Cute Blankets

Nearly everyone enjoys the softness and warmth that blankets bring, and if you’re in the market for some cute blankets, we have several great designs for you at Shutterfly. Even better, we’ll help you make your own custom blankets using unique photos that you upload with our simple personalization tools. You’ll be able to make personalized blankets for yourself, a baby or toddler, family members, and even your beloved pets in just a few minutes. Upgrade to our sherpa fleece cute fluffy blankets to have maximum warmth and comfort.

Personalized home decor gift ideas featuring photo blankets and pillows on a couch

Browse Cute Baby Blankets

If you need soft and cute blankets for babies, have a look at our adorable baby blanket designs. Whether you or a recipient has recently had a newborn, these cute fuzzy blankets will be perfect cute blankets for him or cute blankets for her. We have several gender-neutral designs featuring cloud and dream themes, cute fluffy blankets with animals, and soft baby blankets with floral/foliage designs. We have all-star sports blankets, fun dinosaur blankets, and princess crown blankets as well, just to name a few. You can also create truly unique cute, lightweight blankets for babies by uploading your own design with one to four photos. These are perfect for naps and bedtime, and you can even lay some down in a playpen for cute playtime blankets.

Shop Cute Pet Blankets

Speaking of cute animal designs, the cutest animal in your eyes is likely your pet, and we have plenty of cute blankets for pets. Our cute pet blankets come in many design styles, including our text-only options that are ideal for funny messages about your pet. Use one of our cute throw blankets for your furry friend to rest on, whether you have a small or large pet. We have cute blankets as small as 30×40 and as large as our most popular 60×80 size, so virtually any breed will have enough room to rest with their cute fluffy blanket. Personalize these with some of your best pet photos, and include their name on the pet blanket.

Design Cute Picnic Blankets

Whether you’re planning a big family picnic for a fun outing or you’re looking to spend some quality time with that special someone, our cute blankets for picnics make for a fun morning or afternoon out (or night for any nighttime picnickers out there). Technically, all of our personalized blankets can be cute picnic blankets, but we recommend our largest ones to fit multiple people. A cute heart monogram blanket can be perfect for couples, or you can upload a large family collage design with up to 15 photos if you’re heading out with the whole family. With our cute blankets for softness, you’ll have fun setting up on the ground, or you can spread them over picnic tables.

Choose Your Own Cute Blankets for Bed

While you’re designing all of these cute blankets for others, you’ll need to pick out a cute blanket for warmth and softness for your own bed as well. Our popular 60×80 size is the recommendation for adult beds, and our cute throw blankets can make for great home decor, too. If you’re an artist, try uploading your original artwork to make unique blankets in your own style, or wrap yourself in the photographs you’re most proud of. With gallery designs supporting up to 23 photos, you’ll have plenty of room to try out whatever you want with your personal cute fleece blankets for bed.

Pair Our Cute Blankets With These Items for the Ultimate Relaxation

It’s fun to design a lot of cute blankets and send them out as gifts, though the ultimate point of our cute throw blankets is to provide comfort and relaxation during and before bed. If you want to experience the greatest relaxation Shutterfly has to offer, snuggle up with some of our cute blankets for softness before drifting off to dreamland.

Cute Throw Blankets Were Made to Be Paired With Throw Pillows

It’s great to wrap yourself in cute blankets for softness and warmth when you’re trying to relax, and some extra back or head support while you’re reading, playing video games, or engaging in other relaxing activities always helps. That’s why we recommend pairing our cute throw blankets with our throw pillows. We have sizes ranging from 12×16 to 20×20 to fit your couch, bed, or wherever you’re putting these pillows, and with a plush or sherpa backing, they’ll be as comfortable as possible. Upload your own design, or try out our many family themes to make blanket and pillow sets to gift.

Scented Ceramic Candles Are Ideal for Relaxing With Cute Blankets

Few things are more brilliantly atmospheric than candlelit reading, and you can do that whenever you want when you combine our cute blankets with relaxing ceramic candles. Our custom ceramic candles feature single photo, gallery, and even panoramic designs, and they come with relaxing indigo and lavender scents. Of course, cuddling with candles and cute blankets is also a great way to set a romantic mood for you and your partner after a long day as well. In that case, you may enjoy our fireside spice scent.

Pair Cute Baby Blankets With Custom Night Lights

It’s quite common for babies, toddlers, and young children to be scared when it gets dark, but when their cute blankets are combined with the power of a custom night light, the scary shadows and monsters are driven away. Personalize our night lights with a photo of the brave child, a comforting cartoon design, fun animals, and more when you choose from our collection. We have text options for you to leave reassuring messages as well, so they can fall asleep in the comforting glow protected by their favorite blanket.

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