Best Gifts for Your Grandma

Shutterfly has a massive selection of gifts for grandma and personalized items to show her how much you love her. Our gift items for grandma are perfect for birthdays, Christmas, Mother’s day, or any other time of year. We want to help you find the ideal gift, which is why we offer so many grandmother gifts perfect for her. Remember: every Shutterfly gift can be customized with photos and other embellishments to suit your grandma’s taste, preferences, and sensibilities. If you are looking for thoughtful gifts for grandma, Shutterfly should be the first place you try.

We have so many gifts for grandmas available for you to choose from, whether you are looking for personalized candles, jewelry gifts, ceramic mugs, custom wine glasses, aprons, photo books, or something else entirely. Check out our gift guide of personalized presents and find something your grandma will genuinely love. With so much choice and so many gifts, we are confident you’ll find a wonderful gift for your grandma, whatever the occasion.

Personalized Gifts for Grandmas

Shutterfly has plenty of personalized gifts for grandmas. All our items can be customized so they are unique for any recipient. You can create a one-of-a-kind gift that’ll let your grandma know how important she is to you. From custom photo books to framed canvases, Shutterfly has many design options for creating the perfect gift for your grandma.

A young man gifting his grandma a present he made

Custom Garden Gifts for Grandma

If your grandma values her time tending to the flowers and hedges in her garden, she’ll enjoy one of our custom garden stones. Our selection of garden gifts are a fabulous addition to any front yard or backyard decor. So let your grandma know how amazing she is every time she relaxes in her garden with personalized gifts for her that will make her smile. This is the perfect way to touch up her home decor while showing off her family photos in a beautiful and unique way.

One-Of-A-Kind Gifts for Pet Moms

If your grandma loves her cat or dog as much as they love you and your siblings, you should browse our selection of gifts for pet lovers that can be personalized just for her. For instance, we have plenty of custom bandanas and photo mugs that can show off pictures of your cat or dog. In fact, you could potentially customize any Shutterfly product, so it looks like it’s a gift from your grandma’s four-legged friend! She’ll love to have these unique gifts that she can use to cherish her pet.

Wall Art Makes the Best Gifts for Grandma

If your grandma is looking for new wall decor, you may want to consider our selection of hanging prints, canvas prints, and framed prints, which can be customized in many ways to brighten up the walls in your grandma’s home. Help grandma show off all of her most cherished pictures that showcase her incredible life story with custom wall art made just for her. Our wall art products come in various styles, sizes, and orientations. For more ways to highlight all of her best memories, you may want to check out some of our custom hardcover and softcover photo books, which can be filled with photos of your most treasured times together.

Home Decor Gifts for Grandmothers

Shutterfly boasts a wide variety of home decor gifts for your grandma. If you are looking for custom fleece blankets, personalized pillows, custom tabletop ornaments, aprons, or tea towels, we have plenty of items that add an individual flair to any home, especially when it’s customized to your grandma’s preferred style or taste.

Wine glasses, tumblers, and candle home decor gifts for grandma

Design Candles for Her Home

Candles are a guaranteed hit any time of the year. If your grandma wants to fill her home with elegant fragrances, you may want to buy some of our personalized ceramic or glass candles. You can upload your own photos and a message to add a personal touch, making these custom candles ideal for birthdays, Christmas, and Mother’s Day.

Customize Coffee Mugs for Grandma

You may also be interested in one of our personalized ceramic mugs when searching for the best grandma gifts. We have plenty of designs and templates to choose from; customize your coffee mugs in any way you like to make the perfect gift for grandma. Add your favorite photos or inscribe your mug with an adorable message. With any luck, your grandma’s Shutterfly mug will be her first choice when she’s making a hot drink.

Make Her Personalized Wine Glasses

If your grandma has a taste for good wine and likes to relax with a glass or two, you need to check out our personalized wine glass selection. We have many products available, all of which can be customized in many ways. Add various embellishments to ensure your gift stands out for all the right reasons on the shelf. These will make a lasting keepsake she can bring out whenever she has guests over.

Personalized Jewelry for Grandma

We also have a wide selection of fantastic jewelry gifts for grandmas and any other remarkable woman in your life. From locket necklaces to gold charms, we have a vast collection of items that can be personalized in numerous ways. Customize her jewelry with her birthstone so she can wear it every day. We also have plenty of bracelets available to customize with a heartfelt message or even just your grandma’s name.

Best Gifts for Grandmas

A collection of gifts for grandmas like pillows and blankets

Whether you are shopping for Christmas, birthdays, or Mother’s Day, Shutterfly has a huge range of great grandma gifts to show how much you love them. Our selection of unique gift ideas is a fantastic way to show your gratitude and appreciation. From personalized glassware to custom canvas prints, there’s something for every grandma here on Shutterfly.

Shutterfly gifts are entirely customizable, practical, and (not to mention) beautiful. We give you the tools to give any present a sense of individuality, adding flair and personality your grandma knows you’ve put real thought into buying her gift. Also, Shutterfly products are easy to customize: simply find your ideal product, select a template, and customize with your own messages, photos, and embellishments.

Make Personalized Blankets to Keep Her Warm

Without a doubt, some of our most comfy and practical presents for grandma are our personalized fleece blankets. We have a vast array of fleece blanket templates and designs to pick from, making finding the perfect item easy and enjoyable. These blankets can be customized with photos, artwork, messages, quotes, and other embellishments. Our collection of custom blankets has a range of uses. Your grandma can use a fleece blanket to decorate a sofa or armchair in the lounge, where it will be within easy reach if the temperature drops and your grandma wants to relax in front of the fire. Or, she can keep this blanket in the bedroom to brighten up the bed or ottoman.

Upgrade Her Home Decor With Custom Pillows

In addition, if you buy a personalized fleece blanket, consider also customizing few custom pillows that match. When you gift your grandma these items together, you can create a thoughtful set for her that can breathe new life into any room. Customize these pillows with quotes, pictures, and messages to make your grandma smile. She can use these pillows to decorate her sofa or bed and use them for extra comfort when she wants to put her feet up after a busy week.

Showcase Her Memories With Photo Books

When you take the time to create one of our personalized photo books, you collect all your favorite memories and moments with your grandma in one place. You can sit down together and reminisce as you flip through your gift, talking about the lovely things you’ve done in the past. These photo books can be customized in various ways. Choose between a soft or hardcover design, then have fun choosing your layout and organizing your photos in a way that makes sense to you. You can include pictures of her life story, of her extended family, or even family recipes. Finally, you can alter the finish of the pages to incorporate even more individuality into your present.

Unique Gifts for Grandma

Your grandma deserves the best. Instead of a generic gift, make unique gifts for grandma that stand out amongst the rest. Whether you’re searching for the perfect holiday gift or giving her something just because, we have everything you need to make her something special.

A grandma and her grandson opening gifts together

Display Photos for Grandma on Custom Magnets

Shutterfly has a great collection of personalized magnets that can be customized with either one or many photos, so you have the choice to create a fantastic collage full of your favorite snaps and pictures. Your grandma can keep her magnet on the refrigerator or any other surface that can hold a magnet. These products come in multiple sizes and various materials. Browse our list of templates and create a magnet worth sharing.

Puzzles Make Interactive Gifts for Her

If you are looking for a more interactive gift for your grandma, check out some of our large piece puzzles. You can either choose a design from our Art Library or upload your favorite photos to create a unique custom jigsaw for hours of fun. Our puzzles are created with high-quality paperboard and an excellent gift for any grandma who enjoys keeping their brain active. You can find Shutterfly puzzles in numerous shapes, sizes, and difficulties.

Personalized Tea Towels for Grandma’s Kitchen

If your grandma is a homemaker who loves to spend her days baking all sorts of treats and goodies in the kitchen, you may want to pick up some personalized tea towels. These products are great for bringing any kitchen to life, particularly when they’ve been personalized with photos and a thoughtful message for your gran. However, they are not just decorative, they also serve a practical purpose. We use top-quality fabrics in our tea towels, making them great for handling hot dishes, wiping up spills, and drying yourself after doing the dishes. Our tea towels also come with a handy loop so you can keep them out of the way when you’re finished with them.

Bake Together With Custom Aprons

If you are going to buy some of our custom tea towels, why not purchase a personalized adult apron to create a thoughtful set of kitchen accessories. These custom cooking aprons are a great way to stay clean when cooking and baking, and they can also be customized to make an adorable present for your grandma. We have found many Shutterfly customers purchase our aprons for Mother’s Day, Christmas, and Thanksgiving, as they are excellent for any grandmas who like to cook up a storm for the family.

Meaningful Gift Ideas for Grandmas

When you need to find great gifts for your grandma, make her something from the heart. Shutterfly offers many meaningful gifts for grandma that she will adore and treasure forever. Picture frames and wall art are the best way to keep all of her favorite memories alive. Whether you’re gifting her a picture of all of her grandchildren or making a canvas print of one of her most memorable vacations, she’ll be forever grateful for these one-of-a-kind gifts made just for her.

Custom wall art and picture frames for grandma

Highlight Memories With Desktop Plaques

Shutterfly has plenty of desktop plaques to choose from, all of which look great in any home, no matter your decor or taste. These plaques can be customized in many ways and make an excellent gift for Christmas, birthday, and other holidays. They come in three different sizes, and you also have lots of designs and templates available to you, depending on your grandma’s personal preference. Design a custom desktop picture frame with her wedding portraits, pictures of her kids, or her favorite travel destination. She’ll smile each time she lays eyes on this unique photo gift.

Custom Canvas Prints for Grandma’s Wall

If you have a large selection of photos of you and your grandma, you may prefer one of our unique canvas prints. These wall decor items are a brilliant way to display your favorite memories together. These prints can be bought in many sizes, orientations, and styles so that they will suit any room, regardless of the space available. You can also add a few finishing touches to your gift by including a personalized message and similar embellishments. Canvas prints will last forever, and you can make her another one every year to add to a gallery wall or in different rooms around her home.