30+ Christmas Cat Photo Ideas For Your Holiday Cards

Cats have a way of quickly making themselves a part of the family. Not long after the adoption, you’ll have a hard time picturing life without them. And who doesn’t love showing off their cute furry face to loved ones? So if you’re looking for their next photo-op, take the opportunity of the Holidays this year to create a feline-friendly photoshoot. And if you want your furry friend to be a big part of your Christmas cards, make sure to visit our selection of pet Holiday cards. Need a little extra inspiration? Check out the Christmas cat photo ideas below.

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How to Take a Christmas Card Photo With a Cat

Taking photos of cats is often a little tricky. If they’re not feeling up to a photoshoot, they’ll quickly make their disproval known. Getting your furry feline to sit still, look at the camera, or otherwise cooperate can sometimes take a lot of patience. Luckily, we’ve made a list of helpful tips, just for you. The following advice will help you take the perfect Christmas card photo with cats of all types:

  • Pamper Them into Compliance. One of the easiest (and most fun) ways to get your cats attention is by playing with them. Consider using the photoshoot as an opportunity to give them some festive new toys and pet accessories. The new toys will help hold your cat’s attention while the camera is rolling.
  • Make Funny Noises. Making funny (not scary) noises will help keep your cat’s attention when they’d rather be dozing or otherwise unengaged. 
  • Find Fun Props. Invest in a few festive props such as cat antlers to make your photos come alive.
  • Keep the Camera Rolling. Take as many photos as you think you’ll need, and then take some more. More photos mean more options to choose from later, and you may get some fun outtakes in the process.
  • Learn Your Camera’s Settings. Flash photography has a way of turning your adorable furry friend into a less flattering, slightly ghostly creature. Avoid this by learning a few basic camera techniques to make use of natural light to make your photos come to life. 

Christmas Cat Pictures and Ideas

The following Christmas card photo ideas with cats range from cute, to silly, to everything in between. Pick your favorite pose from those below or use them to inspire a photoshoot of your own creation. Then create a special custom Christmas card with your top pick.

1. Cat Christmas Hat 

Portrait of Siberian kitten in the Christmas hat on a grey background.

Do you have a pint-sized kitty, just big enough to fill a Santa hat? If so, turn your Christmas photoshoot into a forever memento with this adorable use of a Holiday prop.

2. Cat In Christmas Tree Picture 

Grey tabby kitten playing with ornament in Christmas tree.

There’s few things cat’s love more than playing with the ornaments in a Christmas tree. Capture the Christmas spirit in your kitty’s eyes by getting up close and personal.

3. Santa’s Helpers

Misbehave pets eating and drinking Santa's snack.

Show off your Santa’s little helpers with the help of their favorite treats and two Santa hats. Not only will it make for a cute photo, but you’re guaranteed to hold your pets’ attention.

4. Netflix and Purr

Man in Santa hat and glasses dressed in warm sweater holds cat and using laptop celebrating Christmas Eve at home.

Showcase a typical winter night in your household with this comical photo idea. After all, on cold winter nights, who doesn’t like to curl up and watch a few movies on their couch?

5. Funny Cat Christmas Pictures 

Holiday portrait of a Pitbull and a Sphynx cat in Christmas sweaters with blue snow flake background.

They may not like it, but dressing your pets in a set of cozy Christmas sweaters is as cute as can be. Just make sure to give them plenty of treats afterward.

6. Christmas Kitty Pictures 

A sleeping little cat with santa hat.

Show off your Christmas cutie by dressing them up in Christmas attire and giving them a stuffed Santa Claus to cuddle up with. You’ll end up with photos you can’t help but display around your house.

7. Cat Vs. Christmas Ornaments

Cute ginger cat lies among christmas decorations - bright colorful balls.

Find a white canvas or backdrop, fill it with Christmas bells or ornaments, and let your Cat have a little fun. Just don’t get to distracted wit playtime that you forget to take the photos.

8. Snow Day

Christmas decoration, window, domestic cat.

Showcase your kitty’s curiosity of the changing seasons with this fun photo idea. Plus, the natural light coming through the photo will help bring the picture to life.

9. Winter Cat Huddle

Little girl playing with a cat in the Snow.

If your cat likes the outdoors, consider doing a photoshoot to showcase the winter weather (and the kitty snuggles that go along with it). This idea is perfect for any holiday card.

10. Kitten and Christmas Socks

A girl in knitted socks sits on a blanket, holds her hand a cup of coffee and a kitten.

Kittens, coffee, and fuzzy socks– all the things to keep you warm through the season. Highlight all your favorite things with this sweet Christmas card photo idea.

11. Christmas Lights and Cuddles

Woman lying on the bed with cat and wrapped in christmas lights.

Christmas lights make a great addition to holiday photos because they provide another source of light for the camera. Drape a set of lights over you and your cuddle buddy for a set of Christmas cards you’ll love.

12. Top View

Getting ready for Christmas or New Year holiday. Flat-lay of decorations, ribbons, gift paper, door wreath, glittering balls, candy canes and cat in red winter Christmas sweater ,top view.

New angles are fun ways of making your photographs more visually interesting. Consider capturing all your Christmas prep with your cat front and center. After all, what cat doesn’t love to get in the way of wrapping presents?

13. Kittens in a Basket

Two tabby kittens sit in a red Christmas basket. Around them are green fir branches, and a wrapped present with a bow. In the background there is a white Christmas tree with lights.

If they fit, they sit. Cats in baskets are already cute, but adding some seasonal touches will help make your photos stand out. Chances are you’ll have a hard time getting them out of the basket once the photoshoot is over.

14. Reindeer and Kitty

Cat and child play with reindeer hat.

For an intimate photo of the little ones in your life, don’t be afraid to get close. Really close. And make sure you have plenty of external light available so your camera can capture all the details of their sweet relationship.

15. Black and White Photo Shoot

Adorable little girl drinking milk through a straw while lying on the grass next to her kitten.

Black and white photography remains a classic for many families. But in order to make sure you get all the details you want, capture the photos in full color. Then, post photoshoot, edit the photo to transform it into a classic black and white style.

16. Cat Outline

Cat sitting in a living room at night with the christmas tree lit-up.

Use a backlit scene to capture your kitty’s silhouette at Christmastime. Some great holiday-themed sources for light include Christmas lights, candles, or even fireplaces.

17. Feline Focused Photo

Man holding his cat on the sofa.

Don’t be afraid to show off you and your cat’s unique relationship in your Christmas photo. A little humor and personality will help bring your Holiday cards to life, and they’ll make great keepsakes.

18. Wrapping Gifts with Kitty

Sisters and red cat wrapping and decorating gift near Christmas tree.

One of the best ways to get your cat’s attention? Make it look like you’re trying to get work done. Start wrapping presents for a photoshoot that’s sure to keep Kitty on the scene.

19. Holiday Kitty Cuddle

A girl holding her cat during the holidays.

If your cat is no stranger to cuddling, try showing off their sweet side in your Christmas photos. Ask a friend to capture the moment while your furry friend gets comfy.

20. Warm Christmas Sweater

Christmas tree, grandmother and cat. Christmas is coming.

Nothing says “Christmas” like tree lights, warm sweaters, and a sweet kitten cuddle session. To bring these photos to life, try to stick to warmer external lighting.

21. Hat and Scarf

Red cat in knitted hat and scarf sitting under Christmas tree and present boxes.

Who doesn’t love dressing up their kitty companion in their winter best? With a cat-sized scarf, knit beanie, and Christmas backdrop, all you’ll have to worry about is your cat getting revenge once the photoshoot is over.

22. Cat Santa Hat

Girl with a cat in a Christmas interior with Santa hats.

Lounging around with your furry friend is the easy part. The hard part? Getting their Santa hat to stay on for the duration of your photo session.

23. Holiday Play Time

A little girl in a Santa hat lies on her living room floor, playing with a grey kitten and a Christmas tree decoration.

Playtime never looked so cute. To bring this Christmas cat photo idea to life, try to use Christmas props that don’t run the risk of breaking from your cat’s claws. And remember, fragile ornaments should always be hung out of reach from a playful kitty.

24. Kitty in the Snow

Girl having fun with her cat outdoors on a snowy wintry afternoon in a residential garden.

Show off a snow day spent with your furry best friend. Just make sure to keep your kitty plenty warm in the colder temperatures in case the photo session runs a little long.

25. Cat Under Christmas Tree

Christmas Cat under xmas tress with gifts and presents.

Highlight all the Christmastime wonder in your cat’s eyes by holding a photo session under your Christmas tree. With a little camera adjustment, you’ll be able to capture the twinkling Christmas lights in the reflection of their eyes.

26. Cute Christmas Cats 

Two cats posing for a Christmas portrait.

Whether you take your kitties to a local studio or set up a backdrop and props in your own home, getting the cats to sit still can be a little tricky. Try holding their attention with noises, treats, or a favorite toy.

27. Warm Family Photo

Young mother and her daughter sitting with their cat, having a great time.

Showoff the warmth of your family home with warmer external lights. Alternatively, you can edit a little holiday warmth into the photos after the photo shoot.

28. Christmas Cat Photos 

Looking at cat and smiling. Portrait of couple with little kitty celebrates holidays in new year clothes.

If you want to show off your newest family member, try conducting your photo session from the comfort of your home. It’ll help make the kitten feel a little more at ease which will help you get the photos you’re looking for.

29. Opening Presents

Preparing Christmas gifts with her cat.

Opening presents is another great way to keep Kitty’s attention for your Holiday card photo. They’ll have fun playing with the ribbon, wrapping paper, and box while you can focus on capturing the perfect photo.

30. Cat, Dog, and Christmas Blanket

Cat and dog under a Christmas tree. Pets under plaid for a Holiday card.

Wrap the family pets in a warm Christmas blanket for a cozy Christmas cat photo. Just don’t wrap them too tightly or they might lose patience for having their photo taken.

31. Christmas Card for Couple with Cats 

Gay Couple Celebrating Christmas at Home With Their Pets, Dog and Cat.

When otherwise out of ideas or equipment, taking a simple family selfie can do the trick. Showcase an authentic look at your family by dressing everyone in comfy Holiday clothes (or pajamas) and taking the photo in your favorite spot of the house.

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