14 Brag Book Ideas For All Your Favorite Things

We all love to share the things we enjoy most, whether it is a vacation, the many cute ways your rescue dog takes a nap or your never-ending quest for the best cup of coffee. The easiest way to display your passions is by creating a brag book.

A brag book is a more enjoyable way to showcase your favorite moments instead of handing off your mobile phone and having your loved ones scroll endlessly through pictures you have stored.

What is a brag book?

A brag book is a collection of graphic elements, like pictures, copy and embellishments, thoughtfully placed together to build the best story about those things you love the most. Traditionally brag books are used by professionals in job interviews to best position themselves as the best candidate for the job.

Nowadays, the trend is becoming more and more popular to showcase anything you want to brag about to your family, friends and coworkers – or even perfect strangers! Here are six brag book ideas to get you going on creating that perfect story:

1. Pets

high quality pet photo books with hardcover
Our pets are adorable and have become the most doted on family members. If you have shot after shot of your dog sleeping in the most adorable ways or your cat’s “I’m not amused” expressions, then consider creating a brag book to best tell their story. Look through your pictures and choose those that best convey those precious moments.

Some ideas include showing pictures of your dog’s transition from puppyhood to a dignified senior dog, showcasing their best tricks, displaying their funny outfits and sharing their cozy naps along the years.

2. Vacation

create your own travel photo book with collage photo book layout
A vacation brag book is a great opportunity to curate the best pictures of your trip. Think of going in chronological order, include those pictures that emote a special feeling, pick out the most striking landscapes and your favorite foodie experiences. It is a great way to organize all your pictures and relive your amazing vacation. Another plus side is that a vacation brag book is a great DIY gift for your traveling buddies!

3. Portfolio

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A brag book is also a great way to impress people with your work. Include before and after shots, design revamps or beautifully styled items. Perhaps, you can document the process of an interior design makeover from beginning to end. Creating a brag book to showcase your talent will surely help you land that job and impress future clients.

4. Art

create a photo book to display collage photo book layout
Is your Instagram feed full of expertly crafted latte art or are you simply a fan of great coffee? If so, you may have developed a latte art obsession and a perfect reason to create your Latte Art Instagram Brag Book. Simply sift through your feed to choose the best pictures of foamy leaves, swans and hearts. A delectable way to show-off your photography skills and celebrate drinkable art. This will also make the perfect coffee table book for any connoisseur.

5. Photography Project

best online photo book maker for professional photographersExploring color through photography can make for a striking brag book. It can be a great photography project for anyone in search of capturing the most amazing images or a simple guide for color composition. Think of showcasing pictures of contrasting colors coexisting or a series of all neutral colored shots- perhaps neon colors sharing space with pastels or shooting flowers in every shade of red.

After deciding on your themes plan out your book, decide how many shots you will need to convey what your vision is, get to work and enjoy. The possibilities are endless!

6. Food

best high quality photo book to display photos of food
Aside from delicious, charcuterie boards can be magical and colorful. If you have developed a devotion to either creating the perfect charcuterie board or exploring restaurants in search for the best composition of your favorite foods, then this idea is for you.

Take pleasure in showcasing your most delectable shots of foods or recipes you’ve collected throughout the years. You can list the place, date and ingredients to add a more personal touch. Each page will be as unique and delicious as the next!

Additional Brag Book Ideas

  • Children’s Artwork: Turn your child’s masterpieces into an adorable art collection. From a handprint to a collage, artwork made by your child is worthy of a brag book.
  • New Baby: Show-off baby’s first year! Take a monthly picture to create a precious book that will show just how much the little one has grown.
  • Mother’s Day: Create a book mom will treasure by collecting pictures that capture your bond. She will brag about it to her friends for years to come!
  • Wedding: Document the wedding with a book of candid shots – a perfect way for the couple to see fun moments they missed on their special day.
  • Collector Items: If anything is meant to be bragged about it’s the collectibles you’ve been enthusiastically gathering for years. As an added bonus, this book would make a great addition to your coffee table.
  • Milestone Birthdays: Birthday celebrations are always fun but milestones birthdays tend to be more special. Putting together a book of the festivities can be a great memento.
  • Grandmas Put together a book to keep your grandparents up to speed on your life. You will secure your spot as the favorite grandchild with this sweet gesture!
  • Anniversaries: A perfect opportunity to tell a love story in images. A brag book can be the ideal gift to celebrate a couple’s journey throughout the years.

Brag books are a fantastic way to showcase your favorite pictures and keep memories alive. With so many interests at hand, we predict that you will be hooked after creating your first brag book. As always, the important thing in creating each book is to enjoy the process from the beginning stages to passing it around at family gatherings. Creating a brag book is not only easy, but there are many services to help you in the process including do-it-yourself and personalization features.