13 Charming Cat Photo Album Ideas For Every Feline Lover

Cats are beautiful creatures that fill our days with love and amusement. Always so agile and cool, cats teach us that in life you have to work hard to play hard — sleep for hours then wake up to run around vigorously knocking anything that’s in the way!

A cat’s independent nature makes for endless adventures. And for feline lovers, cats are also perfect companions and lovable bundles of joy. Cats are ideal subjects for a charming small photo albums that you can carry with you, or stuff in your pet Christmas stockings. If you’re wondering how to make a pet photo album featuring your lovable kitty, we have put together some ideas to get you started. Create a personalized cat photo album that will amuse and captivate all fur lovers.

1. Cat Birthday Celebration

make your own cat birthday photo album
There is nothing more precious than your cat in a party hat enjoying their very special birthday cake. This yearly occasion makes for the most perfect photo book theme. Capture their joy or silly reaction, as they play with the wrapping paper their birthday gifts came in. A personalized mason jar to hold their treats or most precious play ribbons would make a delightful gift!

2. Bringing Kitty Home

create your own high quality cat photo album with collage photos
Bringing your new best friend home will be filled with memorable moments. You’ll look in awe as your new cat explores, sniffs, climbs and chases everything in sight. Pictures of this special day can’t go undocumented and will make for a great cat brag book that you can share with friends and family. Don’t forget to complete the look with a photo mug featuring your favorite kitty cat!

3. Kids and Furry Friend

hardcover cat photo album with high quality photos
Cats and children can form the most adorable of friendships. Sharing so much in common only makes for a sweet display of kinship — both are curious to no end, get into the most peculiar predicaments and love exploring their surroundings. A photo book that highlights this bond will be treasured for years and can be passed on through generations. Make sure to print extra copies of featured pictures to share with grandparents, aunts and uncles!

4. Funny Feline Quotes

cat photo album and photo book with quotes, with custom mousepad
If you share your life with a cat you know that special look on kitty’s face as you profess your love. Get creative and have some fun by matching your cat’s “thoughts” to their most annoyed, surprised and delightful expressions. An added bonus is that this cat quotes photo album will make for great conversation when company comes over since all cat lovers can relate.

Turn your favorite picture of kitty into a practical mouse pad to keep you company at work while they sleep for eighteen hours under the bed!

5. Nine Lives

hardcover photo album with cat photo prints
If you’ve captured your cat’s evolution from a tiny playful kitten into a majestic adult, then you have the perfect materials to make the most heartwarming photo album. Showcasing photos of your cat throughout the years will melt everyone’s hearts (especially yours!). Pick out a few shots that show their most playful ways and make a personalized desktop plaque to display at the office.

6. Quirky Cuddles

create your own funny cat photo book
Does your cat just sit and stare at you? Has it decided that the dog bed is now the cat bed? Maybe your cat fits into the most unusual containers or boxes. Your kitty’s special traits are the perfect inspiration for a very quirky photo book. This will make for your most entertaining photo project yet.

Additional Cat Album Ideas

Your cat’s cuteness and endless shenanigans are a perfect source for inspiration. Whether your creation is a Christmas present or a special treat for National Cat Day, here are a few more ideas for creating additional kitty-themed photo albums:

  • Playtime: pictures of your cat on the verge of pouncing on its favorite toy or in midair trying to catch that red dot are great photo album ideas. Cat action shots may be hard to capture, but will be so worth it!
  • Unusual Friendships: has your cat struck a special friendship with your dog, turtle or pet bird? Then this is a story worth telling and a good reminder that friends come in all shape, sizes and species!
  • Fashion Sense: does your cat like wearing fashionable outfits? Maybe they have an extensive collection of shimmering collars. Whatever their style choices are, you can always highlight their sense of style in a photo book that will inspire.
  • Sleeping Positions: whether they are sleeping stretched out in the warm sun or curled up in the cool kitchen sink, there is no question these moments will make for a compelling photo book.
  • Cat in The Box: cats love everything about cardboard boxes. Jumping in, jumping out and using it as a bed or even a tunnel. If your cat has a box-obsession, then a box-themed photo album is your obligation.
  • Outdoor Adventures: cats enjoy the outdoors and whether they are free to roam or leash trained, capturing their excursions outside will make for a nice album.
  • Halloween Costumes: your cat in comical and elaborate Halloween costumes, throughout the years, is a photo opportunity you can’t miss.

Every day with your cat is an adventure. Each day is an opportunity to document just how lovable they are and how much joy they provide. Remember that putting together your photo book is a great way to not only tell your cat’s story, but to also the story of your special bond. Think of ways to make the picture taking enjoyable as you plan on creating your next photo book.

And don’t forget to add pet accessories that will elevate the look of your album to a fun and artsy project!