Bedroom Decor Ideas

If you need some inspiration to revamp your bedroom, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled the best bedroom decor ideas to help you create your dream sanctuary. Coming up with bedroom decor ideas is a fun way to start putting your own tastes and personality into a room. Whether you’re decorating from scratch or need some fuss-free but impactful ways to update your space, these decorating ideas will help incorporate your favorite materials, colors, and patterns to reflect your own personal style. At Shutterfly, we’re here to help you come up with bedroom design ideas and use them to create custom decor that’s unmistakably unique to you. Here are some of our fun suggestions and bedroom decorating ideas.

Ways to Incorporate Colors & Patterns Into Your Bedroom

The color palette and patterns you choose for your room will help set the mood. When it comes to bringing your personality to your bedroom, it’s all about the accessories you choose. Accents like pillows and blankets are quick updates that can add that extra bit of detail that captures your personal taste. Other ideas like new lighting and wallpaper can be done in an afternoon and provide lasting style. Giving your bedroom walls a refresh with wall art or wallpaper is a relatively quick and easy way to update the space. 

custom designed wallpaper pillows and blankets for the bedroom

Decorate Your Bedroom Walls With Fun Custom Designed Wallpaper 

If you’re looking for fun bedroom decor ideas that will add pattern and colors to your walls, browse through our collection of custom designed wallpaper from Spoonflower’s independent artists. Spoonflower’s smooth wallpaper is made with a durable paper and water-activated adhesive backing. It’s long-lasting, but fully removable (and recyclable), making it great for homes, rental spaces, accent walls, or dorm rooms. No matter what your room decor style is, Spoonflower wallpaper will transform blank walls to a room that will wow your guests. 

removable wallpaper

Whether you need master bedroom decor ideas or small bedroom decor ideas for a guestroom, fresh bedroom wallpaper decor is always a great start. It’s the ultimate bedroom decor idea, and it can quickly alter the entire style of the room. Removable wallpaper is the perfect option for someone who is living in a rental space or people who love to switch up their home decor. From watercolor and modern designs to something more traditional, there’s something for everyone when they choose custom designed wallpaper from Spoonflower and Shutterfly. 

Design Unique Bedroom Decor with Photo Pillows

If you’re looking for functional bedroom decor ideas to decorate your headboard or add some personality to a master or guest bedroom, our personalized pillows are an excellent start. Our custom pillows help you make the perfect bedroom with matching throw pillows made with your own photos and designs. We have sizes available in 12×16, 16×16, 18×18, and 20×20, so you can find ones that fit the size of your bed and provide the comfort you’ll need for a brief rest. Select the ideal color scheme to bring out your area rugs and other bedroom decor.

Create Personalized Photo Blankets to Keep Your Bedroom Cozy

Every bedroom needs some warm and comfortable blankets, and when you design your blankets with Shutterfly, they’re interesting bedroom decor ideas too. With Shutterfly, designing your own blanket is easy. Browse through our designs, upload photos, add text, and personalize your fleece blanket in a way that suits your style. Whether you’re looking for a Disney-themed blanket or want to show off your best memories with a photo collage, there’s a theme for you.

pets photo gallery horizontal fleece photo blanket with cat and name

If you’re looking for farmhouse bedroom decor ideas, we have tons of rustic designs for our photo blankets. Create your own photo collage blanket when you upload a design, and upgrade to a sherpa blanket to experience the ultimate in comfort and warmth. Machine-washable fleece blankets make a great gift for college students looking to decorate their dorm.

Bedroom Decor Ideas to You Keep Comfortable and Relaxed

Traditional bedroom decor ideas like art for accent walls and desktop pieces are fine choices that can work for anyone. But Shutterfly can go one step further. We can help you make one-of-a-kind items to decorate your bedroom space for both style and comfort. Here are some of our favorite customized bedroom design ideas using unique accessories.

Design Custom Candles for Your Bedroom Decor 

If you’re looking for cozy bedroom decor ideas or want to experience greater relaxation in your room, try making some of our custom candles. The light bouncing from them will make interesting bedroom decor, and the photos you upload are opportunities to make each candle as unique as your own personal style. Keep one by the bedside table to enjoy a candle-lit book, or set a romantic mood with classic scents. They’ll be fun miniature photo decorations during the day, and at night, they can change the atmosphere of the entire room.

custom candles

Bring a Touch of Nostalgia With Personalized Easel Back Canvas Prints

If you need bedroom decor ideas for your nightstand, bedside table, or drawers, our easel back canvas prints can make a stylish focal point. Our easel back canvas prints are a great way to help make a beautiful bedroom, and it will naturally give you a comfortable bedroom feel. Available in 5×7 or 8×10, these custom prints are a dresser essential, or it could look incredible on your shelves. Personalize it with your favorite special moments, and choose a matching background design color for the canvas. Our easel back canvas prints come in portrait and landscape styles, so they can easily fit your bedroom design.

Add Personality to Your Desk and Create Custom Mouse Pads

Looking for teenage girl or boy bedroom decor ideas? Custom mouse pads are unique design ideas for teen bedrooms with desks. If you or your kids have a computer area in your bedroom, one easy way to warm up your workspace a little more is to add a one-of-a-kind touch with a photo mouse pad that makes you smile. Our special mouse pads, made with your own images, are top picks for both function and style. Our personalized mouse pads support a gallery of photos to display the things you care about while keeping your bedroom stylish.

custom mouse pads

Tell a Story With Panoramic Prints in Your Bedroom 

You’ll likely want some framed wall art when you’re coming up with bedroom decor ideas, and panoramic prints make some of the best master bedroom wall decor ideas. Here at Shutterfly, we offer a wonderful assortment of panoramic wall art in various sizes. Keep it simple with a single high-resolution photo, or create a gallery of coordinating images. You can even break your individual photo into a spread of two or three separate pictures to make a big impact. If you need couples’ bedroom decor ideas, tell the story of your relationship with a photo of when you first met, one of your favorite dating photos, and your best wedding photo. Using panoramic wall art is a smart choice for filling a large space in style or celebrating big moments and personalities.

Wrapping Up

Whether you’re looking to decorate an entire room or simply add accents to your space, choose decor pieces that resonate with you. You’ll be surprised that something as simple as personalized home decor can transform a space. Whether you’re after quick tricks that you can pull off in an afternoon or are in need of main bedroom ideas and inspiration for a complete room revamp, we hope our bedroom ideas will inspire you to feel completely relaxed, comfortable, and rested. 

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