20 Photo Book Ideas To Inspire You

Photo books are treasured mementos, but creating one can take a little bit of planning. It helps if you have some inspiration to get those creative juices flowing in order to best capture whatever occasion or person you’re wanting to honor.

When it comes to photo books, there are endless possibilities of what you can create! From wedding gifts and baby photo books to vacation memories and books all about your furriest friends, we’ve compiled 20 of our favorite photo book ideas. You’re sure to see something here that inspires your next project.

1. Book Of Firsts

photo book ideas babys book of firsts.

The first year of a baby’s life is full of exciting firsts! From that first belly laugh to those initial wobbly steps and even the first bite of solid food, celebrate baby’s first birthday by creating a baby photo book that lets you look back on all those firsts. You can keep the tradition going as they grow up—from their first day of school to their last, create a yearly milestone book for every year they grow up.

2. Baby Bump

photo book ideas baby bump.

There are so many ways to celebrate the arrival of a new bouncing baby. An album that takes you through the months of your pregnancy is one way to reminisce. Later, you can share the story of “how you got here” with your little one. Include shots from the baby shower, nesting stage and key moments at the hospital.

3. Best Mom Ever

photo book ideas best mom ever.

You’ll bring a tear to your mother’s eye with a walk down memory lane. Remind your mom how special she is to you by creating a photo book filled with all the favorite memories you share. Create a book that showcases your entire journey together, from birth until now. Whether you’re headed off to college or giving this for her birthday or Mother’s Day, this will surely be a beloved gift.

4. Family Cookbook

photo book ideas family cookbook.

Time-honored recipes are often passed down from one generation to the next like family heirlooms. Now, you can create a family recipe book of all those precious recipes. This would make a great gift for kids moving out on their own for the first time. Every moment is an opportunity to make a memory—even baking cookies with the family.

5. Seasonal Highlights

photo book ideas summer fun.

Seasonal photo books are a creative way to catalog your growing family over time. The fresh beginnings in spring to the warm memories of winter can all be commemorated within the pages of this book. If you always take a big summer trip, showcase it here to document your year.

6. Happy Birthday

photo book ideas happy birthday.

Photo books make amazing birthday gifts—especially when the book celebrates the birthday boy or girl. Create an album full of fun and photos from the past year to help usher in the next one. If it’s a milestone birthday, like a sweet 16 or a 50th, it’s a great way to commemorate passing time.

7. Time-Honored Traditions

photo book ideas family traditions.
If your family has any other traditions—like particular games played at the holidays, cooking traditions, a yearly trip or a religious practice—showcase them in a photo book. This is a great way to teach kids about your cherished traditions as they grow up, as well as help aging family members hold on to the memories. Highlighting what’s important to your family will keep the valued traditions alive for years to come.

8. Off To College

photo book ideas off to college.

Here’s a great gift idea for a child or best friend who’s graduating high school and heading off to college. When they’re feeling homesick, they can take this little trip down memory lane to look back on the past and look forward to the future. It’s also a great congratulatory gift for parents to commemorate all of their work over the past 18 years.

9. Moving On Up

photo book ideas graduation.
If they’re going a step further and taking on the challenge of grad school, a photo book is a great way to cherish some of the collegiate memories. Friend trips, parties, campus fun—compile it all on the pages for them to look back on the fun four years they had. While college can’t last forever, the memories are surely some of the best.

10. You’re An Inspiration

photo book ideas youre an inspiration.

Turn your fitness journey into an inspirational page-turner! By compiling photos and memories from along the way, you’ll be able to look back and see just how far you’ve come.

11. The Best Is Yet To Come

photo book ideas the best is yet to come.

If you and your bestie or partner share a passion for fashion and traveling to all the hottest places, then this is the book you should create for your best friend. You can flip through it together and recall all the amazing things you’ve seen and done. If there’s a particular trip or activity they enjoyed most, be sure to showcase it on the cover.

12. Practice Your Craft

photo book ideas coffee pour.
Everyone has that friend or family member who has a passion for something—fashion, cooking, sports, dancing, running, anything. For your loved one who loves to showcase their craft, highlight some of their most notable memories and accomplishments in the pages of a photo book. From crossing the finish line to pouring their first perfect latte, they can cherish their growth and adventures over the years.

13. Wedded Bliss

photo book ideas wedded bliss.

Have you and your spouse hit a marriage milestone? Create an album for your anniversary full of photos from the wedding, honeymoon and other notable events. You’ll commemorate the time that’s passed, celebrate what’s to come and hear the sound of wedding bells all over again when you flip through the pages of your wedding photo book.

14. Grandparents Are The Best

photo book ideas a grandmas love.

Few things are as special as the sweet bond between children and their grandparents. There is possibly no better gift for a grandma and grandpa than a photo book that celebrates the remarkable relationship with their grandkids. They’ll be moved by all the fond family memories you share when you compile them into a beautiful book.

15. Your Portfolio

photo book ideas your portfolio.

Photo books aren’t reserved only for your family pictures—they’re also a great way to impress people with your work. If you’re an artist, photographer or designer, combine your best work into a portfolio to show off what you can do.

16. Man’s Best Friend

photo book ideas mans best friend.

If you share your life with a dog, chances are you’ve got more photos of your furry friend than anything else! Now you can celebrate the furriest members of your family by creating a doggie photo book dedicated to man’s best friend. While bittersweet, it’s also a great way to remember your best buddy if they’ve recently passed.

17. Cat People

photo book ideas cat people.
Don’t forget about other furry friends! Cats have nine lives that are full of precious memories. From kittenhood to their wise older years, they’ve been with you for every move, new family member and lazy Friday night. Honor your loving companion by showcasing some of their best shots.

18. Music To My Ears

photo book ideas music to my ears.

Do you have a budding musician, a little dancer or a blossoming artist in your family? Celebrate your kids’ passions by capturing those moments forever with an album all about their favorite hobbies.

19. A Work Of Art

photo book ideas a work of art.

If you’ve got a stack of your kid’s drawings and paintings piling up, why not turn them into an album instead of stuffing them in a drawer? You’ll free up some space on the refrigerator and your child will love being published.

20. Naturescapes

photo book ideas naturescapes.

For any nature fan, you’ve probably amassed a huge collection of pictures from your adventures in the great outdoors. Beautiful images of landscapes in an album will take you back to the spot where you snapped the shutter.

You’ve already captured the memories. Making the perfect photo book is the easy part! Picking a great theme and personalizing your album are the keys to creating a book you’ll be proud of for years to come, for both you and your loved ones. Make one for every cherished person in your life to show them how much you care.