28 DIY Dog Room Ideas Your Puppy Will Love

Whether they’re snuggling across your lap, waiting for walk time or romping around with their favorite toy, every dog needs a space to call their own. Dedicate spots throughout your home — or an entire room — for your dog to rest, play and nibble. There’s no need to break the bank on fancy designer dog decor. Each of these projects can be made with standard craft materials, photos and simple food items, and all can be personalized to your doggy’s energy and your home’s style.

These dog-themed room ideas are also fantastic for congratulating a friend on welcoming a new pup into their home or preparing for one of your own. No matter the occasion, celebrate and pamper your pup with these cozy, playful and stylish DIY dog room ideas.

1. Burrow-Ready Bed

dog room ideas burrow bed

Source: Shutterfly

Does your pup like to burrow beneath the blankets to take a snooze? This DIY dog bed can also be personalized with your dog’s name or a fun saying. Pair it with your color or pattern to match your dog room decor.

2. Crocheted Treat Basket

Looking to surprise your dog with a basket of treats for the holidays or adoption anniversary? This crocheted dog treat basket is both perfect for storing their favorite goodies and adding a bright accent to a dog-themed room.

3. Show Them Off

dog room ideas portrait wall art

Source: Shutterfly

Transform your favorite photo of your pup into a stylish wall hanging. Secured between two wooden beams, this display puts your dog front and center in your living room or dog playroom.

4. Rustic and Repurposed Food Stand

Scrap wood can go a long way when creating dog room decor. Secure the tops of old wooden fence posts to a wooden dog bowl station and finish off with a dry-brushed coat of paint for a rustic appearance.

5. Published Puppy Love

dog room ideas dog photo book

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Spend an afternoon gathering all your favorite photos of your dog (or dogs!) into a fun dog album. Choose from a selection of layouts and bindings and display in your living room for all to see.

6. Four-Poster Doggy Bed

Your dog will be the fanciest pup in town with this four-poster bed made from an upcycled side table. Flip the table upside down, fill with bedding and paint the feet and table legs with vibrant colors. Add their name or a creative dog quote in a banner across the top.

7. T-Shirt Tug Toy

dog room ideas fabric ball toy

Source: Yes Missy

Slice up an old t-shirt to create this two-in-one dog toy. Wrap several layers of t-shirt material over a tennis ball and braid the strips of hanging fabric below to make the tuggable tail. Add this to your collection of toys in your dog playroom or gift in a set to your pet-loving friend.

8. Chevron Doggy Pouf

Use your choice of chevron-patterned fabric to create this stylish DIY bedroom decor idea. Fill with as much Polyfill as it will hold and place at the base of your favorite chair. Your pup, whether large or small, will love snoozing on the oversized cushion as well.

9. Emoji Puppy Bed

dog room ideas smiley face bed

Source: Studio DIY

This bright and playful DIY dog bed will be the highlight of any dog-themed room. Start with a large yellow dog bed and iron on vinyl shapes to create the silly emoji face of your choice.

10. Top-Notch Dog Bed

dog room ideas cozy quilt bed

Source: Tonya Staab

Create a DIY dog bed that lasts by using high-quality fabric and lining to withstand your pet’s digs and chews. Repurpose the filling from an old comforter for extra support. Match the style and color of your fabric to your dog-themed bedroom.

11. Doggy Door Makeover

If your pup regularly heads in and out of your house for a romp in the backyard, consider placing the doggy door in a non-traditional spot. This hidden door sits inside a set of kitchen cupboards, so it’s both out of sight and easy to access.

12. Wall-Sized Pet Art

Painting your pet may seem daunting on a large scale, but this step-by-step and color-by-number tutorial breaks it down into easy steps. Accent an open white wall of your dog-themed room with a traced and hand-painted likeness of your pup.

13. Personalized Pooch Stocking

For Christmas, be sure to have a stocking hanging on the mantle filled with treats and DIY toys for your favorite four-legged family member. Follow the included paw-shaped pattern with burlap and top off with red accents and their name.

14. Woven Rainbow Collar

Hand-make this bright and colorful dog collar with a piece of durable paracord. The woven pattern is both strong and stylish and connects with any standard side-release buckle. Include a key ring to add or remove your dog’s name tag.

15. Hidden Treat Rope Toy

What’s better than a fantastic new ball to toss around outside? One that’s secretly filled with their favorite treats! Follow the attached knot instructions and weave the one-inch cotton rope around their favorite goodie.

16. Doggy Doorstops

Weave your dog-themed design into every inch of your home, including the door stops. Fill the handsewn fabric dogs with fluff and dried beans to create the weight needed to keep the door in place.

17. Cozy Fleece Dog Blanket

Every dog-themed room needs a blanket for snuggling. Follow this knot-free fleece blanket pattern that’s both easy to create and cozy all year round. Match the fabric color with your bedroom or dog room decor.

18. Fancy Pup Bandana

Show off your dog’s personality and style by attaching a bandana or patterned triangle of fabric to a traditional dog collar. Create a set of styles for each season throughout the year.

19. Dog Food Station Upgrade

This dog food station blends with country and classic home decor while providing an easy place for your pup to refuel. This woodworking tutorial walks you through building a two-bowl, wooden food area, complete with storage and a chalkboard name tag.

20. Personalized Toy Station

Keep your dog playroom neat and tidy by providing a spot to hold all their favorite toys. Use a Cricut machine with stick-on black vinyl to personalize the fabric lining of a standard wire basket.

21. Sew Your Own Dog Bed

Get a professional-looking dog bed at home by connecting six pieces of high-quality fabric and packing with polyfill or your alternative filler of choice. Add a stylish leather handle for easy transport. Embroider your dog’s name across the front for a personalized accent.

22. DIY Fleece Fetch Toy

These easy-to-make fleece dog toys are great for doggies that go through toys faster than you can buy them. Choose a collection of multicolored fleece strips and braid them into a variety of shapes and designs. Group a collection of them together for a great dog-themed gift.

23. Cheers to your Pup

Toast your next drink or enjoy coffee with a set of hand-stamped coasters decked out with the likeness of your favorite pup. Paint a rubber stamp with your dog’s breed onto wood slices and wrap up as a small gift idea.

24. Leather-Accented Leash

dog room ideas leather rope leash

Source: Lia Griffith

Take your dog out for a walk in style with this DIY leash made with braided cotton clothesline, leather scraps and golden eye hooks. Add a playful tassel to the top of the leash to tie the look together.

25. Personalized Walk Station

When your dog sprints to the door for their favorite time of day, keep all their leashes, collars and baggies at the ready on personalized wall hooks. Spell out your dog’s name with repurposed metal letter hooks.

26. Christmastime Toy

This hand-sewn felt Christmas stocking pattern includes a special pocket for tucking a treat or two in for them to find. Add their name or initial to the front and gift at Christmas with their favorite healthy snack.

27. Cheesy Oat Treats

A dog-themed room always needs a collection of treats for rewarding good behavior. This five-ingredient dog treat recipe is both tasty and easy to make. Cut into dog-friendly shapes and store in a DIY-decorated mason jar.

28. Playtime Fabric Bones

If your little one has a stuffed dog that needs treats and accessories, tie a knot on the end of thick white fleece to create a lifelike collection of puppy treats. Gift in a set of DIY toys for kids who love animals.

No dog-filled home is complete without images of all your favorite memories together, from tiny puppy paws to your most recent adventure. Transfer your best social media images into print and frame or display throughout your home.