As an added bonus, pet placemats can be customized with designs, photos, and text. Say goodbye to messy floors and hello to cute home decor additions in the form of custom pet placemats.

Personalized pet placemat and pet bowl in blue with 4 different photos with pet name printed on each product

Dog Beds

Dog beds help your pet feel at home and help you worry less about Fido’s hair all over your furniture after his afternoon nap. Keep your cleaning duties to a minimum—it is Mother’s Day, after all—and make your pup feel warm and cozy with fluffy dog beds that he’ll want to sit, stay, and lie down in all day long. Choose from soft materials like fleece and sherpa and from styles like farmhouse and modern to create personalized dog beds that will make pups and moms alike happy on Mother’s Day. Browse custom dog beds here.

Personalized Pet Blankets

As your pet relaxes on their pet beds, add a fluffy personalized pet blanket made specially for them. These pet blankets come in a variety of textures and designs that are perfect for every pet and pet moms. Customize the pet blanket to include photos of their pet and their name so that they know the blanket is specially made for them. With a variety of designs and styles to choose from, you can create the best pet blanket gift for any dog or cat mom.

pets photo gallery horizontal fleece photo blanket with cat and name

Dog Bandanas

Mother’s day gifts for a dog mom or cat mom wouldn’t be complete without personalized pet bandanas. If you’re going through the trouble of getting dressed up for Mother’s day brunch, you ought to get Mom’s cat and dog looking spiffy as well. What better way to play dress up than with custom pet bandanas? You can choose from a variety of styles and backgrounds, then add names or a fun message. Make Mom feel loved with these Mother’s Day gifts for dog and cat lovers. She’ll love the thought you put into these custom pet bandanas.

Dog Toys

After a long cat nap or puppy snooze, it’s time to get playing. Join in on the fun with custom dog toys. Personalized dog toys come in plush dog bone shapes with a squeaker and space to add your dog’s fun personality. From polka dots to contemporary and rustic designs, you can select the style and custom text that expresses your Happy Mother’s Day message. These Mother’s Day gifts for a dog mom will make for hours of play and fun together. Start making personalized dog toys now.

dog toy in a shape of a dog bone with customized detail like name and designs

Custom Cat Collars

We can’t forget about our feline friends. Looking for the best Mother’s Day gifts for a cat mom? Personalized cat collars are sure to please even the toughest critics (and we know your cat is the toughest critic). Pick simple cat collars that stick with just your cat’s name, for cat collars that are minimalist in style. Design cat collars that share vital information like your phone number, for cats who tend to stray from home. Or get really creative with fun cat collars that share helpful or funny messages. Custom cat collars are practical and thoughtful Mother’s Day gifts for a cat mom.

Personalized Dog Collars

Never ones to be outdone, custom dog collars ensure that your pups are securely fastened to leashes, while adding flair and fun. Add a bit of flair to any pet mom’s dogs with a personalized dog collar, that includes their name and any other festive colors. With different colors and styles, you can give one personalized dog collar for every occasion from spring days, beach days, holiday days, and more to style up any dog. Any dog mom will love the thoughtful gift and their dogs will love wearing their brand new dog collar.

personalized pet collars and pet tags perfect for pet moms and their furry pets

Personalized Pet Tags

A perfect accessory to attach to a custom dog collar is personalized pet tags. Pet tags are important accessories for any pet because of safety concerns for the pet mom and the pets themselves. Creating a customized pet tag is easy, just simply find a personalized pet tag design you think the pet mom will like then customize it for their furry kids. One great example of a pet tag for any pet mom is “I’m [insert pet name here]. Please call my mom.” these personalized pet tags are fully customizable to have designs and photos on both the front and that back of the tags, this allows for more information to be added on the tags such as the pet mom’s name and phone number just in case the pet gets lost.

Personalized Pet Memorial Gifts

Help pet moms honor the memory of their beloved pets with a personalized pet memorial stones. These stones are fully personalized to add any memorable message that will remind the pet mom of her late pet. Add sentimental messages like “You were my favorite hello & my hardest goodbye” and “No longer by out side but always in our hearts” for a lasting memory for the pet mom of their never forgotten pet. These pet memorial stones will be well appreciated from the pet mom as a sentimental keepsake in honor of their beloved pet.

Closing Thoughts

As Mother’s Day comes around, don’t forget that to include the mother’s of pets. These personalized pet Mother’s Day gifts are perfect to give to any dog mom or cat mom in your life. Personalized pet gifts are both practical and useful for both the pets as well as the pet mom, making life easy for everyone. Gift a memorable and sentimental Mother’s Day gift this year with the customization of these excellent pet products.

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