New Puppy Checklist: How To Prepare For Your New Pet

Many first-time dog owners start by asking themselves, “should I get a dog?” And voila! One week later little Fido comes running into the house. There’s a lot to be excited about when bringing home a new puppy, but one of the best parts is deciding on your new pet’s name. Don’t forget to snap the memorable moments during snuggle time to create a pawsome dog photo album.

When you adopt a puppy, you’re investing for the next two decades in pet supplies and love. To help smooth the transition of bringing home your new best friend, we’ve compiled a new puppy checklist. That way, there’s less thinking and more play time those first few weeks. Customize this new puppy checklist by checking off the items you already have, then download and print the checklist for your shopping trip.

  • puppy-food-dry-kibble

    Puppy Food

  • Food and Water Bowls

    Food doesn’t belong on the floor! The solution is two separate pet bowls.

  • Dry Food and Wet Food

    Puppies need to learn how to eat. Having a mix of dry and wet food helps your pup digest more easily.

  • Puppy Supplements

    Optional, but during your first few visits to the veterinarian, ask if they recommend any personalized supplements for your new pet.

  • puppy-licking-owners-nose

    Puppy Health Care

  • Dog Health Insurance

    Yes, pups need insurance too! Make sure to get them covered as soon as they come home.

  • Vaccines

    A healthy dog is a happy dog. Vaccines are important so you can take your dog out in public and to the dog park.

  • Heartworm Medication

    Young puppies are susceptible to heartworm disease so check with your local vet about which heartworm medication is right for your pet.

  • Flea and Tick Medicine

    You’ll want to protect all of your pets, but especially if your new dog is playing in the yard all day!

  • Parasite Testing

    Always a smart thing to have done during check-ups.

  • Microchip

    Optional, but very handy for making sure you can find your best friend if they’re lost.

  • cute-shaggy-puppy-in-a-bed

    House Training Supplies

  • Two Sets of Dog Beds

    Two dog beds are always better than one! Puppies sometimes don’t know better and life happens, so it’s handy to have extra.

  • Cleaning Supplies

    This includes odor-neutralizing carpet spray and enzyme cleaner to get rid of accidents.

  • Puppy House Training Pads

    If you’re gone for long hours these puppy house training pads save the day.

  • Dog Gate(s)

    Your pup might try wandering the house and potentially tear up a room with no supervision.

  • Training Clicker

    Training clickers are helpful for nailing down tricks.

  • Treats

    Good behavior should always be rewarded.

  • Carpet Steam Cleaner

    Optional, but incredibly helpful with stains.

  • dog-walking-on-leash

    Walking Supplies

  • Adjustable Collar

    This makes it easy to adjust your dog’s collar size as they grow.

  • Dog Tags

    Make sure to include your dog’s name, plus your phone number and address on their dog tag.

  • Leashes

    You’ll need a dog leash that’s short for quick walks and one that is a little bit longer for lead training.

  • Harness

    This is a great choice for those puppies who always want to play with other dogs during walks.

  • Waste Cleanup Bags

    Always remember to pick up your puppy’s waste! Stay clean while doing so.

  • Scooper for Waste

    Helpful in making sure everyone and everything stays sanitary.

  • puppy-taking-bubble-bath

    Dog Grooming Supplies

  • Soft Bristle Brush

    Good for short-haired breeds to clean their fur.

  • Metal Comb

    Detangles mats, loose hair and dirt for all types of dog fur.

  • Deshedder Brush

    Helps prevent fur from getting all over your furniture and home.

  • Puppy Shampoo

    Gets rid of those unwanted doggy smells.

  • Nail Trimmers

    Those nails don’t trim themselves! Make sure to watch tutorial videos or ask your veterinarian for a lesson before your first time.

  • Puppy Dental Care Kit

    This includes dental chews, toothbrushes and paste for your puppy’s teeth.

  • Deodorizing Spray

    For when you don’t have time for the whole bath.

  • Grooming Appointments

    Every once in a while, a deep clean for your pup is necessary.

  • frenchie-puppy-with-stuffed-toy

    Puppy Toys And Chews

  • Stuffed Animals

    Many puppies love stuffed animals, but be careful they don’t tear the toy up, since they can potentially eat the stuffing.

  • Freezable Toys

    These help numb the pain of teething.

  • Puppy Play Toys

    Puppies love tennis balls, frisbees and rope or tug toys.

  • Treat Dispensing Toys

    These toys can keep your new pup busy for hours.

  • Bitter Apple Spray

    Spray on furniture and other items that the puppy shouldn’t chew on.

  • frenchie-puppy-riding-in-car

    Dog Travel Accessories

  • Pet Carrier for Small Dogs

    This comes in handy when flying or driving with small pets.

  • Large Travel Crate or Bed

    When dogs join in on road trips it’s sometimes easier to have them in a secured crate while in the car.

  • Collapsible Food and Water Bowls

    Don’t forget to grab these to make feeding your pup on to go easy.

  • Dog Travel Bag

    This can contain extra water, snacks, treats and even a toy to keep your pet satisfied. Use a pet luggage tag, personalized for your pup, to keep track of your bag.

  • Bench Seat Cover

    Your car doesn’t have to be as furry as your critter!

  • Doggie Clothes

    Dress your puppy up in adorable pet accessories and gifts, such as a bandana and dog t-shirt.

Printable New Puppy Checklist

If you’re a new puppy parent, the first few days can be hectic. This printable checklist will help you get organized with the essentials, so your new best friend will feel right at home that first day.


This new puppy checklist comes in handy and prepares you to not forget anything, even chew toys. If you want to make your pup feel like a true king or queen, get inspired with DIY dog room ideas.

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